Markets Where Artists Can Sell Art Online

There's no shortage of places on the internet to browse free art, but, at times, the search for a place to sell art can be deeply frustrating for an artist.  To help you out, here is a directory of online markets where artists can sell their work online.  Not all of the services are free.  Not all of the services are exclusively for English speakers.  Do your research before submitting your work, and always keep your ear to the ground for rumors of other artists being treated unfairly! – Photography site – store your photos, share them and sell your photos online here. Features work of beginners to experts. Sell your work by opening a “store” account, which is available to free as well as paid memberships.

AbsoluteArts – Claiming to be “the most trafficked contemporary arts site” it offers levels from free to premier to sell your art online. Artist bio/statement and portfolio displayed with shopping cart.

AbstractArtGallery – Dedicated to abstract art, this site allows artists to connect with collectors and sell online. Each artist gets a profile/portfolio page. They provide a shopping cart. The artist ships to the customer and receives 80% of the purchase price.

AbstractArtistGallery – Not an e-commerce site, this is a database of living abstract artists that presents work and includes a link to the artists website to drive traffic there, so that you can sell online through your own website. Juried; they request a donation from artists who are included.

AffordableBritishArt (UK Site) – Artists sell their work on this website with no middleman, commission free. There is a charge to have an account (4 tiered levels). You must have a PayPal account to receive payment for your artwork.

Aftcra – This site calls themselves “the place to buy and sell one-of-a-kind goods proudly crafted by American hands.” Set up a storefront here for free, and product prices must be $10 or higher. Listings stay for four months. They take 7% fee on your art sales made online.

Altpick – They help illustrators, designers and photographers connect with creative buyers. Art listings are free; membership is $99 annually. Also offering annual awards to artists.

Amazon – A while back, handmade jewelry was the category for artists to list on this huge e-commerce site. Now selling fine art, galleries and dealers can use Amazon as well to sell art online.

American Handmade Crafts – Free trial (with $35 setup). Monthly fees starting at $12, and each artist can list hundreds of items for sale. They provide a shopping cart.

Ananasa – This website is “the biggest marketplace for handmade items from the Middle East.” Open a store for free, paying a small fee for each sale. The “bargain button” feature offers confidential price negotiation. They offer marketing/support. – This highly ranked e-commerce site has a division called Artist Rising, where emerging artists can upload images and sell their artwork online. They provide a print-on-demand service to sell your work. Two levels of membership are available – free and paid.

Art2Arts – (UK Site) This juried site features “original art direct from UK artists” and offers support and a community. Accepted artists create a gallery page of their work; no fees or contracts involved. They take 37.5% commission on art sales.

Artaissance – This  juried site is looking for sophisticated art that is suitable for art publishing, and is run by well-known frame manufacturer Larson-Juhl. If your work fits the bill, you can go through a submission process to become one of their featured artists and sell your art online with them.

ArtAndBohemia – This site lists original art, and acts as a contact point between buyers and sellers. They do not handle transactions. No fees, but you can buy advertising there.

ArtBomb – (Canadian site) Dubbed as “a daily online art auction featuring carefully curated works of art from artists across Canada.” Selected artists must provide them with 50 email addresses of friends and supporters. Reserve price is set. Art Bomb takes 50% of selling price.

ArtBoost – Create your own online store or portfolio here to exhibit your artwork. They provide the shopping cart, although you get personal contact with buyers. Artists keep 85% of the purchase price of each sale.

ArtClickIreland – Specializing in Irish art, this site allows artists to sell art outright, take offers and even barter. Accounts start at €4 per month, and they take 15% commission. 

ArtCollectorMall – With the work of famous artists as their cornerstone, the owners of this site invite you to upload your portfolio free to make art sales online. Once sales are made, they take a 10% commission. Original art and reproductions can be sold here.

ArtCorgi – Specializing in art commissions to clients. Artists retain copyright, as well as the original copies of their work (only digital files are delivered). ArtCorgi takes a 20% cut from a commission’s list price (at or above what an artist sets as a minimum) and charges no listing fees.

ArtDip – (UK Site) Now open to painters, printmakers and artists in 2D media, ArtDip offers individual websites where you can sell your work online; they offer a ten-day free trial.

ArtDiscover – Art spaces and artists can promote themselves creating, editing and uploading their information for free on ArtDiscover. Galleries can also promote exhibitions.

ArtFido – (Australian Site) Artists and galleries can create listings of available work on this international site, where shoppers can buy or bid on art online. They take 8.5% of sales made.

ArtFinder – This site features original art, print and photography, sold online and shipped directly from the artist. Create your store, and they manage payments. Artist keeps up to 70% of the sale. This is a juried site.

ArtFire – Huge marketplace where you can sell crafts, art, supplies, vintage and more online. Customize your own shop on this site. $20.00 monthly fee.

ArtFortune – Create your own online art gallery here. Site visitors can see the images that you have uploaded, and click through to your website, where you make the online art sale. They charge a monthly fee, and have several different plans. There is also a forum and community on this site.

Artful Home – Gorgeous online catalog for handmade home décor, wall art, apparel and accessories. They have a paper catalog as well as online gallery. This is a juried site, with a jury fee and $300 membership fee if accepted.

Artfuly – (Australian site) A juried site, where you can submit your work for review. If you are a match, they market your artwork for free, but charge admin, delivery and insurance fees when work is sold. For Australian artists only at this time.

ArtfullyWalls – This Print-on-Demand site sells art prints, and is juried. Artists can open a store there, upload images, sell their art online and receive a set amount per item ordered (see site for details.) They also sell limited editions.

ArtfullyReimagined – “Repurposed” is the key word on this site, which specializes in selling artwork that includes reused, repurposed or recycled materials, and take a 10% commission. This online art sales site is juried. They also offer mini-grants. See the prospectus on their site.

ArtGallery – (UK site) They claim to be a “leading destination for customers wishing to buy art online.” Two membership levels (one is free), with shopping cart function. They even text you when your art sells, which is pretty cool.

Art-GalleryWordwide – Offers three monthly account options to artists plus setup fee. Each artist gets a home page to upload images, which allows them to sell art online. Shopping cart provided.

ArtHog – Online gallery sells prints of your artwork. They market your art, you keep 60% on sales. They will also work with you on licensing. Submissions are juried. Free membership, submission and listing.

Articents – Handmade and vintage items are sold here. This site is very inexpensive, with no listing fees or commissions, and only a $5.00 monthly fee. Make your own storefront, sell your handmade items online, and even include videos if you like.

Artid – Online exhibition space where you can sell your art. Three membership levels, including one which is free. Each artist gets their own online gallery and blog. Artid offers an ebay selling option for premium members.

Artinvesta (Australian site) This site promotes itself as selling original art online on a global scale. They offer artists unlimited space to upload a portfolio, and take 10% plus Paypal fees from your sales. You can register as a seller for free.

ArtistBe – 2D Artists can create online portfolios here to sell original artwork online, or participate with this site to sell Print-on-Demand reproductions (artists get 15% of POD sales.)

