Friday, February 28, 2014

Video: Making Link's Sword

The Legend of Zelda is full of gorgeous designs, and Link’s Master Sword may be the most eye-catching.  Tony Swatton of Man at Arms has received tons of request from fans asking him to forge the famous blade, and he’s finally given in.  In the latest episode of his web series, "Man at Arms," he demonstrates just what it takes to bring the video game sword to life.

Tech: Zelda VR Run-Through

Tech: ZeldaVR

What happens when you cross Being John Malkovich with NES classic The Legend of Zelda?  You get this terrifying Oculus Rift demo. The mod is currently just the game's overworld and its first dungeon, but there are plans to scale up the whole game to VR playability by March of this year (yes, for free.)
"This is a VR clone of The Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). The gameplay and artwork are virtually identical to the original NES classic, however in this version you see the world through Link's eyes, in all of it's virtual 3D 8-bit glory. Explore the world, find weapons, kill enemies, collect items, discover secrets, buy upgrades, delve into dungeons, defeat bosses, restore the Triforce, and rescue Princess Zelda from the evil Ganon.

Note: This is the Beta version in which you have access to the overworld and the first dungeon. The full version is due for release in March 2014, for free, on"

Short Film: Link's Shadow

Nintendo doesn't have the best track record when it comes to turning their games into movies, but if this fan-made version were to be released as a full-length film, it would be worth the price of admission. Link's Shadow was created by Corridor Digital. It’s just a brief cut, but it features great costumes and some impressive fight choreography.
"Three hunters in a forest discover that they have trapped a demon - Dark Link! An epic battle ensues as they try to prevent the murderous demon from reaching their village. The elder clansman gathers his mana and casts a beacon in to the sky, hoping to summon Link to save them."

Short Film: The Skull Kid

Ready to dig deeper into the mythology of Legend of Zelda? Jared Potter wrote and directed this story of how Skull Kid stole the powerful mask and fell under it’s spell.
"THE SKULL KID, a harmless but troublesome imp, has been cast out of the city of Clocktown. Deep within the lost woods he must face the harsh realities of his banishment. There, amongst the trees, an ancient evil has also begun to stir, seeking out a creature suitable to become its puppet. "

Video: The Dark Mask

"Link, the greatest of Hyrule warriors, fights his way through the forest. He happens upon The Happy Mask Man's pack who has been captured by the wizard Agahnim. Link must defeat the evil sorcerer before the powers of the Dark mask are released."

Music Video: Legend of Zelda Medley

Music Video: Gerudo Valley Acapella

An original vocal arrangement of the Gerudo Valley theme from Zelda OOT. Download this song on Bandcamp.

Music Video: Song of Storms Acapella

An original vocal arrangement of the Song of Storms from Zelda OOT. Download this song on Bandcamp.

Music Video: Skyward Sword

"Hi everyone! I was really excited to create a video for Fi's Theme (technically, my remix is based off of "Fi's Lament," the softer version you hear towards the end of the game) because it's probably my favorite musical theme from all of the Zelda series. I wrote the lyrics in a mix of pseudo-Hylian and Ciroan (the latter is a language from the game I'm developing). Oh, and I didn't include video of all the different vocal layers because it would have crashed my computer"

Short Film: ROSA

Rosa is an action-packed CG film.  It was created by Spanish comics artist Jesús Orellana over the course of a year without any budget.  ROSA is an epic sci-fi short film that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where all natural life has disappeared. From the destruction awakes Rosa, a cyborg deployed from the Kernel project, mankind’s last attempt to restore the earth’s ecosystem. Rosa will soon learn that she is not the only entity that has awakened and must fight for her survival.

It was screened in the opening night of the prestigious Sitges International Film Festival, it was nominated at the 26th Goya Awards for the Best Animated Short Film and it was optioned for film by 20th Century Fox, being adapted into a Live-Action Feature directed by Jesús Orellana with a script based on the original story and that expends the short movie.

