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UI / UX Design Blogs

1st Web Designer – With a community of respected web design professionals, great articles are almost guaranteed!

Awwwards Blog – Best known for their web design awards, their design blog deserves just as much credit.

Boagworld – An excellent resource for both web and digital advice from Paul Boag.

Creative Nerds – Design inspiration, freebies and tutorials.

Creative Overflow – Does a good job of covering all elements of web design, not just the technical side of things.

Design Follow – Articles, resources and tutorials in a range of design topics.

Designmodo – With a focus on the web and developer related articles, I find Designmodo an excellent resource to learn UI and UX through their tutorials and advice.

Digital Telepathy’s Blog – Insights and best practices for UX and product design.

Grain Edit – A mix of contemporary graphic design inspiration and vintage/retro, illustrative styles to peruse.

I Can Be Creative – A great resource for design resources, trends and inspiration.

Interactive Red’s Blog – Great blog that focuses on the digital, mobile and interactive side of design.

Line25 – A place to share web design ideas and inspiration through articles, tutorials and examples of stunning site designs.

Smashing Magazine – Another great resource for learning the basics of web design and development, super helpful for print designers like myself.

Spoon Graphics – Maybe better suited in the general design category, but Chris’ blog has some great web-based tutorials.

Spyre Studios – A favourite web design and development blog, Spyre Studios offers some intermediate web tutorials amongst general design inspiration and advice.

Tuts Plus – Mostly tutorials, which you’d expect, but their general design articles are great reads as well.

UX Magazine – Defining and informing the complex world of user experience or UX.

Vandelay Design – One of the most popular web design blogs, Vandelay Design, provides a breadth of articles of interest to most designers, both web and print based.

Web Design Ledger – Continually interesting publication, focusing on many of the technical elements of web design.

Web Designer Depot – a hugely popular web design blog that seems to cover all the topics well.

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