Artistically Social – A blend of social networking and e-commerce, this new site is free to use. Create a profile, upload your images, and showcase your artwork to be sold online. Set your own prices; they take only 3.5% commission.

Artist-Listing – A “free showcase for visual artists,” this online gallery site has a free plan, or you can upgrade your page for $25 or $149 annual packages (custom built templates). This site does not include a shopping cart, but allows a portfolio and bio where you can list your own website to make sales.

Artists&Clients – This site handles commission work for artists. Upload your images, describe the type of work you do and set prices. When commission requests come in, you negotiate final price and receive 85%.

ArtistsInfo – A “global showcase” that drives visitors from their online gallery to your website to make sales of your art. Juried from information and images submitted on the site, an artist listing is £ 49.99. They claim to be the number one gallery on You Tube.

ArtistSites – Called “A Virtual Community of Artist Portfolios” this site is totally free to use. Artists can upload up to 25 portfolio images, and create a bio. Site visitors can comment or contact the artist. You can include a link to your own website as well to sell artwork online.
ArtistsToWatch – This greeting card company accepts submissions from artists who would like to sell their work in this format. They accept new artists quarterly. To apply, email them with your info and images.

Artkontrol – This artist portfolio website builder has art marketing benefits built in, so that you can market and sell your artwork online. Use their template, or have them customize a website for you. Now in Beta.

ArtLicensingShow – Interested in licensing your art to manufacturers? This is a meeting place where artists, agents and clients can meet, review portfolios, and is password-protected. Artist fees begin at $20 per month, paid annually. Juried.

Artmajeur – (European site) Claims to be the world’s largest fine art gallery. Upload your art to this site, and handle any online art sales directly with the buyers. Monthly fees apply, no commission is taken.

ArtMuse – A curated collection of art in all mediums. Submit your work for consideration free. Original art can be listed at no charge; images for prints have a $15.00 listing fee. Art is sold at pre-set price points; this is a Print-on-Demand site.

ArtofWhere – Print-on-Demand site featuring beanies, pillows, pencil cases and phone covers. Open a store here and sell your art online with offer a 3-tiered commission system.

Artomat – With this unique concept, old cigarette vending machines are converted into Art Vending Machines which dispense small works of 2D and 3D art. They are searching for new artists – link leads to the guidelines.

Artorca – A global online gallery that provides art buyers and artists with a modern platform to buy and sell artwork online in 190 countries! Sign up to create a free portfolio, no application forms, listing fees or subscription charges, only pay a commission on sales.

ArtPal – Fast-growing FREE gallery to sell art and buy art. No membership fees. You receive 95%-100% when they sell your art. ArtPal earns money only when they sell your art. Sell any type of art. ArtPal also has a free Print-on-Demand service.

ArtPharmacy – (Australian site) An online gallery that also holds pop-up shows around Sydney. Australian artists can submit their work; this site is juried.

ArtPickle – This site showcases contemporary artists and their original art. You can create your own website with them. Basic plans start at $30/year. Art shows and events are also listed on this site.

ArtPistol – (UK Site) This website advertises that they sell “original art and limited edition prints from both budding and recognized UK artists.” They sell art online as well as in pop up events, and sell to corporate clients. Artists list prices on the site, but shoppers are also allowed to make offers. Features a wedding registry. No upfront fees, but they take 25% commission.

Artplatform (UK Site) – This site sells artwork online while supporting charities. Depending on your chosen level of gifting, you may or may not receive payment. Fine art only. They encourage you to list your website and galleries than show your work.

Artplode – High quality international art sales site where galleries, dealers, artists and the public can buy and sell art online with NO COMMISSION charged. List your art for sale alongside works by Matisse and Warhol. Price per listing is only $60.

Artquid – Calling itself “The Art World Marketplace,” this international website sells fine art, antiques and fine craft in different mediums. Works on a set annual fee.

ArtsAdd – Sell paintings, illustrations and photography online on products through this Print-on-Demand provider. No fees; just upload your images. They create and drop ship products, and pay you the difference between their base price and your selling price.

Artsicle – Have you ever considered renting your art? This site specializes in residential and corporate art rentals, and renting art for staging apartments and homes for sale. If you are a New York City artist, find out more by contacting Dan(at) who runs this website.

ArtShow – This site provides websites for artists, as well as having an online art gallery for promotion. It is juried  – submit your images + $220 fee for setup and first year (refunded if you are not selected.)

ArtSlant – This popular art website allows artists to sell their work online using different arrangements, from listing your work yourself, to having ArtSlant get involved with making the sale. Marketing tools offered. Fees vary.

ArtSpan – Artists in any medium can build their own websites on ArtSpan, which boasts 4,000 member sites. Shopping carts and Print-on-Demand also available. Fees range from $14-$20 per month.

Art Specifier – Specializing in selling art to architects, designers, art consultants and galleries, art specifier is a juried site. Annual membership for artists is $100, with no other fees or commissions involved.

Artsper (French site) – Calling themselves “a marketplace for the sale of contemporary art online” they work with art galleries internationally to exhibit on their site and offer works from emerging and established artists. Juried.

ArtSquare – Connects artists to photographers in their local area, making it simple and affordable to get high-res images of artwork. Offers free cloud storage portfolios; easily manage and share your digital images across the web. They get you ready for selling prints, submitting to exhibitions, promoting your work online, and more.

ArtStorefronts – This provider has templates for your art website (with your own domain name). You site can be customized, and comes with a shopping cart for online art sales. Either fulfill your own orders, or use their Print on Demand service to sell. Monthly fees start at $19.

ArtStorm – This website is more a marketing service than a sales venue. For an annual fee (now $50) the owners of this site will show your work in their gallery, give you a profile and actively promote you as an artist on social media.

Artsy Home – Offering “Original Décor for Home Work and Life,” This website targets interior designers, commercial decorators, upscale homeowners & others with print catalogs as well as online art sales. Pay either 25% commission or $14.95 monthly fee.

ArtTraffic – (UK Site) Here’s where they claim you can “Buy the work of young or established artists & discover future talent.” Mediums include everything from sculpture to jewelry to prints. This site offers membership packages, and takes a commission when  you sell your art online.

ArtUnlocked (UK Site) – 100% original art from UK artists, sold online and at in-person events. They take 35% commission, no fees involved. This site is juried; submission form is on their site.

ArtWanted – This site allows artists to upload images and price their own work for online art sales. The artist can then fulfill orders for original art or reproductions on their own, or use ArtWanted’s Print-on-Demand services, where artwork can be printed on a selection of products. They take 15% commission.

ArtWeb – (UK site) – Has plans ranging from free to pro, no commission is taken on art sales. Artists can upload images on to their own profile pages. Shopping cart is provided.

ArtworkHeroes – (Danish site) This site runs monthly competitions, with winner’s art being sold online as limited editions. Artists receive 15% of the price of prints which are sold by this Print-On-Demand provider.

ArtyFest (UK Site) – This shopping site is all about “art on product” and prints art images on a number of items such as pillows, rugs, umbrellas and more. £7.50 per image is paid to the artist.

ArtZolo – (Indian Site) They sell original art, crafts and reproductions online. They are a Print-on-Demand provider with a program in place where artists earn a royalty on work sold.

