Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Comic Round-Up: November 3, 2015

Harley Quinn by Natalie Sanders

Event:  This year's WonderCon is in Los Angeles, and last week the show announced its initial round of guests

Interview: Catching up with Metaphrog (Sandra Marrs and John Chalmers)

Interview: Gavin Aung Than quit his day job and sold his house to devote himself full time to Zen Pencils, a webcomic inspired by a self-help book and some Wikipedia articles; it took a year and a half, but now he’s making a living at it.

Interview: Matt Miner created superheroes in Liberator and Critical Hit are animals, and in real life he rescues pit bulls as part of the New York City group Redemption Rescues.

Interview: Mid-Life Crisis to Hero’s Journey: Supernatural Creator Eric Kripke Talks Vertigo Series Jacked

Interview: Rick Smith profiles Mita Mahato.

Interview: Sam Thielman profiles Adrian Tomine.

News: Chinese cartoonist Bai Budan can’t post his cartoons on Weibo, the Chinese social media service, because his account was shut down by the authorities, so he shows them in private exhibits instead.

News: The Huffington Post recently asked Mark Parisi if it could run one of his cartoons, with no payment. Parisi posted the proposed agreement, which included handing over worldwide non-exclusive rights for as long as the article is up.

News: A Judge Dredd comic that makes fun of McDonald’s and Burger King is finally being reprinted in a collection, thanks to a change in the European Copyright Directive, which now allows creators to use copyrighted characters if the intent is clearly parody.


Reviews: Johanna Draper Carlson on Human Body Theater. Sean Gaffney on Oh My Goddess! Vol. 48.  Alex Widen on The Rise of Aurora West.


A few comics released for the Halloween season that I missed: "Out the Door" by Em Carroll, "The Real Killers Are Still Out There" by Sean T. Collins & Matt Wiegle, "Trick R Treat" by Jim Rugg.

The Indie Comics Animation Gold Rush: The new Big Two isn’t DC and Marvel—it’s the Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon.

It's the Pittsburgh Comics Salon.

Kotaku calls Bakuman A Wonderful Movie About the Hardships of Making Manga

The New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Books of 2015

Publishers Weekly kicks off the holiday season with its list of the best books of 2015, which of course includes a category for graphic novels. However, comics can also be found in the picture book, middle grade and young adult sections.

The trailer for AMC's DC Comics series Preacher looks promising.

Why Greg Capullo Left Batman for Mark Millar

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