Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sculpture: Daily Contaminations

These bugs are composed of discarded electronic components. The series is intended to remind us that we leave digital traces of our passing where ever we go, from the virtual footprints we leave while surfing the web to the gadgets that pile up in our landfills. These creatures follow in our trail and roam our homes looking for information about our habits and lives.


"Fine-art-food photographic project.

We never thought about what's going on in our houses when we are out.
They exist, they born from all the trashed electronic gadgets we used for years and years.
Little "electronic creatures", very smart, harmless but curious, very curious.
They roam around looking for informations about our habits.
Nobody knows why.

Someone thinks they sell data to the highest bidder.
And any kind of pesticide can't stop them."
"Daily Contamination is a desing+photography project by Luca di Filippo.

The little creatures have been created using electronic waste and none of them were harmed during the shots.

This project aims to design a new microcosm to display (through a captivating metaphor) the invisible electronic traces we leave in our daily activities.

Today there are no real annoying ants spoiling our picnics, infesting the kitchen or our bed. Everything is invisible. For us. But someone can see everything, our bread crumbs even."

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