AskArt – This comprehensive site has a huge database and lots to offer artists. Their online art marketplace allows you to upload a bio, resume, artist statement, and list your work for sale. Monthly plans run $16.50 – $59.50.

Atgom – (Indian site) Promoting traditional and contemporary art, this site is free to any Indian artist who wishes to participate and show their work. Contact them for listing and sales terms.

AxisWeb – (UK site) Create your own web shop here, and join museums, galleries and other artists selling their artwork online. Even has a bridal registry. Commission based.

A-Z Craze – Sell your art, crafts, vintage items or collectables here. Fee is $5 per month or $50 per year, OR 5% commission on sales. No listing fees.

b-uncut – Billing themselves as “The Art Exchange,” this site serves creative directors, curators, art consultants and others matching their projects with artists who place bids. 20% commission rate when sales are made.

Behance – This popular online platform for creatives allows you to upload your art to an online gallery with a personalized URL. “Work for Sale” is a category where artists can use shopping cart function to sell.

Bidsvilla – (Indian site) Calling themselves a “gallery of galleries”, they collaborate to bring artworks already juried by gallery owners in India online to make art sales. They charge 15% commission.

Big Cartel – “Bringing the Art to the Cart” is the mission here, where over 250,000 online stores have been opened by creatives. Pricing runs from free to about $30 per month with no long-term commitment. Brand and customize your own online shop to sell your art.

BluCats – This site specializes in handmade products ranging from art to jewelry, accessories, children’s items and more. No membership fees. List up to 10 items for 2 months. Sales fee is 8%.

Boheman – An up-and-coming marketplace for creative people and small brands. Based on a voting system that brings the most popular products to the top of the site to be easily found by consumers. Free to join. They take a 5% commission on online art sales.

Bonanza – This site sells everything, not just art – and claims to have 4 million items for sale. You can import items from Etsy to Bonanza free of charge. Listing is free – a percentage is taken from the cost of items that sell.

BoomBoom Prints – Sell your family friendly art on dozens of products including wall décor, clothing, and accessories.  It is completely free and BoomBoom Prints takes care of all printing, shipping, and customer service.  Create your store, set your prices, and begin selling today! Follow the link to learn more.”

Boticca – Jewelry and fashion accessories marketplace for aspiring designers. This site is juried. Upon approval, set up your shop, upload images and sell your handmade work online. No membership fee – they take 30% commission on sales.

Brika – this e-commerce site focuses on House and Home, Jewelry, Accessories, Paper Goods and Baby Items. You must apply to become a “maker” on the site. Email them for terms.

Bucketfeet – Would your artwork look just perfect on a pair of shoes? This site offers cool sneakers with a variety of designs. Jury by sending an email to info(at) with your portfolio.

BuyCheapArt – This site features artwork under $1,000. List your work here by purchasing credits (.40 per listing) or earning them. They focus on local classifieds to sell.

BuyCoolArt – Like a Pinterest board with prices, this free website is super easy to use. Just create an account, and upload your artwork images with prices that you set. One click takes the reader right to your own website, where you can sell your artwork directly online to the customer.

ByLocalArtists – Increase your visibility and art sales in this creative marketplace – Register, create your biography and list your original art, fashion, furniture and textiles for free, no membership fees. 3% commission on sales plus PayPal’s fee. Social sharing and no expiration on listings. Your buyers purchase directly through the site.

Canvas River (Australian site) – This juried site specializes in selling hand painted and canvas reproductions of work licensed from artists online. Their collection varies widely. To be considered, contact them through the website.

Café Press – Print-on-Demand site has two options – start your own online art store, or upload designs only without the hassle of managing a shopfront. They set base prices for each item, which you mark up for your “royalty”. Fees are 10% of royalties.

Cargoh – Calling themselves a “social marketplace for independent art, design + culture,” Cargoh is a juried and curated site where you can sell art online. Upon acceptance, there is an 8% commission on sales. No other fees.

Centerpoint Art Project : When you store your art inventory data with Centerpoint, they include several creative e-commerce features designed to help artists sell online. You can personalize your sales approach for originals and limited editions and it will instantly sync your inventory with your website.

CollegeArtOnline – Sellers must be attending art school, or be a recent grad or professor (with an .edu email address unless otherwise approved) to list their artwork on this site and sell online. 25% commission is taken when your art sells – no other fees apply.

ColourInYourLife – (Australian Site) Sells original, prints and limited edition art online. Artists get their own shop. Fill in online submission form, and they will respond with best pricing for your work and commission details.

ContemporaryArtGalleryOnline – Juried site, which helps artists market and sell their work online, and has a shopping cart. 2D work only. Markets to trade professionals; also features competitions.

Coriandr – (UK Site) They state that “anything handmade and creative can be sold on Coriandr.” No membership fee. The cost to list per item is 20p plus 2.5% commission on sales. Easy to set up your own shop page, and listings never expire.

CraftIsArt – Focusing on handcrafted and vintage goods and supplies, this site offers pay-as-you-go and premium packages to sell your work online.

CraftGawker – Curated craft photo gallery linking through to craft blogger sites from around the world. Submissions are moderated. Lure visitors to your own site where you sell your crafts online.

CraftJuice – Though not strictly for sellers, this curatorial site will link through images to any site. Submit a photo of your craft from any other site and promote through CraftJuice, then sell through your other shopping cart. Votes get your work on the front page of this site.

Crafterstown – Small website featuring different craft items for sale online. Monthly fee from free to $9.99, and no listing fees. Free plan has a small transaction fee.

Craftori – Art, craft, vintage and more can be submitted to this curated site. Links through to your sales venue, where you sell art online direct to the customer. Pay to feature your work on their front page or in Supplies category or Gift Guide.

 CraftStar – Run by craftspeople, this site has a $5.00 monthly membership fee, and no listing fees. Very helpful forum and customer service here.

CraftyMagpie – (UK Site) This website sells “handmade gifts, cards and craft supplies” and features British products only. Fee to join is £35 and all items are sold on a 10% commission basis. They offer seller’s forum and support.

Craigslist – Believe it or not, you can sell art on Craigslist, which contains about everything else in the world. Artists can advertise free to solicit commissions, or sell their art or craft online directly. Beware of scam buyers on this site.

Crated – This website helps artists sell photography and digital artwork online. Upload artwork to your own online gallery. No transaction fees. They take 20% commission on art sales.

CreativeMarket – This site is for graphic artists to sell graphics, logos, themes, etc online. Artists set their own prices and keep 70% of each sale. They do not require an exclusive on any designs.

CreativeStores – (UK site) Based in England but doing business worldwide, this site proclaims, “You may sell handmade goods, crafts, creations, gifts (that are inline with other items on the website), craft supplies, digital downloads e.g. pdf files for patterns.” Monthly fee with three package options.

Crevado – The super-simple way to showcase your artwork online. Jam-packed with powerful features; mobile/tablet friendly, social sharing, custom domains, blog integration & more.

CustomizedGirl – Print-on-Demond apparel retailer, with storefronts where artists can upload art to be placed on tees, tanks and more and sell online. Artists earns royalties between 10 – 16% of each sale.

