Friday, April 18, 2014

Poetry: Virgin's Lament

"The Virgin's Lament" by Talia Young via Button Poetry
"Performing for Macalester College at the 2014 College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational. Macalester placed 5th overall in the tournament."

Poetry: To My Neighbors

"To My Neighbors" by Shane Hawley via Button Poetry

Performing at SlamMN!'s Valentine's Day Erotica Tournament, Shane took second place.

Video: Electromagnetic Railgun

Okay. It's not art, but I do love me some sci-fi armaments.

Conceptually, railguns are pretty simple. Powered by electricity, a railgun propels a projectile to speeds exceeding mach 7. An article in Foreign Policy covers some of the details of the weapon's development down through the years. While many have doubted the feasibility of such weapons, view are changing quickly. This latest incarnation looks especially effective. The destruction is certainly an impressive sight to behold, especially what it does to that truck.

Video: Robotic Hand

Technium is the new digital series that examines how close we are to creating our favorite fictional technologies from TV, films and games. In this episode, host Lana McKissack visited SynTouch, and company that is developing prosthetic hands that have the ability to feel and touch. Users are able to pick up objects as delicate as eggs without crushing them, and the company’s BioTac sensors can even discriminate between 117 different textures.

Music Video: Mobile Orchestra

"Known for the world's fastest mobile network speed, Korea marks its 30 years of mobile history this year. Now the orchestra of 30 cell phones and 4 pagers is celebrating the 30th year anniversary in a way that you never imagined. Enjoy it now!"

Music Video: Super Mario Bros Theme

Dan Newbie has made a name for himself by performing music using only kitchen equipment.  Here, he plays the Super Mario Bros. theme song with a pair of pencils, 48 wine glasses filled with tap water, and a frying pan.

Fan Film: Stone

This short film was made by John Smith, a visual effects artist, who uses the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who to set up a terrifying scenario. There are a lot of impressive fan tributes to television fandoms floating around out there, but this one takes the cake.

Stone took three months to make, including 300 hours of rendering, and it follows an unnamed soul wandering the back alleys of some nameless red-brick terrace with nothing but a torch for company…

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