Street Art: Legend of Zelda

Legend of Zelda Graffiti
Photographed by Alp in Geneva, Switzerlan.
Source: Gointendo

Street Art: Legend of Zelda

Legend of Zelda Graffiti by Minish Cap
Photographed by Edouardo3522

Street Art: Legend of Zelda

Photographed by Lyon, France

Lego Creation: Hyrule Map

LEGO artist Michael Kuroda (aka madoruk) is responsible for this majestic recreation of the Overworld Map from The Legend of Zelda done in LEGO.  Each LEGO stud represents 16×16 pixels on the in-game map, and the overall LEGO map is 256 studs wide by 88 studs tall!  
This was revealed at this year’s Brickcon (the same place the LEGO Assassin’s Creed and Hylian Shield got revealed) so it’s almost certain that OTL Gaming is going to need to go next year to see all this LEGO talent in person.   
(via The Brothers Brick)

Michael Kuroda created this massive recreation of the Overworld Map from The Legend of Zelda.  Each LEGO nub represents 16×16 pixels on the in-game map.  The entire piece measure 256 nubs in width by 88 nubs in height.  It was created for BrickCon 2012, and it won the "A Winner is You" trophy for the Let's Play theme at Bricks Cascade 2013.

Sweets: Majora’s Mask Cake

Check out the build photos over at

Sweets: Zelda Groom's Cake

Zelda Cake

"All edible except for the sword, full sheet cake, Butter Pecan with caramel, toasted pecan and vanilla buttercream filling. This one was a challenge but I love the end result. :)"

Crafts: Custom Made Gaming Apparel

Merchandise available for purchase from the artist's website.

Bobsmade offers a wide range of custom made video game apparel.  All of the artwork is hand painted using Acrylic Paint by Lucas and Faber Castell Multimark waterproof pens, which the artists swear are waterproof and won’t crack anytime soon.

Crafts: Legend of Zelda Pyrography

Crafts: Zelda Cross-Stitch

Redditor tibtibs spent between 400-500 hours over the course of nine months working on this awesome cross-stitched map for The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. She worked from a free pattern that was posted on the Sprite Stitch Board. This magnificent work of craftiness was made as a gift for tibtibs’ gamer boyfriend, who must be pretty awesome himself considering all of the eye strain and cramped fingers she endured while working on this geektastic project.
[via Nerd Approved]

Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Cross-Stitch Map by Tibtibs
Cross-stitch pattern available for download from Spritestitch.
Source: Imgur via Reddit

Redditor tibtibs spent between 400-500 hours over the course of nine months working on this awesome cross-stitched map for The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. She worked from a free pattern that was posted on the Sprite Stitch Board. This magnificent work of craftiness was made as a gift for tibtibs’ gamer boyfriend, who must be pretty awesome considering all of the eye strain she endured while working on this project.

Posters: Ocarina of Time

Ocarina of Time by Gaby Zermeño

"Ocarina of Time" by Guadalajara, Mexico-based Gaby Zermeño

Posters: The Legend Continues

Prints available for purchase from Redbubble.

Posters: Game Cave

Game Cave art book available for pre-order from the artist's website.

Posters: Legend of Zelda

Legend of Zelda Posters by Jesse Carr

"Legend of Zelda" by New York-based Jesse Carr

Posters: Skull Kid

Skull Kid by Guillermo Giron

"Skull Kid" by El Salvador-based Guillermo Giron

Posters: The Legend of Zelda

"The Legend of Zelda" by Dylan West
Prints available for purchase from Etsy.  US$18

Fresh Take: Legend of Zelda Sumie

Legend of Zelda Sumie Illustrations by MyCKs

Prints available for purchase from  Etsy. US$12

Link from the Zelda game series. Calligraphy says: Courage

Fresh Take: Legend of Zelda

"Link" by Lann

Technically, this isn't a Prince of Persia mash-up, but they style in which Lann has illustrated these Legend of Zelda characters does bring to mind the distinctive looks of both games.

Project: Clockwork Empire

"Clockwork Empire" by Dresden Codak cartoonist Aaron Diaz

Aaron Diaz easily makes the list of my top ten "internet famous" artists, not just because of his art style (which I love), but because of his fantastic taste in subject matter.  First, he pitched an animated version of The Silmarillion, now he's pitching a version of The Legend of Zelda in which Princess Zelda is the protagonist in practice, as well as name.  I would play the game, and I suspect plenty of others would as well.
"Inspired by Anita Sarkeesian’s Video Game Tropes vs Women, I wanted to pitch a Zelda game where Zelda herself was the hero, rescuing a Prince Link.