CustomMade – This website seeks artists and craftspeople to match with buyers who would like custom work created for them. Consumers post requests, and bids are taken from makers. Once a custom piece of work is made and shipped, CustomMade takes a 10% commission.

DailyPainters – Large gallery of art is searchable, and links buyers through to your own website where you can make the art sale online yourself. This site is juried, and they are seeking prolific artists with a unique style who are also bloggers.

DailyPaintWorks – This popular site has a large variety of new 2D art offered every day. They help you sell original art online. Join them for $12.95 per month, which entitles you to upload any number of images you like.

DargerHQ – Their mission is “to provide an influential platform for presenting important, emerging artists’ work to new collectors” and a limited number of artists are featured on this site, with artwork for sale online and a shopping cart. Juried ($10 fee) If accepted, any artwork sold is subject to 30% commission.

D’Art Fine Art – Large online art gallery of work, with memberships available ranging from approximately $15-$30 per month. Offers marketing tools. Connects buyers with artists, and allows bids; also has shopping cart function.

DaWanda – This site promotes that it sells “Products with Love” and specializes in unique or limited edition, handmade, customizable and tailor-made work from small creative businesses. Create your own shop – no fees, 5% commission.

DegreeArt – (UK Site) Students and recent graduates can submit their work for consideration to this site, which has an online venue as well as a London gallery where they may put your work in a solo or group show, and promote you to the press. They require an initial fee of £75.

DENYDesign – This home furnishings company creates Print-on-Demand pillows, bed linens, shower curtains, wall art and more. Does your work need to be in this collection? This is a juried site.

Deviant Art – With 80 million pieces of art onsite, this behemoth is the largest social network for artists. It’s a platform that allows emerging and established artists to exhibit, promote, and share their works, including selling art prints online. Prints are base price; set your selling price to include a royalty for your payment.

Docent – Selling “affordable art to the carefree collector,” this site features original artworks and limited edition archival prints. They have monthly exhibitions and flash sales on the site as well. Juried. Complete form on site for more info.

Dossiae – This site provides a place for artists, designers, etc. to list their services in a directory, which is searchable. Sell your work  by being discovered by local online shoppers.

DPCPrints – Register for the DPChallenge, and you will have an online profile where you can upload your scanned photographs, scanned paintings and drawings, and digital artwork. This is a Print-on-Demand site. Artists pay $25.00 per year membership plus the base price of all prints. Set your own prices, and split profits with them.

DreamUp – A site for illustrators, graphic, tattoo and character designers, etc. You must have a DeviantART portfolio to apply. Site is juried. Object is to upload your portfolio and connect with clients looking for your services. $10 listing fee plus 15% transaction fee on each project.

Dunked – Create an online art portfolio on this website, using their templates, and even keep your own domain name. They have a clean contemporary look, are mobile-friendly and offer great features to the user. Rates range from $6 – $19 per month.

Easely – Buying art online is tough because customers can’t see it in person before purchase. Easely delivers unparalleled value by letting customers rent limited edition prints before purchase. Value for customers translates to sales for you. Curated site. They market, print, and ship your works with no cost/hassle to you.

EasyArt – (UK Site) This POD vendor sells reproductions of artists’ work from submitted digital files (one-time fee for uploading), and pays 10% commission to the artist. They set prices based on substrate. Not currently accepting new artists (as of 4/13) but they advertise upcoming “Easy Art Academy”.

Ebay – The big kahuna of marketplaces, Ebay is a place where you can sell art online as well as anything else on the planet. Although it may not be the first choice of most artists, others may find a niche where they can do well here. Listing and transaction fees apply.

EBSQArt – This site for “self-representing artists” allows you to create an online presence that links through to your art websites where you have a shopping cart. EBSQ focuses on its built-in social networking tools to spread the word about your work. Membership based, $8.95 per month.

eCrater – E-commerce store platform to sell your art or crafts online. Free to set up shop, they take a 2.9% “marketplace fee” on sales. They offer store hosting, shopping cart and even a community forum to talk with other sellers. You can import items from your eBay store here.

Envelop – This is a European site for designers to upload designs to be printed on textiles and sold as pillows, totes, aprons, etc. Submissions are juried. Artists receive a portion of the sale price.

Etsy – This is the well-known 800 lb. gorilla, where artists and craftspeople can open a shop to sell art or crafts online. Vintage goods and supplies also allowed. Etsy offers support communities and lots of help selling. Listing and transaction fees apply.

EtsyWholesale – This site is for artists who are experienced in selling art or craft online wholesale to retailers. This new platform uses the power of Etsy to reach retailers who want to purchase handmade goods for their stores. Artists must apply to be vendors.

Exsibit – (UK Site) Built “for artists by artists”  Exsibit allows you to upload your images and publishes your work to social media sites. They also provide a shopping cart. Plans start at €15 per month.

EyesOnWalls – Canadian art company selling original art, prints and textiles online. Very selective group of artists they work with exclusively. Artists must have large enough body of work, have a following and fit their “look.” Submit images or a link to your site to them through email.

Ezebee –  A platform for designers, handmade manufacturers and micro-companies all over the world, this site is 100% free. Create your own showroom and start selling your art or craft online. Very interactive with social media.

Fab – Fab sells many things besides art (they call it a “compelling marketplace for everyday design”), but they are willing to look at a submission of your work should you want to be considered. Apply right here.

Facebook – yes, one of your favorite social networks can also be your online art store. Use Heyo to create a really cool customized Facebook page, with a shopping cart too.

FarmMade –  Filling a niche, FarmMade claims that farmers (and they have a broad definition) can set up shop, but you will see quilts, paintings, handmade soaps and other items on this site. Seller accounts are $5.00 per month plus 5% commission. A Paypal account is needed.

FindYourCool – Juried site for selling original art, limited edition prints, and fine crafts. They offer services and marketing and create a profile page for the artist. No listing fees. They take 40% commission on sales.

FineArtStudioOnline – A favorite place for artists to create their own professional art website (with your own URL), get marketing help, integrate a blog and social media. Monthly fee $8-$40.

FineArtAmerica – Build an art profile page, then promote and sell your work on paper or stretched canvas from this Print on Demand provider. Provides marketing help and an embedded shopping cart on your own website.

FolioTwist – Their platform provides artists a website and blog, marketing help and more. Monthly fees $25-$40 for the package.

Folksy – (UK site) Featuring modern British craft, this site has online stores for artists to list and sell their work. Pay-as-you-go and monthly plans available.

FotoMoto – A Print-on-demand e-commerce widget that integrates seamlessly into your existing website. They take care of printing, packing, and shipping orders to your customers. Pay per transaction and monthly fee programs.

FoundMyself – Free for artists to upload images; no commission taken. Sales are handled between the buyer and seller only, not the site. “Honor system” asks artists to contribute what they feel is fair when sales are made.

FrontPorchArt – This site brands itself as a “laid-back art market” for Southern art. Juried; you list at least five pieces for sale, with no listing fees. They take 40% of the sale.

