Thursday, January 31, 2013

Short Film: Paperman

Just in time for the Valentines season, Disney has released this romantic Oscar-nominated short entitled Paperman. The short uses an experimental blend of hand-drawn and CGI animation techniques to tell the story of a man and a woman who meet by chance on their morning commute. They part ways before they have a chance to speak, but when he sees her in the office right across the street from his, he spends the rest of the day attempting to reconnect.
"Introducing a groundbreaking technique that seamlessly merges computer-generated and hand-drawn animation techniques, first-time director John Kahrs takes the art of animation in a bold new direction with the Oscar®-nominated short, "Paperman." Using a minimalist black-and-white style, the short follows the story of a lonely young man in mid-century New York City, whose destiny takes an unexpected turn after a chance meeting with a beautiful woman on his morning commute. Convinced the girl of his dreams is gone forever, he gets a second chance when he spots her in a skyscraper window across the avenue from his office. With only his heart, imagination and a stack of papers to get her attention, his efforts are no match for what the fates have in store for him. Created by a small, innovative team working at Walt Disney Animation Studios, "Paperman" pushes the animation medium in an exciting new direction."

Tech: Shapeways 3D Printing Revolution

Shapeways CEO Peter Weijmarshausen describes how 3D printing is revolutionizing the market for custom-designed products. The video also interviews artists who are using the technology in their own work.

Papercraft: Hommage to Hitchcock

"Hommage to Hitchcock" by Davy and Kirstin McGuire

Typography: Robust

Sculpture: Reverse Perspective

Copper and Chrome
Print available for purchase at Saatchi Online.

Architecture: Puzzle Gallery

A Gallery Space for Puzzles designed like a Puzzle by Tatsu Matsuda

Matsuda used a computer algorithm to generate an answer to his puzzle: how to fit 144 pentacubes into a space.

Sculpture: Daily Contaminations

These bugs are composed of discarded electronic components. The series is intended to remind us that we leave digital traces of our passing where ever we go, from the virtual footprints we leave while surfing the web to the gadgets that pile up in our landfills. These creatures follow in our trail and roam our homes looking for information about our habits and lives.

Event: The Dead Space Artshow

The Dead Space Artshow
Exhibit at the Le Dernier Bar Avant la Fin du Monde in Paris

To celebrate the release of Dead Space 3, and Electronic Arts are holding an art show dedicated to the sci-fi horror franchise.  It opens February 7th in Paris with a reception at 7pm, and it runs through March 7th. Twenty artists from all around the world are contributing work, and from what I've seen around the web, it's going to be something worth seeing.

I've rounded up some of the previews for you to feast your eyes upon, in case you can't make it to Paris for the event.

Link Round-Up: January 31, 2013

Wallpaper Wednesday: Simpsons Avengers
More sizes available @Springfield Punx

How Digital Comics Change the Way Comic Books are Drawn—And Imagined

How To Create Your Own Judge Dredd Badge Design

Mondo has introduced (and promptly sold out of, ’cause it’s Mondo) two new Lord of the Rings posters: This one by comic book artist Mike Sutfin and another by Paolo Rivera.  Read more at SlashFilm.

Cards: Portal Greeting Cards

"Portal Craft" by Becky Turpin (Hatpire)
Handmade cards available for purchase from Etsy. US$5

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Short Film: The Apocalypse

This hilarious one-trick short debuted at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. It's a bit more like a Saturday Night Live sketch than a movie, but it's still funny.

Video: Katachi

"Katachi" by Japanese singer-songwriter Shugo Tokumaru

Directors Kijek/Adamski created this lovely, lighthearted video using approximately 2,000 silhouettes extracted from PVC plates using a computer-controlled cutter. I love the balance between popping 1-frame imagery and the building sculptures, especially the repeating hand clapping motif and the way simple polygons form into a sort of dimensional waveform.

This isn’t the first time a Shugo Tokumaru track has been paired with a persistence of vision trick. Also check out the music video for Decorate by ONIONSKIN.

While the initial contemporary might seem like Javen Ivey’s My Paper Mind, the video does more of a building up of motion than a falling away. A 3D exploration of video feedback echo fun, reminiscent of Oliver Laric’s Aircondition or even Myron Krueger.

Architecture: Chapelle de Bathléem

Photographed by Vebests

The fifteenth century Roman Catholic Chapelle de Bathléem, near Nantes, in the Pays de la Loire in France features gargoyles inspired by the pop culture icons! The chapel's gargoyles include representations of Aliens, Goldorak, Gremlins, and more.  The place is listed among the French “monuments historiques.”

Photography: Sand Drawings

Lego Creations: Hoberman Sphere

Hoberman Sphere - Closed by True Dimensions on Flickr.

