Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Video Round-Up: October 13, 2015

Video: How Filmmakers use Color

This video essay takes a look at how color can manipulate our emotions in cinema (or really life in general), and even lays out which colors are used to stir up or convey certain emotions and qualities. This is one of those explanations where if you weren’t privy to this information before, you’ll begin to notice it all the time in not just the movies you watch, but all media around you.

Video: 5 Star Wars Fan Theories

Dorkly has put together five of the most convincing, and interesting fan theories about the Star Wars universe, which may be able to tide you over while you wait for the new trilogy.

Did stormtroopers really kill Luke’s aunt and uncle, and is Han more force-sensitive than he thinks he is? Here are some thought-provoking suggestions you may want to consider while re-watching the saga.

Video: 50 Unknown STAR WARS Facts

Did you know that R2-D2 initially could talk, and Stormtroopers were originally intended to carry lightsabers? Find out about more interesting, little-known Star Wars facts in this intriguing video by Mr Sunday Movies. It details some interesting trivia from the original movie’s deleted scenes, and other behind-the-scenes information that every fan should know.

Video: Super Star Wars Battlefront - 16 Bit Trailer

Star Wars Battlefront Trailer set on Tatooine re-imagined in the golden era of gaming. I’d totally play that.

Short Film: Royal Flush

"Royal Flush" is a dark animated comedy about two exterminators going about their daily duties in the future. The piece is exceptional for a student film,but pay close attention.  The dark subject matter creeps in through a series of otherwise innocuous patter.
"As everyday, Patrick and Julien are doing their job, they exterminate aliens on a desertic planet."

Short Film: Giant Robots From Outer Space

"Giant Robots From Outer Space" Directed by Valentin Watrigant, François Guery,
Elsa Lamy, Aurelien Fernandez, and Louis Ventre

"Giant Robots From Outer Space" is a parody of old fifties B-movies with a nice twist on the whole concept of the conventional damsel in distress.  In it, a conquering horde of giant robots march across Earth.  A lone defender soon finds himself face-to-face with the automata and their creator.  That's when things get interesting.
"In the 50s, Earth is invaded by a mechanical menace. Love emerges between a man, a woman, and a giant robot from outer space."

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