Monday, November 23, 2015

Gaming Round-Up: November 23, 2015

Star Hunters by Marcelo Garcia

At Not Your Mama’s Gamer, Alex Layne looks back at the role of food in games.

Brendan Keogh imagines Videogames Without Players.

Every Wednesday for the past ten weeks, Polygon has been recording a different designer putting together commenting on, and playing through an all-new level in Super Mario Maker in their video series "Devs Make Mario."

Fallout 4 has already been out in the wild for 8 days and it's already ruining life.

Following the recent news that Ubisoft and Bethesda have blacklisted Kotaku, Ars Technica's Kyle Orland discusses the way games journalists and PR relate today's ever-changing news landscape.  How can game journalists be honest when that honesty may mean being left out of the loop on the next big new cycle?  Stephen Beirne explains how games criticism is like cooking a roast chicken dinner.

In Confessions of a Dominions manual writer , Bruce Geryk of Quarter to Three lays out the case that Dominions IV's complete failure to offer players any sort of instruction might actually have been intentional.

In response to last week's release of Tomb Raider, Simon Parkin examines the conflict between narrative and violence in video games. Meanwhile,

In the wake of the massive time sink that is FallOut 4, Zak McClendon praised the jankiness you love to hate over at Wired.  Meanwhile, writing for BetaBoston, Carli Velocci takes a look at how Fallout 4 re-imagines the city of Boston.

Inverse's Brock Wilbur reconsiders his love of shooting games in the wake of the Paris tragedy.  "I don’t think that the video games or even the guns are bad — they’re nothing more or less than beautiful consumer products made for a predominantly male audience — just that they may no longer be good for me. I can’t be alone there." 

Leigh Alexander argues that Bob Ross is the perfect gamer hero at Offworld.

The Mary Sue's Emma Fissenden interviews Ann Lemay, a Bioware writer, to discuss the finer points of creating with games narratives.

There's a Creepy Doctor Who Easter Egg in Black Ops III!

Venturebeat's Dean Takahashi talks with Amy Hennig and Jade Raymond about Star Wars and story in games at the Montreal International Games Summit.

Vice's Max Wallis calls The Uncommonly Creepy The Room Three "the Best Mobile Game of 2015."  I personally suggest fans of the nineties cloassics Myst and the The 7th Guest should check it out immediately.

What was it like to be a Nintendo game play counselor? The A.V. Club interviews three former Nintento Hotline gameplay experts.

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