Monday, September 15, 2014

Video: 8-Bit Philosophy on Reality

Welcome to 8-Bit Philosophy, where gaming makes you smart.

Video: 8-Bit Philosophy on Time

Welcome back to 8-Bit Philosophy, where gaming makes you smart. This week, it's Nietzsche + Mega Man!

Video: Destiny Guardians of the Galaxy

Some intrepid souls at Somewhat Awesome Games have recreated the opening of everyone's current movie obsession, Guardians of the Galaxy in everyone's current game obsession, Destiny.

Video: Titanic into Darkness

He's played a dragon, now what if What if Benedict Cumberbatch was the iceberg?

Short Film: Project Greenlight Top 20

Project Greenlight

After almost a decade off the air, earlier this year Matt Damon and Ben Affleck announced the return of Project Greenlight with a fourth season set for HBO. With advances in technology since the originally three-season run, it seems like the ideal time to find talents across the country. First, they opened a call for submissions and have now pared down the selection to 20 films, all available to view online. Beginning today on the official site (and lasting until September 26th), anyone can vote for their favorite film.

In honor of Project Greenlight’s return, we've posted all twenty short films here, in one place, for your convenience.  It's basically like a free, one page film festival.   Take a look and cast your vote!

These are all really good shorts, some are obviously better than others, but each one of them has a certain unique charm that makes them stand out.

Short Film: Mortal Breakup Inferno

Created by Paula Assadourian, Marlène Beaube, Débora Cruchon, Maxime Delalande,
Thibaud Gayral, and Batiste Perron

"Mortal Breakup Inferno" is a crazy animated short described as "an angry girlfriend's infernal hunt of the man who broke her heart."  It's a comical short that finds humor in the pain of break-ups, in the most over-the-top ways possible.

Short Film: 8.9

"8.9" directed by Pedro Vergani of GOBELINS

"8.9" is a heartwarming short film set in the aftermath of a big earthquake.  This is a beautifully animated film with a heartwarming storyline that was a graduation project for a student at the Gobelins school of animation.
"A man wakes up to find out he is trapped under piles of debris and wreckage. When [he] is about to give up, he discovers that he is not alone, there is somebody else in there with him. Together they will try to survive this hopeless situation."

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