Hoberman Sphere - Closed by True Dimensions
 PDF instructions, part list, and LDraw file can be found at

Installation: Sound Sculptures

This installation is quite intriguing, it’s a series of 2,000 cardboards attached to 200 DC motors, which makes music in the most unconventional way thought. Sound Sculptures is truly a piece to marvel at, the scathing audio that is lurking in everyday objects. The untapped potential in the world. The clean, elegant sound sculptures combine visual, sonic, and spatial elements in an organically balanced entirely artwork. Using simple and well- conceived mechanical systems, Zimouns‘s work transforms and activates the space.

Installation: Cloudy House

"Cloudy House" by Tomás Saraceno
On exhibit at Andersen’s Contemporary Berlin, 2009.

”Tomas Saraceno’s experimental works explore concrete visionary urban-planning and question our relationship to nature and natural phenomena on a truly global scale. His sculptures often resemble networks of floating cells or suspended habitats, including airborne gardens, floating bridges and large-scale models for futuristic dwellings. Combining visual elegance with determined and purposeful engineering, Saraceno’s ethereal sculptures challenge our experience of the three ecologies: the environment, human subjectivity and the social landscape.”

Illustration: Vulture Badge Set

"A series of 26 badges for the Vulture[dot]com Most Devoted Fanbase series. Users could download these badges and declare their devotion across various social media platforms or on their mobile device."

Fresh Take: The Birth of NES

Link Round-Up: January 30, 2013

"How You See The World" by Maximilian San
Available for purchase at Society6. US$16 

News: Lego accused of racism with Star Wars set

10 Marvel Superheroes with a Pixar re-design

The John Carter Poster Disney Didn’t Use Wins “Best Special Edition Poster” for 2012

Into Shayol Ghul: The Making of Michael Whelan's cover for A Memory of Light Cover

This robotic 3D printer doesn’t need your help, thank you very much

Zombiefied Undead Stuffed Bears That Will Keep You Awake At Night

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Short Film: Everything Will Be Okay

"Everything Will Be OK" by Don Hertzfeldt

Sweets: Doctor Who Proposal Cake

"This week I made a cake for a really cool dude who wanted to propose to his girlfriend with it. He put the ring on her fondant figure and everything- It was so sweet. The Tardis is banana cake with dark chocolate crunch bits and ganache layers. The figures are of the couple themselves; He requested to be dressed as 10 but with 4’s scarf. Her clad in Donna Noble wedding gear. I wanted to go a bit cartoony with this Tardis, go in a different style than normal. Pssst it’s the 22nd Tardis I’ve made so far. Yesss."

Tech: Chainsaw Robot

A chainsaw robot visited Cologne last week for a single purpose: to carve stools. The robot is nameless, but the furniture it produces on its own is called the 7xStool, which was designed by Tibor Weissmahr and Tom Pawlofsky. The latter programmed the robot to carve two 7xStools from a single log, and the robot performed this feat twice a day during live performances for visitors to Passagen 2013 design week.

Both designers are alumni of the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design, and the 7xStool is part of a collection called kkaarrlls, which highlights creations from students at the university. Alongside the robot-made stool, four other kkaarrlls designs were shown off in Cologne as part of a partnership with German company Echtwald, which works to help restore commercially forested lands. While the chainsaw robot may be an impressive stunt, the stools created from the presentations were sold directly to audience members — though they may want to sand the stools down before they use them for the first time.

Quick Pic: Zombie Snowmen

Zombie Snowmen
You have to shoot ‘em in the head! Or wait for it to be warmer than 32 degrees, whichever comes first.

Zombie Snowmen by Jen Hutchinson in a disused graveyard in Bristol, U.K.
Photographed by Jonathan Pow

You have to shoot ‘em in the head!
...or wait for the temperature to rise above 32 degrees, whichever comes first.

Ads: Penguin Books

"Penguin: Books for every interest"
An ad campaign created by Y&R, Malaysia

I posted this because I thought Linux fans might get a kick out of it.

Portrait: Nikola Tesla

"Powered by Coffee - Nikola Tesla" by Jenny Radcliff
Coffee painting. Available for purchase at eBay.

Posters: It’s Dangerous to Go Alone

Prints and iPhone cases available on Society6.

Posters: Hero Profiles

Hero Profiles by Luke Daab

Crafts: Video Game Quilted Pillows

Available for purchase from Etsy. US$42

Sculpture: Wire Bonsai

"Wire Bonsai" by Ken To
Available for purchase from US$55 - US$125

Handmade miniature Bonsai standing up to six and a half inches tall composed of 24 gauge brass, copper, and steel wire "planted" in tiny pots created by Jim Barrett.

Lego Creation: Big Bang Theory Cast

The Cooper Representation

Dr. Sheldon Cooper from "The Big Bang Theory"
That's his spot. He always sits in his spot. You can't sit there. Why? Because it's his spot.

