Monday, December 31, 2012

Lecture: How art informs creative leaders

Maeda, author of Redesigning Leadership (Simplicity: Design, Technology, Business, Life), delivers a funny and charming talk that spans a lifetime of work in art, design and technology, concluding with a picture of creative leadership in the future. Watch for demos of Maeda’s earliest work — and even a computer made of people.

Short Film: Rare Exports, Inc.

Rare Exports Inc. by Jalmari Helander

Released in pre-YouTube 2003, this short Finnish film is a seriously creepy take on a fairly ridiculous premise. Watching this makes me count my blessings for the fact that I live in the age of streaming video, which lets me watch amazing flicks from the world over with the click of a mouse.
"Just before the first snow of winter falls, professional hunters begin their work. The long process of tracking, hunting and transforming this king of the forest into a finished product is a time consuming process, but the final outcome is a reason to celebrate."

Lego Creation: Big Daddy

Posters: The Battle of Yavin

Rebel X-Wing

"The Battle of Yavin Poster Series" by Will AndersonTim Anderson
Available for purchase from the artists.  US$30

Illustration: Motherboard Earth

Merchandise: Time and Space

Prints and more available for purchase at Society6.

Posters: Video Game Silhouettes

Lego Creation: Gaming Lego Mosaic

Classic Gaming Lego Mosaic by Soma

This amazing piece was created entirely from LEGO. There’s even a spreadsheet you can use to make your own, once you request access.

Sculpture: Entropy

"Entropy" by Polish sculptor Łukasz Cendrowski

Posters: Don't Anger the Wookiee

"Don't Anger the Wookiee" by Chatty Nora
Life’s Little Instructions, Star Wars Edition
Available for purchase from Etsy.  £3.65

Some very important pieces of advice to keep in mind before you embark on your own Star Wars saga! This poster is perfect addition for any star wars fan’s wall (young or old!).

This illustration by ChattyNora is produced using gold pen on GF Smith Ebony Black colorplan 270gsm card. It measures approx 26cm x 35cm (10.2in x 13.8in). Colorplan is made from 100% virgin ECF fibres. ECF fibre is an acid-free and chlorine-free product, it also has FSC accreditation.
Please note: this is NOT printed, they are drawn with pen. With this in mind no two will ever be quite the same! Your poster will be signed and dated, packed in a protective polythene sleeve and rolled into a poster tube to prevent damage.

Sweets: Game of Thrones Cake

Game of Thrones Cake by Contemporary Cakes

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Lego Team Fortress 2
Image by Chanh Tang

Lego Team Fortress 2 by Chanh Tang

Infographic: Geek vs. Nerd: Explained

Handmade Tardis necklace in 925 sterling silver

River Song’s Sonic Screwdriver – Artisan Master Series

Terry Gilliam‘s animated Christmas cards

Friday, December 28, 2012

Short Film: Superman, Spiderman

Superman, Spiderman or Batman tells the story of a 5 year old boy named Aron who goes on a journey at the end of which he hopes to save his mother from a serious heart condition. The short film was entirely shot in the city of Cluj Napoca, and it's being showered with awards, including the Best European Short Film award during the 25th European Film Awards, the Aspen Shortfest 2012 trophy, and the the European Discovery award.

Sculpture: Hardware Sculptures

Design: Wujin Lotus Chandelier

Wujin Lotus Chandelier by Studio 505

The central flower pod of the Lotus Conference Centre, over 30m high internally, is activated and comes to a feature culmination with this 7m tall chandelier and sculptural object.  Hanging from the central junction of the four pod petals, the light is a biological, geometrical focus of the structure and spatial design.

Design: Les Sapins de Noël des Créateurs


Les Sapins de Noël des Créateurs 2012
In its 17th edition, The Association “Les Sapins de Noël des Créateurs” invited the brightest personalities from the worlds of fashion, architecture and design to create their own unique Christmas trees. Their creations are then auctioned off at a benefit gala in Paris, composed of prestigious guests.
The event is an initiative of Marie-Christiane Marek, fashion broadcaster.
In Images, the trees of  1.Karacho, 2.Diane Von Fürstenberg, 3.Damien Da Rocha, 4.Sonia Rykiel, 5.Pierre Hermé, 6.Stella McCartney and 7. Elie Saab.

