Friday, October 20, 2017

Sci-Fi Round-Up: October 20, 2017

"Star Wars: The Last Jedi" by Dan Mumford
The first of four exclusive prints from the 'Star Wars Sundays' promotion by AMC Theatres.


Creator of The Matrix code Simon Whiteley reveals its mysterious origins
Douglas Hofstadter on why AI is far from intelligent - "Computing hardware can do anything that a brain could do, but I don't think at this point we're doing what brains do."
David Fincher Opens Up On Why His Axed Hbo Series Went From ...
Jim Sturgess Dishes On Sci-Fi film Geostorm
Kate Beckinsale, John Barrowman, "Buffy" Q&A's


An Enormous At-At Is The Ultimate Halloween Decoration
As Scientists ponder "Hacking The Climate," Poor Countries Are Wary
Bessie, The Vehicle Driven By Jon Pertwee In The Sci-Fi classic, Is ...
Black Panther 'Tolkien White Guys' Comments Go Viral 
Disney Parks Will Take Visitors Inside The Last Jedi Before It Hits ...
Here's How Many People Nielsen Says Watch 'The Defenders'
How Ron Howard Celebrated The End Of The Solo Film
Martian Moons Could Get Electrified, And It's Scaring Nasa
Moon Caves Ideal For Lunar Colonization Discovered
New Pacific Rim Prequel Comic Will Fill In The Gaps Before Uprising
Sci-Fi home With One Bedroom Sells To Local Developer
Star Wars: Fans Get Caught Between The Resistance And First Order ...
What Scares David Fincher Most About Directing A Star Warsmovie?
When The New Terminator Is Moving Forward
Who Is Thinking About Security And Privacy For Augmented Reality?
Writers Have Until Oct. 21 To Register For Authors Day


Bladerunner 2049 Is A Cut Above Its Predecessor
Blade Runner 2049 Is An Exceptional Science-Fiction epic
Blade Runner 2049 Is Required Viewing For India's Foreign Policy ...
Blade Runner 2049: Worth The Watch
Netflix's The Expanse Is A Future In 50 Shades Of Neo Noir
Philip Pullman's La Belle Sauvage Is Here and People are Loving it!
Read God Complex To Satisfy Your Tech-Noir Cravings
Thor: Ragnarok Reviews Are In, And It Sounds Like A Galactic Good Time
Thor: Ragnarok Takes The God To Funny Heights


5 Essential New Star Wars Books You Have To Read Asap
5 Reasons Why You Need To Go See 'Blade Runner 2049' On The Big Screen
5 Of The Spookiest 'Twilight Zone' Episodes
7 Must-Watch Horror Movies This Halloween
8 Star Wars Filming Locations That Make For Amazing Vacations
A Computer Scientist Makes The Case For Speculativefiction
Burning Man Announces 2018 Theme And It's Sci-Fi
David Fincher Reveals Why He Passed On Directing A 'Star Wars' Film
Did Luke Skywalker Push Kylo Ren To The Dark Side?
Does Science Need Hollywood?
How much cyberpunk sci-fi from the 1980s and early 1990s has now become reality
How to Write a Novel Set More Than 125 Years in the Future
Hugh Howey: How to Build a Self-Conscious Machine 
Is Climate Change Hollywood's New Supervillain?
Railguns: The Ultimate Weapon Or The Ultimate Paper Tiger?
Ralph Ellison and Gordon Parks and their collaboration on what "invisible Man" means.
Russia's New Stormtrooper Combat Suits Can Withstand Nuclear Blast
Samsung Turns To The Dark Side To 'Clean Your Empire' Withstar...
Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Is Like 'Mandalorian Game Of Thrones'
Stealth, Rail Guns & Hypersonics-Weapons To Win World War III?
Stranger Things Was Nearly An Anthology Series, Before Everyone ...
The Futurism Industry's Blind Spot
The Legendary 'Doctor Who' Story Still Yearning To Be Told Nearly 40 Years Later
The Most Compelling Character In Blade Runner 2049? The Ui
The Secrets Behind 'Blade Runner 2049'S Most Surprising Special Effect [Spoiler]
The Weird, Wild Future Of CGI
This Halloween, Just Be Harrison Ford
This Star Wars-Inspired Simulation Of Human Reproduction Is ...
Tokyo In 360 Degree With A Blade Runner/Ghost In The Shell Cyberpunk Vibe ;)
Toward a New Fantastic: Stop Calling It Science Fiction
Two-Story 'Star Wars' Replica In Yard For Halloween Is Big Hit
What we didn't get - "What happened? Why did mid-20th-century sci fi whiff so badly? Why didn't we get the Star Trek future, or the Jetsons future, or the Asimov future? Two things happened. First, we ran out of theoretical physics. Second, we ran out of energy."
Why David Fincher Passed On Directing A Star Wars movie
Why Don't We Have Artificial Gravity In Space?



1922 Trailer: Stephen King's New Netflix movie is Full Of Murder ...
David Fincher Talks About Turning Down Directing The Star Wars Reboot
Death Race: Beyond Anarchy Trailer Looks Like A Bloodier Fury Road
Ends: A Naturalistic Sci-Fi Horror Short
The first trailer for Marvel's Runaways on Hulu is here
Netflix's 'Bright' Featurette: Just When You Thought LA Couldn't Get Stranger
Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Videos Highlight Lackluster Single-Player ...
Teaser And Info For Sci-Fi Pilot "Solus"
The New Star Wars Battlefront 2 Trailer Connects A Whole Lot Of Lore
A trailer for The New Mutants has creeped outta the shadows. Bear with it, there's a different feel to it, the breakdown is here, with plenty of potential spoilers. What are The New Mutants? Only one of the best comic books you've probably never read.
Watch The Star Wars: The Last Jedi Nycc Experience
Watch This -Star Wars Battlefront II Single-Player Campaign Trailer
Watch This Video Reimagine South Korea As A Dark, Sci-Fi World
What So Not Reveals Sci-Fi-Esque Better Video


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