Clockwork Empire is set 2,000 years after Twilight Princess, and is not a reboot, but simply another iteration in the Zelda franchise. It just so happens that in this case, Zelda is the protagonist. I’m a very big Zelda fan, and worked hard to draw from key elements in the continuity and mythos.

This concept work is meant to show that Zelda as a game protagonist can be both compelling and true to the franchise, while bringing new and dynamic game elements that go farther than being a simple gender swap."  Read more >>

Artist: Assim Heetun

Illustrations by Assim Heetun (Agent Melon)

Artist: Aditya Ikranegara

Hunter by Aditya Ikranegara

Illustration by Indonesia-based Aditya Ikranegara

Illustration: The Brave One

Illustration: Pathfinder

Prints available for purchase from the artist's website. US$12

Illustration: Burden

Prints available for purchase from the artist's website. US$12

Based on the famous opening scene from The Legend of Zelda, this comic turns everything we thought we knew about Link's origin completely on its head.  Once again, Gorman's excellent Magical Game Time web comic hits us right in the feels.  Read an interview with Zac Gorman at Destructoid.
"Burdens come in many shapes and sizes. This one happens to be pointy and forged by an ancient civilization."

Comic Round-Up: February 28, 2014

Deadpool rising by BossLogic

Interview: Gail Simone talks about the Lara Croft comics she is writing for Dark Horse.  Simone initially turned down the gig, until she played the game.

Interview: Kate Leth, creator of the webcomic Kate Or Die, talks about writing the Adventure Time graphic novel Seeing Red.

Bill Watterson’s First Published Cartoon Since the End of Calvin and Hobbes

IGN counts down the Top 10 Indie Comics You Should be Reading.

Shoujo, shonen and seinen manga are all popular among non-Japanese readers, but why is no one talking about josei (women’s) manga? Khursten Santos reflects.

What are we not seeing? A mysterious insider suggests five manga that should be licensed for American readers.

What Female Superheroes Would Look Like if They Wore Clothes

You’ll never guess how Terry Gilliam’s Version Of Watchmen would’ve ended.

Link Round-Up: February 28, 2014

90 years worth of Warner Bros. logos: 13 main logos, 200+ variations, 300+ images

Black Milk has unveiled a line of Game of Thrones jerseys.

Dating a designer: 10 things you need to know
Penn researcher unearths centuries-old “rocket cat” warfare plot.

Try out the Unix-like computer interface from the original Jurassic Park for yourself online.  Just don't forget to say "Please."

What is the story behind Lunchbox Doodles and how long have you been doing it?: "It really started as a result of the fond memories I have of opening my lunch at school and reading notes my mother would place inside. While I can't remember specifically what they said, they had an impact on me. They served as a reminder that my parents were thinking of me even when I wasn't with them."

Why Guardians of the Galaxy is the most important Marvel movie to date

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Short Film: Sintel

Sintel is an excellent short fantasy film created using the free, open source 3D creation suite called Blender.
""Sintel" is an independently produced short film, initiated by the Blender Foundation as a means to further improve and validate the free/open source 3D creation suite Blender. With initial funding provided by 1000s of donations via the internet community, it has again proven to be a viable development model for both open 3D technology as for independent animation film. This 15 minute film has been realized in the studio of the Amsterdam Blender Institute, by an international team of artists and developers. In addition to that, several crucial technical and creative targets have been realized online, by developers and artists and teams all over the world."

Short Film: The Gate

"The Gate" directed by Matt Westrup of Joyrider Films

In The Gate, a new drug is transforming people into monsters.  While it sounds like an anime series,  Westrup does a fantastic job giving the whole concept a real world flavor.  The film only took four days to shoot, but it took another four years to complete the realistic VFX.  Westrup is currently working on a full feature film version of the concept for Wayfare Entertainment.

Link Round-Up: February 27, 2014

Attack on Titan by RA.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Video: Kids Reenact Oscars

CineFix collaborated with to deliver this adorable parody of Academy Award Best Picture nominated films, including Her and Gravity.  This video has already been featured on LaughingSquid, Time, UpRoxx, and Variety.

Short Film: 50 Movie Spoilers 2013

Do you want to know what happens in the movies you missed from last year without spending the money to rent them all?  The Fine Brothers have you covered.  The brothers spoil fifty of the most popular films of 2013 in just six minutes, all in one take.

