Friday, October 6, 2017

Link Round-Up: Blade Runner

4 Differences Between Deckard From Blade Runner and the book

A Blade Runner for our time: The 1982 film introduced a new vocabulary, inspired a generation

Alison Hammond of This Morning sat down with Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling to conduct a playful interview with the duo about their upcoming film, Blade Runner 2049. Ford and Gosling could not stop laughing with the constant barrage of hilarious jokes going back and forth between them and Hammond.

Are Blade Runner’s Replicants Human? Descartes and Locke Have Some Thoughts

Before seeing Blade Runner 2049, try this cyberpunk game

Blade Runner 2049: How a Dystopian Future Grew Darker

Blade Runner 2049: how Philip K Dick's classic novel has stood the test of time

Blade Runner 2049 Poses Questions about AI Machines and Moral Value

Blade Runner 2049 stands brilliantly apart from its 1982 parent

Blade Runner 2049 stars relived the first day at school

Blade Runner curse isn’t a curse; it’s normal

Blade Runner Is Still the Truest Philip K. Dick Adaptation

Blade Runner's Source Material Says More About Modern Politics Than The Movie Does

The Color of the Future: Roger Deakins on Blade Runner 2049

Could Blade Runner 2049 have used a little more grit to go with its epic awe?

Deconstruction the Blade Runner Blaster

Did Los Angeles Follow The Pollution/Darkness Predictions Of Blade Runner, 30 Years Later?

Digging Into the Odd History of Blade Runner’s Title

Does Blade Runner 2049’s Ending Preserve the Mysteries of the Original or Spoil Them?

Exclusive Photos Dive Into Film’s Dazzling Visuals

Explanation for Blade Runner curse: capitalism

From Blade Runner to The Force Awakens, How Sci-Fi Influences Fashion

How Blade Runner’s Different Cuts Change the Movie: a Visual Explainer

How Vangelis’ Cult Blade Runner Score Became a Classic

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe: what Blade Runner 2049’s dystopia tells us about 2017

In many ways, 1982 film set our expectations of what future urban centers should look like.

Most Brits think AI should be regulated by the 'Blade Runner rule'

Not perfect, but not crazy: the downfall of Blade Runner beauty Sean Young

Robin Wright delves into the moral quandary of Blade Runner 2049

Robin Wright Talks Blade Runner 2049 At Paris Fashion Week

Sarah Gailey watches Blade Runner for the first time and finds it entirely familiar.

The Synth Sounds of Blade Runner

Tears In Rain: The Story Behind Blade Runner's Legendary Death ...

Tears in rain? Why Blade Runner is timeless

Westwood's Blade Runner is an all-time classic in danger of being forgotten

What's the big deal about Blade Runner?

What I've Seen With Your Eyes: The Influences of Blade Runner

Which is the definitive version of Blade Runner? A thorough and absolute examination

Which Version of ‘Blade Runner’ Should You See Before Watching the Sequel?

Who Is Rachael? Blade Runner and Personal Identity

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