Fusaro – Online marketplace for fine art, craft, jewelry and more. Open your shop here; they provide the shopping cart and promote internationally. You as the seller keep up to 80% of the sales price.

Gallerish – Free to artists, this site allows you to upload images, bio, etc. Visitors are directed to artists by email, or can use PayPal to purchase.

Gallerizt – Social media platform for artists. Apply to join, upload images and create your profile. This site allows you to present your work and link to your website and other social media sites to cultivate sales.

GalleryToday – Connects artists with buyers to sell original signed paintings internationally. They offer a guarantee that every painting will arrive in perfect condition. Juried. To apply, check their website for submission email and instructions.

GenerousArt – As the name implies, this site allows art to be sold and charities benefit, percentage of the sale price is donated to the charity of your choice, and a percentage goes to the artist and to Generous Art. Juried, see site for details.

GiftWrappedAndGorgeous (UK Site) – Online boutique for gifts, jewelry and artwork. This site is curated – application is available on their site.

GLCCraftMall – Specializing in handmade crafts. Open up your storefront here for fees ranging from free to $12.00 depending on the number of listings you have. No commissions are taken.

GotArtWork – Artists can sell originals or reproductions here. This is a Print-on-Demand site, with monthly plans ranging from free to several hundred dollars.

GreetingCardUniverse – Create a greeting card store on this site for free and upload your images. They are a Print on Demand vendor, and artists make 35 cents per card sold.

Gumroad – Originally created to sell digital products, Gumroad now allows sellers to list physical products. You provide a link to the item, and they receive payment. No store needed, this site does allow you to communicate directly with customers.

HandmadeArtists – A very active community as well as a venue to sell art or craft. No commissions are taken – $5.00 monthly subscription, they provide a shopping cart.

Handmadeology – This site is a place to get exposure for your art or craft, but does not actually have its own shopping cart.  Uploading your images is free. Your item description has links to your website, social media, and other places to buy (such as your Etsy shop). Feature your work on Handmadeology’s front page for $5.00.

HarnGallery – This site is a curated marketplace for affordable, original art. Artists simply register and upload their images. When sales are made, the artist ships the work, and retains 80% of the purchase price.

HireAnIllustrator (UK Site) – Currently representing over 400 illustrators, this website has portfolio pages for each, and also promotes through direct mail. If accepted, you can upload unlimited images of your work. They match incoming jobs with artists. Membership starts at £3.99 per week.

HouseOfSass – This site is based on a “hotel” theme where each artist is given a room to present their work. They are currently offering six months free, and then have monthly plans from $7.95 – $15.95 depending on how many products are listed. No commissions.

Houzz – Is your work just right for interiors? Houzz has the largest residential design database in the world. Create your profile under “Artists and Artisans” in the Pro section here and upload images of your work. It’s free.

IAmAttitude – This site is an alternative fashion marketplace, and they are seeking edgy clothing and accessories from designers and artists. Fill out an application, and when approved, list your items free. They take 5% commission on sales.

iCraft – (Canadian Site) Sells the handmade work of artists globally. $25 registration fee, and monthly fees of $5.00 to $15.00 depending on how many images your upload.

IllustrationMundo – This site was “created to provide illustrators a free means to get their work discovered by art directors, creative directors and other people in the industry…” Helpful articles and forum.

ImageKind – Print-on-Demand. Join free, customize your own storefront. Fees range from free to $95 per year. Set your own retail prices; they charge base price and pay you the rest.

InAFlashLaser – An online engraving and laser cutting service. Add your original artwork to many products, including glass, metal, plastic, stone and wood. They offer an e-commerce platform that integrates into your own website and allows you to sell.

IndieMade – Their pitch is that they help crafters, artists, photographes, DIYers, and artisans of all types easily produce creative websites. Monthly fees start as low as $4.95 (no long-term commitment) and you can even get a 30-day free trial.

InksterInc – This Print-on-Demand site offers t-shirts designed by member artists. Apply to be included in their group of artists by sharing your images or website URL. Create your page showing your art for purchase by the public. T-shirts retail for $20, and artists get $5 on each sale through Paypal.

InkyGoodness (UK Site) – Showcases new and emerging talent in illustration, character design and lowbrow art. Offers opportunities for artists to network and have their work displayed and promoted. Email them if you are interested in submitting your work for consideration.

InPRNT – This site sells giclees. Juried submission process of sending three of your best pieces for review. Inquire about costs.

Instaprints – a Fine Art America site, Instaprints allows you to sell your Instagram photos as prints on different substrates, greeting cards, etc. This is a Print-on-Demand site. Artists can join free or pay $30 for a premium plan. They take no commission on originals or prints (unless you want them to print them). Many more services – check their website for more.

InTheRound (Australian site) – They accept submissions of art in all mediums that is round or spherical in shape. Juried site. Contact them for terms.

JewelSpan – A sister site to ArtSpan, this vendor caters to artists selling handcrafted jewelry. Artists get a pretty sharp website with shopping cart, blog and even videos about their work. Intro price is $99/year plus 10% commission on sales. No listing fees. Sales to buyers going directly to member site URL incur no commission.

JuicyCanvas – This website features contemporary art, with a catalog of limited edition pieces, which can be re-mixed by the customer. This Print on Demand provider prints canvasses, t-shirts, totes, baby clothes and more. Submit your portfolio through email to be considered.

JustAnotherArtGallery – (UK Site) For artists and photographers. You can sell originals here (retaining 65% of the price) and reproductions (retaining 20% of the price) through this website. They even photograph  your work free of charge!

Keep – A curated site where you can “keep” images from the web (like Pinterest), including your work from third part sites like Etsy. This site has a “Buy” button which guides visitors to your own online shopping cart.

Kradl – This site is billed as a hub “for sharing your creative passion” and is a place to show your artwork, connect on social media and also make sales. It’s free to register and upload your artwork. They take 5% commission on sales + credit card processing fees only.

LokoFoto – (UK Site) This site offers local photographs of many areas of the world. Submit your photos, which are voted up or down by the community. You set the price, and they keep 40% for production the prints and shipping out the photos to customers.

Luulla – Calling itself “The Marketplace for Unique Products” Luulla offers artists a monthly plan for $9.90 plus 3% selling fee, or a pay-as-you-go option with listing fees and the selling fee. They promote your work to social media as well.

MadeByHandOnline – (UK Site) British and Irish craftspeople are welcome to apply. This site is juried, and has an active community and directory, and actively markets their makers. They take 22% commission on sales.

MadeInPembrokeshire – (UK Site) Features handmade gift items, jewelry, art and more from artists and artisans from Pembrokeshire in Wales. Contact site admin for information if you are in that area.

MadeIt – Australian site for handmade goods. This marketplace charges vendors .35 per listing plus 4.5% commission on sales. No membership fees.

MadeItMyself – Upload your images, and either set a price or negotiate with buyers. They provide a shopping cart. Listing fee and commission applies.

MakersMarket – This site sells handcrafted goods made in America, especially organic, sustainable and ethically produced items. Makers who wholesale may find this a good place to sell their crafts online – wholesale price is paid by the site, with merchandise drop-shipped to customers. Apply to be considered as a vendor.