Merchandise: Pantone Scarves

Available for purchase. Price: Price: €60
"Black is the new orange, green the new blue. And even worse beige is the new lavender.
In short, it's a hell of job to match the right scarf with any outfit. Not anymore.

We are happy to present: the Perfect Matching Scarf. It fits every outfit. Wasabigreen pants? No problem. Norwegian sunset yellow jacket? Sure. Blushing maid red shirt? Easy peasy."

Merchandise: City Quilts

City Quilts by Brooklyn-based Haptic Lab
 Available for purchase from Haptic Lab. US$450

This line of cosmopolitan quilts features map grids of major cities.

Photography: Darkened Cities

"Villes eteintes" ("Darkened Cities") by Thierry Cohen
 San Francisco 37° 48′ 30” N 2010-10-9 Lst 20:58

Have you ever wondered what the night sky might look like without the light pollution of the city? Parisian photographer Thierry Cohen did.  He traveled to regions of the world with little to no light pollution along the same axis as some of the biggest cities on the planet.  He then superimposed the the silhouettes of existing cityscapes on top of the starfields he's captured to re-imagine what each city might look like without electricity.  The results are stunning.

Villes Eteintes was exhibited in Paris from November 8th through November 22nd at Galerie Esther Woerdehoff.    If you like the photos, you mights also be interested in Caspar V's thematically similar Dark City.

Illustration: Hand Drawn Map of New York

Hand Drawn Map of New York by Jenny Sparks
Available for purchase from Evermade. £75

Jenni Sparks is selling this amazing hand-drawn map of New York City annotated with cultural landmarks.

Sculpture: Darth Vader Upcycled Mask

Available for purchase at Etsy. US$800

This piece is Gabriel’s second Darth Vader mask. Check out the first one here.

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Dead End Thrills has posted a collections of Minecraft wallpapers

News: A giant Lance of Longinus is currently on display in Tokyo's Sky Tree Town in honor of Evangelion 3.0.

HR Giger's Tarot of the Underworld. The 2000 reissue of the cards is out of print, but { feuilleton } points to a few reasonably priced decks for Giger collectors. You can see all the cards at Cunei Media, but they are on the erotic side and a few are slightly NSFW.

How to carve a puzzle out of an apple.

San Francisco-based artist Josh Ellingson was commissioned to create Simone and Cthulhu, a work depicting Simone Davalos taming a “Cthulhu-like circus demon.” The piece was requested by her husband, David Calkins. On his blog, Ellingson writes, “Simone and David are always wrangling metaphorical demons with their annual events like Robogames and Barbot.”

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Quick Pic: Calvin and Hobbes Guitar

Artist: Kurt Wenner

Chalk Art by Kurt Wenner

After studying classical art in Europe, Kurt Wenner started doing chalk paintings in the streets of Rome to finance his studies and eventually invented an art form all his own known as anamorphic or 3D pavement art. His new geometry allows his compositions to rise from or fall into the ground, correcting specific distortions caused by viewing the images at an oblique angle.
"Although I employ an arsenal of visual tools to create illusion, the classical language of form is the most vital. Classicism is vastly superior to other forms of realism for the creation of illusion as it is based on human perception. Every stroke has the purpose of communicating form and space to the viewer. My perspective technique enables me to bring classicism into the present by creating an optical and geometrical link between a work of art and its contemporary surroundings."

Crafts: Cardboard Star Destroyer

Electronic Art: Silo 468

Silo 468 by the Lighting Design Collective
Photographed by Hannu Iso-oja, Tuomas Uusheimo, and Tapio Rosenius

The city of Helsinki, Finland tapped Madrid-based Lighting Design Collective to convert an old oil silo into a civic space and light display inspired by the prevailing winds and the movement of birds in flight to commemorate being designated the World Design Capital of 2012. The silo’s walls were perforated with 2,012 holes that result in a mesmerizing light show in Helsinki’s Kruunuvuorenranta district.
"The art piece will convert a disused oil silo into a wondrous light display and a civic space. Public will gain access to the vast interior of the 36 meter diameter 17 meter tall steel silo which will be dark red inside. Sunlight will fill the space with dappled shadows creating a spectacular daytime space. At night 1,250 white LEDs flicker and sway on the surface of the silo controlled by a bespoke software mimicking swarms of birds in flight—a reference to the silo´s seaside location. The prevailing winds, well known to those living in Helsinki, are used to trigger different light patterns in real time."

