Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Video Round-Up: March 4, 2015

Welcome to The Geek Art Gallery's daily Video Round-Up, in which we collect the geekiest videos from around the web each day for your enjoyment. Why slog through page after page of kitten and baby videos to find what you're looking for on video aggregators when you can cut straight to the chase here? Comedy sketches, countdowns, movie parodies, nerdy music, science in action, and supercuts - we've got it all!

Short Film: River Island

Written by Dvein and Jean-Pierre Braganza
"Inspired by the prints of Jean-Pierre Braganza’s capsule collection for River Island, the film is a trip in which we will get to know the geography of its landscapes and the creatures that live in it."

Short Film: A Different Perspective

"A Different Perspective" is a whimsical animation that's extremely brief but fascinating. In it, an alien switches the perspectives of a man and his dog.
"A visit from an alien life form results in a change in perspective in more ways than one."

Fan Film: Grayson: Earth One

"Grayson: Earth One" is a fan made web series that retells the origin story of Nightwing from the DC universe with an intriguing twist.  In this series, Richard Grayson was never adopted by Bruce Wayne.  Instead, Grayson had to fend for himself on the hard streets of Gotham.
"'Grayson: Earth One' is the re-imagined origin story of the hero known as Nightwing/ Richard Grayson. The series takes place in a new continuity on a new Earth separate from the DC Universe, freeing it from continuity restraints."

Quick Pic: Wine Picks

"My top wine picks" by Jeff Wysaski of Obvious Plant

Obvious Plant may be my new favorite Tumblr.  This week, Wysaski adds some creative pairing suggestions to wines at his local grocery store.  For some reason, I found myself reading these in the voice of Cecil, the voice of Night Vale.

Short Film: Ticket to Ride

"Ticket to Ride" is a wacky comedy about a revenge-driven kidnapping plot gone terribly wrong. 
"What happens when a store clerk and his show cat get in between two best friends and a 70 million dollar lottery ticket? All they wanted was a ticket. What they got was a ride."

Paintings: Zora’s Waterfall

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