Meylah – Open a store for your artwork or handmade goods, or even create a curated marketplace. They offer support and marketing help. No upfront fees, only a 2.75% commission on sales.

MadeByHandsOfBritain – (UK Site) Not exclusively for artists, this site has listings as diverse as gifts, construction services and catering – anything done by hand by “Makers.”

Minted – They are a Print on Demand vendor selling holiday and Christmas cards, and wedding and party invitations. Submit your design here, and fans will vote on it. Winners get cash prizes, and the rights to sell their designs on the site.

Miratis – (UK Site) Designers may apply to this site to have their work juried. All items for sale are handcrafted ceramics, silver, glass, textiles and more. Contact Miratis for cost details.

MISI – (UK Site) MISI, or “Make It, Sell It” is an online platform to sell handmade crafts, vintage items and supplies. Listing fee plus 3% commission on sales.

Modalyst – This website is for designers who want to sell wholesale to retailers. They provide the “virtual showroom” and allow retailers to meet minimum orders through purchasing from more than one vendor. Designers pay them a percentage; contact for details.

MyBestCanvas – Sells original paintings, to an international audience. Customer gets directly in touch with the artist; no commission is taken. $50 annual fee to upload your images and become a seller.
MyEmporium  (Australian site) – Showcases a big variety of Australian artisans, selling art and handcrafted work. They also solicit commissions for the artist. No listing or transaction fees. They take sales commission. Juried, application on site.

MySoti – Print-on-Demand site specializing in t-shirts, lampshades, and art reproductions. Upload your designs for free, and choose your markup. They pay you the amount of basic cost for items they print.

NewBloodArt – (UK Site) Representing early and mid-career artists, this juried site focuses on selling originals. You determine the selling price, and they take a commission.

NextDayArt – NextDayArt are artist agents, who represents artists to manufacturers for licensing purposes. This is accomplished through their website and trade shows. They accept submissions from artists through email – see the site for details.

NotMassProduced – (UK Site) All artisans applying to have a store on this site are vetted. Upload your images, and ship your goods. They provide a shopping cart. Curiously, their management doesn’t reveal their fees on the site, only saying, “you can start trading very quickly at a reasonable cost.”

NotOnTheHighStreet – (UK Site) Curated site promoting small businesses in the UK and Ireland. They list and sell products on their site, and you drop ship to customers. One time joining fee, ask for details.

Nuvango – This company produces skins for all types of devices, from laptops to phones to e-readers, and also art prints and canvasses. They will accept email submissions from artists wishing to license their designs – see website for details.

Nuzart – (European Site) This is a Print-on-Demand site, so originals and limited editions don’t sell here. Upload your images and set your price. You collect the percentage over the base price of the reproductions.

OArtTee – This Print On Demand T-shirt company encourages artists who work with inks, digital illustration or creative photography to upload your designs on their site. Artists get their own gallery page, and receive a commission from sales (not specified).

OffTheEasel – a mobile portfolio app built specifically for artists. The app makes it easy to create and manage a professional art portfolio website, as well as share and promote the art.

OneOfAHundred – The site gives designers the chance to do what they do best. Simply create, and they do the rest. Set up a profile with products and submit to the team, who are curating this platform of juried works. Listing and marketing are free; commission is 20%.

OpenSky – Open a storefront here, and you receive a percentage of the sale (up to 100%) when you drive traffic to your item through social media. Customers are incentivized to also share to earn points for shopping credits.

OriginalArtUnder100 – (UK Site) A simple, no-nonsense original art website where all the featured work is priced under £100. Artists sell direct and commission free to buyers with free 4 month trial. If they decide to stay beyond their trial period, they pay £20 per year, or £12 for 6 months. Artists also get a free link to their website and their own URL gallery page.

Personalise – (UK Site) Do you make items that can be personalised? This site might be just right for your work. They feature work from small manufacturers and craftspeople. Contact them with recommended retail prices, trade prices + turnaround time for consideration.

Pictorem – They print art image on canvas, and also have a section on their site where artists may sell directly to the public. No fees to upload your images. You set your price, and they add their printing costs to arrive at the final sales price for your work.

Pinterest – This super-popular website allows you to create collections by “pinning” images around the web which click through to the original site. Have an item to sell, on Etsy, or anywhere else? List the price when you pin your item – a click on the photo will take the shopper through to your own site where you can make the sale. Priced items show up in their “Gifts” section.

Pixels – Part of Fine Art America, Pixels is “the premier online marketplace for buying and selling fine art prints and originals” and offers a huge array of services and options for artists. You can open an account and an artist’s store there free, or get more options for $30 per year.
PixelTakeaway (UK Site)  – Artists, illustrators and graphic designers connect on this site with customers looking for art for business cards, logos, portraits, etc. Upload your portfolio, list prices and accept jobs you want to accept as they become available. They take 10% commission.

Pixpa – Created for photographers, artists and designers, Pixpa gives you a portfolio site with a built-in shopping cart provided by FotoMoto. If you have a blog and need a place to show large, gorgeous photos of your work, this might be it. Monthly plans start at $10.

Plovist (Indian site) Any artist can join free. No upfront charges, simpy upload your images and sell your work. You set the price, drop ship the art, and they take 30% commission as their fee.

Poppito – (UK Site) Describing themselves as “an online market place providing greater opportunities for makers of quality handmade goods and growers of homegrown produce,” Poppito sells credits which are exchanged for listing your items.

PoppyArts – Based out of a brick and mortar, this site sells jewelry, fine craft and art, this site features about 200 artists and is juried. They buy wholesale from the artist.

Portraity – Are you a portrait artist or photographer? This site aims to connect artists and clients who want commissioned portraits made. Artists upload their portfolio onto the site and a “contact” button puts potential clients in touch with you. Currently in Beta and offering free memberships.

Printio – This Print on Demand provider creates products of all types with your art on them, and interfaces with your own e-commerce site. Just use their plugin to generate revenue for your work.

PrintPop – This Print-on-Demand site claims to be for aspiring/emerging, “struggling,” part-time, hobbyist, or student artists” to sell poster-sized print reproductions of their work. Artist earns 15% royalty from each item.

PrintsOnWood – Print-on-Demand site that creates art prints on wood, using fine art or photography that you submit. $5.00 fee to sign up and become a vendor on this site.

RaveNectar – This site offers “Crazy/Beautiful Clothing All Designed by Independent Artists” – clothing is produced through sublimation printing by the Print on Demand provider. Artists take 20% of each sale. Submit an application to be considered.

RebelsMarket  – This site claims to be the “No. 1 alternative community for buying & selling anti-mainstream items for subcultural lifestyles such as goth, steampunk, rockabilly, pinup, tattoos & more.” Fit your work? Open a free store – they take 15% commission. Juried to make sure your designs are rebellious enough.

RedBubble – Print-on-Demand site featuring posters, prints, t-shirts, cards and more. They have set base prices, and you collect the markup that you choose. 

RiseArt  – (UK Site)  Artists can create a profile here and submit their work, which is ranked by votes from the Rise Art community. Chosen artists are promoted, and work may be commissioned by Rise Art, or sold on the site. Totally free to use.