Crafts: Homemade Mario Quilt

Design:Surveillance Chandelier

"Surveillance Chandelier" by Humans since 1982, 2010.
Available for purchase from Phillips de Pury and Victor Hunt
Photographed by Tim Meier

Sculpture: Some Assembly Required

Bronze Sculpture at Dyk & Naval, The National Public Art Council Sweden, Karlskrona.

Link Round-Up: December 27, 2012

Check out our new directory of Resources for Comic Book Writers. Feel free to leave additional links of interest in the comments!

The GallifreyCrumb Tinies (Spoilers) is part of the "Doctor Kawaii" series by EatToast on DeviantArt. (Her first Doctor Kawaii comic in the series is here.)

Here's a tutorial explaining how to make your own DIY Map Quilt Kit.

Turn Ho-Hum Color into WOW! with Photoshop

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Short Film: Happy New End

Quick Pic: Trampled Snow Art

"Trampled Snow Art" by Simon Beck

Posters: Minimalist Justice League

Minimalist Justice League by Ryan McArthur
Avaialble for purchase from Etsy. US$20.67

Sweets: The Wind Waker Cake


The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Cake by Little Cherry Cake Company

Ash and her husband had this fantastic The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker cake made for their wedding day, writing that "this was the one way we could really express ourselves in the wedding without making parents go crazy."

Sculpture: Cycle of Decay

"Cycle of Decay" by Christopher David White

This piece may look like it's been hand carved from wood, but it is in fact made entirely out of ceramic, which makes the attention to detail of the wood effect even more astonishing.
“Through the use of trompe l’oeil, we look closer; we rediscover the amazement, joy, and tranquility that come from our environment.  At the same time, we witness our impermanence by evenhandedly dialing in on decay.  Neither good nor bad, decay is simply a natural process of our world that at times can produce deeply moving and beautiful effects”

Posters: Miner Studies 101

Miner Studies: Introduction to Minecraft by Jon Kay
Print Sets available for purchase from Fangamer. US$20

Do you think you know something about the wonderful world of Minecraft? Can you build castles, mine diamonds and defend your home from creepers? Whether you’re a beginner or just looking to brush up on your skills, turn to the Miner’s Studies.

This poster set by Jon Kay includes twelve different designs on 5 x 7 prints originally designed for Minecraft: The Story of Mojang documentary. Watch the documentary for $8 on Redux or buy the DVD for $20 from Fangamer.

Crafts: Hand-Painted Xmas Ornaments

Geeky Hand-Painted Christmas Ornaments by Laura Conklin
Available for purchase from Etsy. US$20

Posters: 72 years of Batman Logos

Available for purchase from Calm Ham. US$59.99

A comprehensive and extensive chart of the Batman logo evolution, spanning over 72 years from 1940 - 2012 to map the transformation of a timeless hero. From a Limited Edition of 250 prints.

Crafts: Christmas Tree Mobile


Christmas Tree Ornament Mobile tutorial from Not Martha

Sculpture: Sand-y Claus


500 Sand-y Claus Statues by Sudarsan Pattnaik

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas on the beach of Puri in eastern Indian state Orissa’s Bhubaneswar, where master sand artist Pattnaik, along with 30 padawans, created a record-breaking 500 Santa Clauses out of sand. It may not be the North Pole, but I still wouldn't want to be caught in a Grinch get-up inside shouting distance of this shoreline.

Quick Pic: 8-Bit Christmas Tree

8-Bit Christmas Tree

Source: Reddit

... or is that 16-bit?

Link Round-Up: December 26, 2012


Color Wheel Christmas Card from Paper Source

News: 'Phonehenge West' creator jailed: When folk art and building codes collide The builder of a fantastical fortress in the Mojave Desert has been sentenced to jail for failing to pay for the demolition of his life's work. Why art isn't sacred in the eyes of code enforcers.

Christmas morning, seen from space

In a sea of plastic USS Enterprise and Millennium Falcon model kits, models of the Doctor's TARDIS tend to be paper craft, DIY affairs or Cookie Jars, and imperfectly reflect some of the craft's more notable attributes. Until now.