Link Round-Up: January 29, 2013

Kessel Run
Created by Buzatron

"Kessel Run" by Buzatron
Prints and clothes available for purchase at Redbubble.

Jim Rugg reflects on the coloring in printed and digital comics.

Northwest coast native artist Andy Everson explores native rights in his prints. Kwakwa̱ka̱'wakw artist Andy Everson's image of a hand holding a feather has become synonymous with the Idle No More Movement, which has shifted the Canadian political spotlight on to First Nations issues in recent months. However, Everson is no stranger to nerdier subject matter.  Check out his C3P0, Yoda, and LEGO figurine self portrait giclée prints.

Saveur's utterly charming "Recipe Comix" features illustrated recipes/short stories by some of the web's best cartoonists covering a wide range of meals.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Design: Google's Project Kennedy

This week, The Verge ran an excellent article on "How Larry Page engineered a beautiful revolution." The article explore's Google's recent company-wide interface redesign code-named "Project Kennedy."

Link Round-Up: January 27, 2013

News: Painted gnomes bring smiles in Oakland

10 Coolest Ads Using Street Art

Earth as Art: Stunning New Images From Space

Touring the Art of Blizzard at Gallery Nucleus

WordPress Launches Portfolio Builder

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Short Film: Voile Noir

"Voile Noir" by Michaël Balthazart

Allan and Yvan, two pilots, go on a mission to try to end the chaotic current polity...

Link Round-Up: January 23, 2013

R.I.P. Spidey

Blue Sky Cellar Presents: Fantasy Faire at Disneyland

Hacked R2-D2 Toy Now Almost Rivals Skywalker’s On-Screen Companion
Harry Potter Marauder’s Map Full Skirt Let’s You Keep Track Of Everyone

Make Your Own Totoro Bedding Set

Not Your Typical Star Wars Van

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Short Film: Paper Age

A paper dinosaur stalks its territory, the king of its own paper jungle. However, it eventually meets a new and different kind of beast altogether.

Sweets: Story Book Cake

Story Book Cake by Sweet Fix

Monday, January 21, 2013

Short Film: Heads Up Display

This short film has Orwell written all over it.  H.U.D. follows the day in the life of a man who yearns for a moment of privacy in a dystopic future in which his every waking moment is recorded.

Quick Pic: Pokemon Desk Doodles

Incredible Pokemon Desk Doodles
Gotta draw ‘em all! Just don’t let Professor Oak catch you.
Via: Reddit

Gotta draw 'em all! Just don't let Professor Oak catch you.

Posters: Gaming Masks

Minimal Gaming Posters by Hannes Beer

These were made as part of a 365 design challenge where Hannes made new design every day for a year. For the full gallery you can check out the link below. There are a lot of awesome designs. But these three were the only gaming related ones I noticed.

Fresh Take: Adventure Time

Grab your friends!
by Jake Kalbhenn

Merchandise: Geeky Tablet Cases

Geeky Tablet Cases
Available for purchase from Geekify. US$42.95 - $68.95

Geekify sells hand made covers for all your favorite gadgets.  Most of them are inspired by films or video games. Some of my personal favorites include the cover inspired by Skyrim (Oghma Infinium), The Hobbit (Red Book of Westmarch), The Neverending Story, and the Myst linking book.

Electronic Art: The Bay Lights

The Bay Lights: A Light Sculpture by Leo Villareal

The Bay Lights is an iconic light sculpture installed on the San Francisco Bay Bridge by internationally renowned artist Leo Villareal, a pioneer in the use of LEDs and computer-driven imagery in his sculptures and site specific works. The grand lighting ceremony will be on March 5, 2013
"The Bay Lights is the world’s largest light sculpture, 1.8 miles wide and 500 feet high and inspired by the Bay Bridge 75th anniversary. Using 25,000 white individually programmed LED lights, artist Leo Villareal will create complex algorithms and patterns in a dazzling display across the bridge’s west span."

Illustration: Secrets

:: Chris Saunders ::

"Secrets" by L.A. artist Chris Saunders

Portrait: Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Portraits by Tracie Ching

Link Round-Up: January 21, 2013

spider-man no more by Marco DAlfonso

Based on this classic panel.

Greg Guillemin captures the everyday life of comic book legends: grabbing a bite, scratching an itch and getting it on. See also: Paper Heroes.

Kern Type is an online typography game created by interactive designer Mark MacKay for Method of Action. It's designed to help graphic designer better understand the fundamentals of letter-spacing (kerning).

Plush DNA Molecules make genetics adorable.

This Is the Gear Used to Take Obama's New Official Portrait

Friday, January 18, 2013

Short Film: Sonic

Jaleel "Urkel" White returns as Sonic the Hedgehog in a new live action short directed by Eddie Lebron.

