Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Comic Round-Up: February 26, 2014

Pest Eradication Operations

Interview:  Dave McKean chats briefly about art, technology and his iconic Sandman covers: “The original series was created without any expectations. I didn’t really look up until it was over. Only then did I realize it had become popular and would go on to become something of a classic.”

Interview: The Rapidian  pays a visit to Vault of Midnight Comics in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and talks with owners Liz and Curtis Sullivan.

Andrew Wyrich visits several comics shops in the North Jersey area and finds they rely on a friendly atmosphere and incentive programs to keep customers coming back. “People who buy comics tend to have a $40 weekly budget,” said Len Katz, co-owner of The Joker’s Child in Fair Lawn, New Jersey. “We hear of people who love comics, but eventually just hit a wall with expenses. The key for us is to get customers coming back. The reality is we are not a necessary item; we aren’t milk, bread or cheese.”

Andy Smith rounds up 15 comics that have released #1 issues in February.

Ken Quattro is doing some fascinating research on Josette Frank of the Child Study Association, who stood up for comics when Dr. Fredric Wertham was crusading against them.

Why do the pages of some manga turn yellow so quickly? The Answerman turns to Vertical Inc., marketing director Ed Chavez, who gives an amazingly detailed mini-lecture on manga paper.

You can watch archived copies of the Livestream of Stan Sakai’s keynote address at Michigan State University's 2014 Comics Forum.

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