What It Takes to Build a Lego Hobbit [cached version]: How Lego's An Unexpected Gathering was designed from the 2,700 pieces of the modern Lego "system of play", which remains compatible with a brick design that goes back to 1958. Despite worries that the stacking brick system has become less creative, a persistant series of complaints that have spawned their own bingo card, it remains hugely popular, in part through quality control and clever licensing. The Lego Bag-End house also comes in a life size version. A slightly more wonky look at the design process: The evolution of design at LEGO

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Mash-Up: The Grinch Before Christmas

"Christmas Hijackers" by BriannaCherryGarcia
Nightmare Before Christmas / The Grinch Mash-Up
"Just once I want to see them team up for a year, and take over Christmas together. Oh the adventures they would have."

Crafts: X-Mas Clay Necklace

Now this is some serious Christmas bling! This necklace, which is meant to look like a series of sugar cookies, was made from polymer clay. Each "cookie" has its own theme. Top row: Elf, Gingerbread, Candy cane with a bow, Wreath on a red wall, Reindeer with tangled lights. Bottom Row: Santa Claus, Gift/Present, Candy cane background with mistletoe, Christmas Tree, Snowman (Frosty).

Monday, December 24, 2012

Quick Pic: Dovahkiin Classified

Via: Reddit

Illustration: Doctor Who Cast

Check out the line work: 1 | 2 | 3
"This one is special :3 As some of you may already know, i'm a HUUUGE Doctor Who fan, so, when i thought of making some new posters for this con season i couldn't reject the idea of paying a little tribute to the Doctor!

Here's the first one (of three) featuring the ninth Doctor, portrayed greatly by Christopher Eccleston. Personally, i didn't like ninth as much as i like tenth or eleven, but some of his stories were LOTS of fun. I tried to resume the whole season in one poster but eventually some of the stuff had to stay out of the composition (i specially miss not drawing Jackie Tyler in her nightrobe xDD CLASSIC) but i think i kept in the most important stuff.

Also! This poster, as well as the other two will have the amazing amazing colors of Laurakjoge, but you'll have to wait for them since i'll post them next week, after Madrid's Expocomic (more info on that later!). For now, hope you like the lineart!"

Video: Around the Globe

Around the Globe - A Snow Globe Timelapse Journey from Canada to London

In November of 2012, Colin Mika worked with Evoke Solutions to create a Holiday Christmas Card for McCarthy Tétrault LLP. "Around the Globe" contains extended and unseen footage from the McCarthy Tétrault holiday Christmas Card. "Around the Globe" was shot over two weeks in six different cities. These cities include; Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Québec City, Montréal and London, England. "Around the Globe" is the successor to Snow Globe Los Angeles . It was shot using a custom DSLR rig with Macro and Tilt-Shift style lenses with Bokeh shapes. All the effects were created in camera with no added VFX.

Season's Greetings: Gandalf Card

"Just a coloured version of the Christmas card.. Experimenting with colours -- not too sure this is the way I want to colour my work, it's a bit too opaque. (But this one kinda needs to be, since it was a quick doodle drawing I scrbbled up to send my friends barely in time before Christmas, it didn't have any crosshatching or shading.. )"

Season's Greetings: Ood Tidings

Ood Tidings by EatToast

Photography: Xmas Around The World

The Atlantic has published an article entitled "Christmas Time Around The World" featuring a series of images captured by photojournalists of  “different Christmas celebrations” from around the globe.  It's not National Geographic, but the pictures are a fun browse.

Season's Greetings: Alicia MB Cards

Genre Christmas Cards by Alicia MB
Greeting cards and postcards available for purchase from Redbubble. US$3.40

Quick Pic: Fungi Christmas Tree

Fungi Christmas Tree

These awesome little Christmas trees are made of colourful fungi grown in petri dishes by scientists at the J. Craig Venter Institute in Rockville, Maryland:
“In a relatively unknown place, on the 3rd floor of JCVI in Rockville, MD, is a small fungal room where art meets science (and of course where all our fungal research takes place). Fungus often gets such a bad reputation for being gross and somewhat ‘standard’. We fungal folks know better and I am hoping to educate others with the underlying beauty that fungi possess, in a funky way. I recognize that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I felt this might convince some that fungus can be fun and not just something that grows in the back of your fridge or a nuisance that contaminates your plates. Please enjoy these funky fungal holiday art forms.”

Download: Dust Jackets

14 FREE dust jackets

Sweets: Gingerbread TARDIS

Gingerbread TARDIS by SamiKenzieBecky, and Stephanie
"Our gingerbread Tardis in honor of the Doctor Who Christmas special!"
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