Music Video: Thunderstruck

2CELLOS Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser playing  an incredible cover of "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC!

Music Video: Pirates / Skyrim Mash-Up

Flipboitamidles mashed up “He’s a Pirate” and “Dragonborn,”  and it may be the single most epic song ever created. Found via Reddit.

Short Film: Pixels

"Pixels" directed by Patrick JEAN

Pixels is a fast-paced film about pixelated space invaders.  Director Patrick Jean has infused this tired old trope with a retro gaming theme, lending it a hip music video flavor.

Video: Metroid: The Rock Opera

Video: Star Fox: Invasion

What happens when the Star Wolf Team decides to take the space battle down to Earth?  Star Fox and his crew follow right after, no matter the collateral damage!
"A battle between Star Fox and Star Wolf gets taken to Earth with some devastating consequences. Haven't had a game to quench our Star Fox thirst in a while, so we made this for everyone in the same boat as us. Nintendo, make another awesome Star Fox game!!"

Short Film: Misinventions of Milo

“Well, what are we gonna do?” “We hypothesize!” Young inventor Milo Weatherby is making a reverse microwave, but as with his other gizmos, his idea goes awry. Because what he actually made is a time machine.

Short Film: Timeholes

"Timeholes" directed by Ben Mallaby

Timeholes is a very short film, but it accomplishes in just a few moments what the best of 2000 AD’s Future Shocks do - introduce a concept and then put a fresh twist on it.  Better yet, this left-field short film is colored with an irreverent attitude that makes that who thing a lot of fun.
"In the year 2015 time travel has been invented, and like all new technologies it is abused by everyone"

Jewelry: Steampunk Jewelry

Merchandise available for purchase from Etsy.

Read an interview with Michelle of Steelhip Design at The Navigatrix.

Jewelry: Thorin’s Key to Erebor

Merchandise available for purchase from Etsy. US$49

Keep the key to Erebor around your neck and claim the dwarven treasures for yourself. Just don’t wake the dragon, of course. Key measures 4” in length and is hung on a 24” chain.

KickStarter: Mini Museum

Merchandise available for purchase from Kickstarter.  US$239

Hans Fex, a product designer and creator of the Mini Museum, has been collecting specimens for this project for the past thirty-five years. The collection features 33 natural history specimens ranging from a T-Rex tooth to a Meteorite from Mars sealed in clear resin case small enough to display on your desk.

Personally, I would be sold on the piece if only I were certain that the resin wouldn't distort the view through a microscope.

Sculpture: Steampunk Doctor Who

Steampunk Dalek and TARDIS sculptures.

Posters: Emergency Exit

Posters: Houses of Hogwarts

The Houses of Hogwarts by Autlaw

Posters: Valar Morghulis

Khaleesi Daenerys Targaryen played by Emilia Clarke

HBO’s Game of Thrones Season 4 Official Character Posters

Yesterday, HBO released 18 new character posters to promote Game of Thrones Season 4! The posters feature a look at the major players of Season 4, as well as the April 6th premiere date and a caption of “Valar Morghulis” — all men must die.

Earlier today we were treated to batches from the Lannister, Stark, and Targaryen crews along with some great teaser videos. The official Game of Thrones twitter has now released 7 additional posters. Check out Ygritte, Margaery, Brienne, Littlefinger, Oberyn, and Tormund as well as the ones we’ve already seen tag-free below.

Posters: RoboCop

"RoboCop" by Costa Rica-based illustrators Dan Mora and Marco Hernandez

Posters: Robocop

Prints available for purchase from StoreEnvy. US$10 / US$40

Posters: 20 seconds to Comply

Robocop by Samuel Ho

Prints available for purchase from BottleNeck Gallery. US$50

Posters: RoboCop

Prints available for purchase from BigCartel. US$20

Illustration: Robocop

Illustration: Robocop

Artist: Julie Dillon

Illustrations by California-based Julie Dillon
Prints available for purchase from InPrint. US$15 - $40

Artist: Vanja Todoric

Illustration by Vanja Todoric

Todoric's bright fantasy illustrations are often based on Serbian mythology.

