Friday, October 6, 2017

Link Round-Up: October 6, 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 by Rocky Davies

A ballerina dances as the joints on her body are traced with a computer-generated rotoscope animation technique, an algorithm that brings a mathematical layer to her natural movements.

Famous corporate Logos drawn from Memory by more than 150 People

The grid pattern on this placemat creates the optical illusion that the placemat has sunk under the weight of your tableware.

How IBM’s ThinkPad Became A Design Icon

I am in love with the Mechanical Pencil, made from a solid piece of metal and designed to last a lifetime.  Compliments this Glass Ruler grid overlay that allows for precise alignment when placed above an existing drawing.

Loopism is a Tumblr blog of looped animations of (usually) famous characters as if made from rather floppy inflated balloons.

Not doing anything for about 63 straight days? How about a game of The Campaign For North Africa? It’s a game so full of rule-oriented minutia that it takes about 1,500 hours to play a single game.

Not hero sayings

An Oregon teacher just scored 200 points for his House by turning his classroom into Hogwarts.

This gigantic purple balloon is in fact an inflatable concert hall, currently set up in Tokyo.

Women who escaped Edmonton prison arrested at downtown escape room.  I have to imagine the people waiting to use the room were having second thoughts as they watched the last players escorted out by a cortege of police.

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