Thursday, December 27, 2012

Artist: Kurt Wenner

Chalk Art by Kurt Wenner

After studying classical art in Europe, Kurt Wenner started doing chalk paintings in the streets of Rome to finance his studies and eventually invented an art form all his own known as anamorphic or 3D pavement art. His new geometry allows his compositions to rise from or fall into the ground, correcting specific distortions caused by viewing the images at an oblique angle.
"Although I employ an arsenal of visual tools to create illusion, the classical language of form is the most vital. Classicism is vastly superior to other forms of realism for the creation of illusion as it is based on human perception. Every stroke has the purpose of communicating form and space to the viewer. My perspective technique enables me to bring classicism into the present by creating an optical and geometrical link between a work of art and its contemporary surroundings."

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