Comic Round-Up: February 26, 2014

Pest Eradication Operations

Interview:  Dave McKean chats briefly about art, technology and his iconic Sandman covers: “The original series was created without any expectations. I didn’t really look up until it was over. Only then did I realize it had become popular and would go on to become something of a classic.”

Interview: The Rapidian  pays a visit to Vault of Midnight Comics in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and talks with owners Liz and Curtis Sullivan.

Link Round-Up: February 26, 2014

readingalieeen by lisu

"Readingalieeen" by Warsaw-based Michal Lisowski

10 Amazing Data Visualizations of Creativity and Art History

The Beat calls Disney on their treatment of Bill Mantlo, co-creator of Rocket Raccoon, who was institutionalized following a 1992 accident that left him with irreversible brain damage. He receives no royalties.

Neville Longbottom is the Most Important Person in Harry Potter—And Here’s Why: "See, Rowling largely operates Harry’s generation in a clear system of parallels to the previous generation, Marauders and all. Harry is his father [...] Hermione is Remus Lupin [...] Ginny is Lily Evans [...] Draco Malfoy is Severus Snape [...] And guess what? Neville Longbottom is Peter Pettigrew."

Ten Things Theaters Need to Do Right Now to Save Themselves

Why Disney Fired John Lasseter – And How He Came Back to Heal the Studio

Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

OpEd: Big Bang's Shortcomings

Is The Big Bang Theory the equivalent of Nerd blackface?  Does the show celebrate nerd culture or mock it?  Yes, some of the cast has street cred, particularly Mayim Bialik, but many of the series' storylines center around stereotypes rather than genuine issues.
"You'd think the Angry Nerd would be square in the targeting sights of The Big Bang Theory. You'd think he'd love the show. And yet...and yet...."

OpEd: What's up with Unboxing Videos?

PBS Idea Channel host Mike Rugnetta makes the case that unboxing videos make objects sensual rather than real, then offers a distinction between the two.
"With every new product release comes a glorious wealth of new Unboxing videos. For the uninitiated, unboxing videos are exactly what they sound like. A person gets a new thing, and film themselves removing it from the packaging. But why do people film these videos, and why do others WATCH these videos? Well for one thing, these videos show what the products ARE, without the annoying filter of marketing. Maybe unboxing videos glorify the act of acquiring and owning? Is there a sensual element to these videos?"

Ad: Live-action "Attack on Titan"

Music Video: Tainted Love

You may have comes across German YouTube user “Ultrawipf” (aka Gigawipf) who has configured a fleet of floppy disk drives to move in time — and thus appear to sing — a range of songs from Smoke On The Water to the Inspector Gadget theme.

Watch Marc Almond perform vocals to the video.  Check out the code base used to create the videos can be downloaded from GitHub.

Music Video: Still Alive

"I've seen a lot of questions about how this was done (and a few about it being fake - which I can assure you it's not) so here's the sort explanation. The laser beam makes sound when it strikes the plate. By turning the laser on and off hundreds of times per second it acts almost like a speaker cone moving back and forth hundreds of times per second - making various pitches. Some pitches are off key and will always be due to the laser "only" being accurate to .001". Due to how close different note frequencies are together it would need to be accurate to .0002" or better (totally useless for industrial marking) to always be on key. The rounding up/down to .001" gets the notes "close enough" but still off by a few cents."

Music Video: Those Who Fight Further

Prints available for purchase from Etsy. Society6. US$

A fantastic version of Those Who Fight Further, the battle music theme from Final Fantasy 7, performed on 16 floppy drives.
"There's a little explaining to do in this video. I was asked by the Nexon Computer Museum to build a musical FDD exhibit like my own! It's been a very busy past few months because of it and other responsibilities. While I had the setup in my possession, I arranged this song for all 16 drives.

It's been a fantastic learning process, but I think I'd prefer to stick to my eight drive setup. I'm just so much more familiar with it and it takes a lot less time to put together a video. If you're interested in the museum exhibit, I'll be posting more info about it on my FB page later on!"

Music Video: Eye of the Tiger

"Eye of the tiger" played on a modified dot matrix printer.  Am I the only one who misses these things?  There was just something satisfying about hearing that printer running at the end of a late night essay marathon the night before a paper was due.  Check out the build video over at Vimeo.