Short Film: Six Dollar Fifty Man

"The Six Dollar Fifty Man" by Mark Albiston & Louis Sutherland

Andy is an ordinary elementary kid growing up in the seventies. Like most kids his age, he has to deal with bullies, and one of the ways he does that is by imagining that he has super powers: the ability to withstand pain, scale buildings, and leap from rooftops.

Sweets: BMO Cake


Adventure Time BMO Cake

For his 30th birthday, Adventure Time series creator Pendleton Ward received this amazing giant BMO cake (filled with rainbow and love).Unfortunately, they cut off his butt!  Where's the cassette gonna go now?

Video: Jurassic Life

A group of hardcore Jurassic Park fans have spent years creating an elaborate Jurassic Park Game by modding Half Life 2. They call it "Jurassic Life," and they're actively recruiting volunteers to lend a helping hand.

Lego Creation: Metal Gear Rex

Metal Gear Rex (from Metal Gear Solid) by Rags naRock
"As usual, REX is not for sale, BUT a very helpful and dedicated guy named Erik Rief took it upon himself to make a parts list and recreate REX in Lego Digital Designer. To get all the files, click this link to download a zip file.

Make sure you open the Read Me.txt file for more info. In addition to this, I took some pictures of REX's insides so it's easier to see how parts of him go together. If you decide to make your own copy, all I ask is that you give me credit for the design, and Erik credit for all his work in recreating REX. Good luck!"

Posters: BattleStar Art Deco

Battlestar Galactica Art Deco Posters by Sublevel Studios

Electronic Art: Lightwork

These hypnotic light machines often look and move like robots found in a car factory. Each of these elaborate kinetic sculptures has bright lights attached to its limbs,  As they rotate their arms, they create wonderful geometric shapes out of the light trails. Conrad has created many of these installations and all of them are fascinating.

Sculpture: Roca Starts Beating

"Roca Starts Beating" by Saeta Estudi

Electronic Art: Halo

"Halo" designed by John Kennedy
 Photographed by Christopher Furlong

The "Halo" is a steel lattice 18 meters in diameter supported on a tripod five meters above the ground in Rawtenstall, England. The core is open at the top, framing views of the sky. It is lit after dark using low-energy LEDs powered by an adjacent wind turbine and glows a sky-blue colour, giving the effect of hovering above the town.

Toys: Doctor Who Vinyl Figures

Doctor Who Blind-Box Figures
 Available for purchase from Lunartik. £7.99

Extermination has never looked so tiny and cute

Fans of Doctor Who might want to check out what Lunartik has been working on lately. He's partnered with the BBC and Titan Merchandise to launch a new series of 3-inch blind-boxed figures based on the 11th Doctor's adventures.  They're highly stylized but still very cool.

Posters: Doctor Who Perpetual Calendar

Available for purchase from the artist's website. US$30

Link Round-Up: January 18, 2013


Half Life stained glass? Yes. Please.

Available for purchase from Etsy. US$600

Bobba Fett mixer, cuz even bounty hunters love cake!

Food Replicator demonstrates how to create your own Gingerbread Communicator

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Short Film: Noon

Sci-fi proof of concept films are all the rage lately.  Talented directors have realized that the best way to find their way to the silver screen is to put their work in front of the public, not studio execs. Noon stands out from the pack both in terms of atmosphere and writing.
"NOON is a scene from a completed feature screenplay. The short sets up the world’s unique premise and introduces our protagonist, Gray, a coyote numbed to the cruelty of the world and his part in it. We watch Gray struggle to salvage what humanity still exists within him when profit is pitted against morality."

Video: Pale Blue Dot

Pale Blue Dot from Joel Somerfield of London-based production house Order

This brief video is a tribute to Carl Sagan's famed 'Pale Blue Dot' monologue, in which he muses upon the famous photograph of our planet captured by the Voyager 1 space probe. The video was a free-time project designed and created in After Effects to showcase music and spoken-word dialog from the television series Cosmos.

Electronic Art: The More the Better

"The More the Better" by Nam June Paik, 1988.
Three channel video installation with 1,003 monitors and steel structure

Illustration: Mad Men


If they ever decide to release a Mad Men graphic novel,
I'm pretty sure this is what it would look like.

Interior Design: X-Wing Coffee Table

Forget about those bland Crate and Barrel coffee tables and prepare for the jump to lightspeed with this supremely cool hand-carved x-wing fighter coffee table. This one-of-a-kind table took Barry Shields six months to complete and costs more than Luke's human hand.

Mash-Up: Doctor Who / Star Wars

This is actually a request from Arosenheim: "How about an image of the Doctor using his sonic screwdriver on the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader, and depicting that his lightsaber won't light up. (Perhaps like an motion similar to you and I tapping a flashlight with the palm of our hands when it won't light.)"

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