SaatchiOnline – Upload your images, sell originals and prints. Artist retains 70% of purchase price.

SableAndOx – (UK Site) This website offers a service “allowing artists to showcase their impressive portfolio of work and giving customers the chance to browse and buy exquisite exclusive pieces of art all on our innovative online gallery.” They take a commission percentage (not specified on site).

SavvyArtMarket – (Canadian site) Sell or rent your artwork on this site. Join and set up your profile, upload your images. Artists set their own prices. Their commission is 25% of sales and 50% of rental fees.

ScoutMob – This site is all about local, and features a “shoppe” to buy art and handmade items. Choose your favorite city on their list, and see locally made work (they even have their own app.) You can apply to be one of their local “makers” by contacting them through the site.

SculptSite – Sculpture-only site, buyers purchase directly from the artist. This site is juried. No commissions, you pay a fee ranging from $0 – $99 per year. They give marketing assistance.

SeekingDesigners – This site has a marketplace which is mostly oriented to fashion, accessories and home. Not strictly handmade. They jury submissions to be part of their group of designers. Monthly fees range from about $11-$30 per month.

SeeMe Art Market – This is the e-commerce part of the website for creatives. Upload your images and they produce and ship t-shirts or postcards, earning a set fee for each.

Sellpin – Their tagline is “If you can pin it on Pinterest, You can sell it on SellPin” and they offer a place to list your work to sell when referred through Pinterest. Easy to log in with Facebook. Free to list, they take 7% fee on sales.

SellUrArt – This website sells your artwork as a poster. One dollar subscription for a year. If your poster sells, you get a percentage of the sale. SellUrArt will sell art on their own website along as auction sites like eBay.

ShopHandmade – You can set up a store here to sell anything handmade, although their home page shows some manufactured items – for example, you can literally buy a GPS for your car. Their stores are “100% fee free,” and they literally collect donations to keep going. Yes, that’s right – donations.

SiOTTGallery (UK Site) Juried gallery site offering online exposure, and also invites artists to show at Art Fairs or Events. Annual fee of £50. They take 35% commission on sales.

Skreened – Print-on-Demand t-shirt site. Any site visitor can make a custom-made shirt, or can purchase available designs. That’s where you come in – upload your artwork and create your own shop. Choose your own price, you make everything above base prices charged by the site.

 Smitsy – Juried site with no membership or listing fees. They take a 35% commission from sales of art. Bio of artist shown (which you can update), and shopping cart on site.

Society6 – Print-on-Demand site, featuring prints, canvases, iPhone cases, hoodies and more. Upload your artwork, and set your price. You receive payment for everything over the base price of their products.

Sourcing Handmade is an online platform to help artists and makers sell their products wholesale. Password protected area for legitimate wholesale buyers to purchase right on the site. Pricing is on an annual basis, and ranges from $99 to $379.

SpartaApp – Join Sparta and download their phone app to display your work and connect with collectors. Your artwork links directly to your website. No commission; plans start from a free level to $29 per month.

Spoonflower – Known for printing custom fabric for designers, this site is Print-on-Demand and prints your work on textiles, wallpaper and decals. They claim to offer the largest collection of independent fabric designers in the world. Artists receive 10% of sale price.

Spreadshirt – Open your own t-shirt shop online, featuring your designs. No cost to set up. This Print-on-Demand vendor pays you an agreed upon royalty on each sale.

Spreesy – Sell your art directly on Instagram! Super easy service makes Instagram selling a breeze. Just add the price and quantity to your Instagram post, and your followers can purchase by commenting their email address! Spreesy is completely free.

SquareMarket – Created by the people who offer the Square card reader, it is not for art or craft only. This popular marketplace offers free online stores, and has a very clean contemporary look. They take 2.75% of every sale.

StateOfTheArtGallery – A juried site for Australian artists that focuses specifically on promoting, marketing and selling original art by fine art students and graduates, as well as selected emerging artists. Artist in any 2D medium can submit.

StoreEnvy – Not only for artists and craftspeople, this is a very popular e-commerce solution for listing your work (and they do have an Art category). Set up  a free shop here, or use your own domain for $4.99, and even tie your shop to your Facebook page. Site visitors can “Envy” your work at the click of a button – getting it featured on the “Popular” page.

StudioVisit – This site charges no fees, but takes donations. Their concept is to introduce artists to the public by listing and encouraging in-person studio visits. Start a profile page, upload your studio address and a photo. Art lovers can book a time to visit you through an onsite calendar.

SuperMarket – This website offers a curated collection of work, which is juried. They ask for submissions via email. Create a store and upload your images. You get paid for your work directly through PayPal, and pay them a commission monthly.

Tattoodo – Want to design custom tattoos and sell them? This website allows consumers to request customized tattoos through contests where artists submit their interpretation, and designs evolve. Winners receive from $100 – $300 per design depending upon contest parameters. No cost to get started.

TeeFury – Submit your design for a T-shirt, and if accepted, your design becomes a very limited edition, available for 24 hours, and selling for $10.00.  The artist gets $1.00 per shirt sold, and keeps the rights to the design.

Teespring – This print-on-demand provider (not only for artists) lets you design a tee-shirt, name your price, and promote your campaign to sell as many upfront as possible. Great for partnering with a cause! Artist makes the profit after manufacturing and shipping costs are calculated.

TheArtfulProject – Claiming to be “the new home of affordable art” this site specializes in photography. They have a juried submission process outlined on their site.

TheCommons – They sell a curated collection of American made goods online, and their specialty is home and kitchen items. Artists who fit the bill may get in touch with them to be considered as a vendor.

TheCraftersBarn – (UK Site) Handcrafted goods are sold on this website, which dubs itself a “co-op” and has a very low monthly fee with no commissions taken. Includes shopping cart.

The FunkyArtGallery – (UK Site) Featuring contemporary, funky, urban and pop art, this online venue sells originals and limited editions only. Juried for “originality, quality and funkiness.” Artists paying joining fee of £50 plus 33% commission.

TheMatBoard – A Pinterest-type site, you can “mat” images that you find online, including your own portfolio. Then, share on social media. Your work can be grouped into collections, and you are notified when other people comment. Since clicking on an image takes the viewer to the original site, you can lead potential customers to your website.

TheNamelessGallery – (UK Site) Calling itself “The Emerging Artists Digital Cork Board”, The Nameless Gallery invites artists to create a profile with images of their work and links to their website and social media. They charge £7 for five months presence on the site.

ThePlace4Art  (UK Site) – Billing themselves “The UK’s Leading Website for Selling Your Art,” this provider allows artists, galleries and art owners to list art for sale. Originals, limited editions and sculpture welcome. There is a listing fee, however all transactions are between buyer and seller exclusively and not handled by this site.

ThePrintersInc (UK Site) – A new type of Print-on-Demand offering that allows artists to sell art or photography from any website or blog via embeddable widgets and plugins that provide shopping carts. Set your own price for your work; they take a base rate per item for printing and shipping to the customer. No upfront costs or hidden fees.