The CUBESTORMER 3 from the Legoworld 2014 event solves any Rubik's Cube in just three seconds using a Samsung Galaxy phone that takes pictures of all six faces.  The system then figures the most efficient solution and sends instructions to the robotic arm via Bluetooth.

Tech: KUKA robot

Timo Boll, a professional table tennis player from Germany, is slated to hold a promotional match against the KUKA KR Agilus industrial robot on March 11th, 2014 to commemorate the opening of the KUKA Robotics factory in Shanghai, China.

Ad: Ryu Destroys a Car

Ryu from Street Fighter destroys a car in this ad from a Turkish car insurance company. 

Video: Curling Game Narrated

Listen to Sir David Attenborough narrates a Curling Game, proving that he can make anything interesting.

Video: It Doesn't Get Better

"For most kids in high school, the future promises better days. But for a certain group, there’s no time like the past."

Video: University Commercial

"Parody of all those University commercials that try and get you to come to their school... Except this time, they're gonna be honest with you!"

Short Film: Stealing Time

Artist: Mike

Czech Republic-based artist and designer Mike, who designs website under the brand "Creative Mints," creates these beautiful hand-drawn illustrations, many of which have a vaguely steampunk feel to them.  He primarily promotes his work through Instagram.  He’s already garnered an impressive following of over eight thousand.

Artist: Andrei Pervukhin

Fantasyscapes by Andrei Pervukhin

Illustrations by Russia-based Andrei Pervukhin

Link Round-Up: February 25, 2014

The Sentinel by Edward Howard

101 Women Artists Who Got Wikipedia Pages This Week: The Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon was an international initiative to bring women's voices to the online encyclopedia--as editors and as subjects
Eric Proctor, aka Tsaoshin, draws cute monsters, dragons, Disney characters and Grumpy Cats. The last two merge in a short series of images he calls Grumpy Disney, with the various Disney characters (mostly princesses) replaced with Grumpy Cats doing suitably Grumpy Cat things.

Experience just how big the Universe is, using this interactive graphic made by 14-year-old Cary Huang. Click on individual objects for factoids.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Video: Social Media Prank

Prints available for purchase from Etsy. Society6. US$

Professional prankster Jack Vale recently got some laughs freaking strangers out at the beach by walking up to them and revealing personal information that he gathered from their social media accounts. 
"I stalked people at the beach by researching their social media profiles. How did I find them? They all posted public pictures of themselves on Instagram and Twitter! And so the quest began!"

Video: Xbox One Facts

Prints available for purchase from Etsy. Society6. US$

Jake Roper ("Vsauce3") shares six awesome facts about the Xbox One video game console as he disassembles it. 
"The Kinect has twice as much RAM as the original Xbox. The cameras can detect your pulse by reading color changes in your face."

Short Film: SLR

"SLR" directed by Stephen Fingleton

SLR is a brief thriller about a father tracking down an anonymous photographer after discovering that his daughter has been surreptitiously photographed.  The film stars Liam Cunningham and Richard Dormer of Game of Thrones fame. 

Merchandise: Geeky Cutting Boards

Math and Science Cutting Boards by Elysium Woodworks
Prints available for purchase from Etsy. US$35

Sculpture: T-Rex Metalwork

T-Rex Metalwork by John Lopez

Sweets: The Baking of Adam

"The Baking of Adam" by London-based Michelle Wibowo of Michelle Sugar Art
On exhibit at London’s St. Pancras Church

Michelle Wibowo has re-created Michelangelo's "The Creation of Adam" fresco using ten thousand marshmallows and approximately half a billion cake sprinkles.  The arrangement took over 168 hours to complete, and the final product measures 18.7 feet in width and 9 feet in height.  It was commissioned to commemorate the 450th anniversary of Michelangelo’s death in Rome at the age of 88.

Sweets: One Ring Birthday Cake

Created for an awesome Lord of the Rings-themed 13th birthday party.  Click through to check out the fully themed menu and the build blog for the cake itself!

Sweets: Lord of the Rings Cake

Lord of the Rings Cake by Black Cherry Cake Company

This cake features the Eye of Sauron atop Barad-dûr balanced atop the cozy round green door of Bag End.  Frodo and Gollum balance out the cake to either side.  It's an eye full, but I hope it's not a wedding cake.

Posters: Guardians Campaign Spoofs

A Groot-inspired Obama campaign poster spoof.

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