TheUntappedSource – Print-on-Demand site which sells reproductions and prints; they offer memberships ranging from free to about $8 per month. You price your work and collect any amount over their base prices.

TheWeddingMile – If your work fits into the wedding market, you can become a seller here for a monthly subscription of $9.95. They offer support and training, and a bridal registry, of course!

ThisIsALimitedEdition – (UK Site) This site sells work from artists in the UK as limited edition art, art prints, canvas prints and limited edition homewares. They sell retail and also wholesale to retailers. Predominantly invitation only, but they do have a submission form for artists.

Threadless – Create a design, and submit it to this site. The Threadless community votes to choose the very best, which will become t-shirts for sale in their marketplace. What do the design winners get? A $2,000.00 prize.

ThreeDayGallery – Every 24 hours, they showcase one new piece of artwork.. For 72 hours, each of 3 prints shown on the site is a part of their flash sale, where the prints are sold at a discount. Following the sale, the print is added to their permanent collection, all of which can be purchased at a price named by the artist.

ThumbtackPress – POD site creating paper, giclee and canvas open edition prints. Artists can submit three works to be considered. They ask that images sold on their site not be listed on others. Contact them for costs.

Tint Art – (UK Site) A new site collective promoting the work of artists and photographers, Tint Art is still in development, but wants your input on fantastic photographers for their site. Let them know by contacting

TopHatter – Virtual auction house. Create a listing, which is put on the block and sold to the highest bidder. You do pay a listing fee and a commission fee when the item is sold, although these vary from 5% – 15% of the selling price.

Touchtalent – Social network and gallery to sell your work, or participate in auctions and exhibitions. Upload your artwork and participate in the interactive community – a pro membership is needed to sell. See site for details.

TrilliumGallery – An artist’s community where work is shown and sold. Artists are invited – but you can ask to become a part of their gallery, too. Contact Maureen at

Twitter – Promote your work on Twitter, using Twitpic to show photos, and list an auction, or simply a sale price. You can coordinate this with a Facebook auction of your work, or link to an auction on your website, and take bids. Twitter is also a great place to cross-promote your work for sale on any other site.

UGallery – Billed as “a curated online art gallery for the nation’s top mid-career and emerging artists,” this site is juried. They split the selling price 50/50 with the artist, and do extensive marketing.

Uncommon Goods – This site sells “unique gifts and creative design.” Submit your images to them in an online application, and their buyers and community will evaluate to see if you are accepted. This site is not exclusively art or craft related, but offers clothing, accessories and home items as well.

UnderTheRainbow – An online craft mall, where you can sell your work retail. They claim to screen for authenticity. No monthly fees, pay per listing. They provide a shopping cart.

UndiscoveredArtist (UK Site) – Free to list up to 10 images of your work, or unlimited if you create a portfolio page. They mark every piece up 4% for VAT tax, and take 20% commission on sales.

Vango – The most unique online original art marketplace.  By simply taking a picture of their space, buyers receive recommendations and see the art in situ. Vango removes the pain of pricing by limiting it to five price points under $2000. And the best part is artists keep 80%!

Vault17 – Vault17 is a traditional art gallery, there is no shopping cart, sales are done on a personal level. Apart from their permanent exhibition space in the heart of Amsterdam, they present high quality online art exhibitions. Common gallery and representation commissions are kept, between 35% and 50%.

WallHop – (Canadian site) Canada’s largest online gallery for the sale of original art. This site is juried – submit  your work to submissions (at) for consideration. They take 50% commission on each sale, and cover all shipping and insurance costs.

WallSpaceExchange – This site connects artists with businesses such as salons, restaurants, bars and cafes. The business agrees to display the artist’s work and arranges a commission agreement separately from the site itself. Membership is $5.00 per month.

WallsTreat – (UK Site) This website sells art on contemporary, high gloss, high definition printed metal.  Free to register and list your work. You pay their fixed prices for each print, and set your own prices.

Wanelo – Short for Want-Need-Love, this site is a curated collection of items (not all are handcrafted or art), but if you have a price on your work, they provide a “Buy” button which clicks through to your website (or third-party site) to sell your work. Other community members can “save” your images, and being popular drives them to the front page of the site. Free to use.

WeLoveFine – submit your art to their monthly contests, and get voted up or down by site fans and judged by guest judges.  Winners receive cash prizes, and get their designs licensed for products.

WesternArizonaArtists – As the name implies artists from western Arizona can sell their work here. Free to create an account and list your art; they take 20% commission. The webmaster is seeking new artists. Visit the home page of this site to contact him.

WholesaleCrafts – This site has been around for quite a few years. Fine crafts in many mediums are listed at wholesale prices, and sell to the trade. Juried. They charge a startup fee and monthly fee of $39, or $395 annually with no setup fee for a one-year minimum commitment. $15 per month fee helps promote your work on their front page.

WorkOf – Based in Brooklyn, this site promotes online and at offline events. They specialize in furniture, lighting, soft goods and home accessories. New York-based makers can applied to be considered, and get details on terms.

WowThankYou – (UK Site) Proudly supporting UK artisans, this site offers everything from clothing and pet items to household and wedding gifts. Monthly competitions. Fill out a form to become a seller; no terms listed on the site.

XanaduGallery – Xanadu is a brick and mortar gallery in Scottsdale, AZ, but they also have an online component. Submissions are juried, but online accounts are free. They take 20% commission on sales.

YellowLlama – A Print-on-demand site that prints artwork on t-shirts, bags, stretched canvases, tiles, draperies, etc. Prices from $14.99 monthly to $174.99 annually. They also create artist websites, help artists open brick and mortar stores and have a financing program.

Yessy – Create your online art gallery, no limit on number of images. $59 annual fee. They do not take commissions, but have a transaction fee.

Zatista – This site is for selling original 2D art only. They target interior designers and architects as well as consumers. All work is juried. They do not have a monthly or listing fee, but take 45% commission.

Zazzle – Print-0n-Demand site, claiming to have 25 million monthly shoppers. No montly or listing fees. Upload your images, and set your own prices – you are paid the royalties between their base price and amount of the sale. They put images on a large variety of items.

Zibbet – Upload images of your art or craft into your own online shop. Fees range from free to $79 annually. They have a shopping cart and marketing help.

Ziibra – This website helps artists brand themselves and put together a professional presentation to sell their work online. Each artists gets a video about themselves, and profile/portfolio page with shopping cart. They take 5% of each transaction, and there is a referral program for artists.


  1. Artfuly is now global and with a new monthly fine art magazine!

    For contemporary fine artists looking for publicity / a feature in a fine art magazine / a listing in a high traffic art marketplace / a personal artist website and/or a shop on their own site, we have very affordable solutions…

    We at offer great storytelling and publicity in our monthly magazines such as  - (all issues at  - with social media posts all month for those artists featured, read more at

    Artfuly is a global fine art marketplace that offers an online artists profile ( with global secure cart and unlimited artwork uploads for only €1/week membership. 

    Also your own standalone artists website for €3.52/month - and you can optionally also add a shop to your artists website using our secure cart with free delivery services- for free as a member!

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