Thursday, June 30, 2011

Link Round-Up: July 1, 2011

This minimalist painting by Etsy user geekasms perfectly captures the 4th doctor in all his splendor, complete with his famous scarf and hat.

A Pool Party at Aperture Labs

Infographic: The Many Companions of Doctor Who

Infographic: The Science Of Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse

Event: Harry Potter Tribute


It was inevitable, especially with the second part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows coming out soon. On July 9th, the Nucleus Gallery will be hosting a tribute group show with a huge list of artists scheduled to participate and do their best interpretation of characters and scenes from the popular series. And for the true potterheads out there, there will be butterbeer, contests, giveaways, and more.

You can follow all the festivities and information leading up to the show on a special blog the gallery set up here.  Also, take a look at more preview images after the jump, and check out the Harry Potter Tribute Exhibition flyer we previously posted.

Link Round-Up: June 30, 2011

After noticing the iCloud logo’s irregular shape, Takamasa Matsumoto found that the golden ratio was included in the inner circles as well as the logo as a whole, meaning Apple’s put more thought into this logo than I have for my entire site. Via: Business Insider

The 10 most important artists today, according to Newsweek.

50 Creatively Designed 404 Error Pages Worth Checking Out

An Astronaut Photographer’s View from Space

The Millennium Falcon Beanbag that Adidas didn’t see fit to make available for purchase. Damn tease.

South African anthropologist thinks Shakespeare may have been a pothead, wants to open his grave.

Team Fortress 2 is now free-to-play forever. Have fun.

Topographically-accurate LED replica of the Moon by Nosigner.

Short Film: Plot Device

Plot Device from Red Giant

A young filmmaker obtains a mysterious device that unleashes the full force of cinema on his front lawn.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Link Round-Up: June 28, 2011

Portal 2 sidewalk chalk art by James Stowe
Via: Reddit

CameraMail. Honolulu based conceptual artist Matthew McVickar sent a Kodak FunSaver taped to a piece of cardboard through the mail with instructions for the postal workers to take pictures as it travelled from his hometown on Cape Cod. These are the results.

How to Make Cinemagraphs — Still Photos that Move Like Movies!

It is quite likely this is the coolest desk in the world! (Well, even if that's hyperbole, there are lots of other beautiful puzzles and woodworks in Kagen Schaefer's gallery, including some of his award winners from the annual Nob Yoshigahara Puzzle Design Competition.)

Merchandise: Portal 2 Stickers

If your test chamber is as messy as mine, make sure to pick up one of these handy sticker sets to warn others of potential dangers. Each sticker is printed on vinyl with water and UV protective laminate, so they should be able to stand up to the elements.

Get yours at ThinkGeek
Price: US$12.99

Short Film: There's Only One Sun

There's Only One Sun [Wong Kar-Wai] by director Kar Wai Wong

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sweets: Sonic the Hedgehog Cake

Lego Creations: Eye of Sauron

LEGO Barad-dur by Kevin J. Walter
Photos by Joe Meno

Kevin Walter brought his A-game to Brickworld this year (2011) with a kick ass Dark Tower sculpture that stands at around 175cm tall (5-feet 7-inches) tall.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Link Round-Up: June 27, 2011

The jaw-dropping movie replica shown at Geeky Mommy Blog stands approximately 6 feet 5 inches. Overall, the creative team was able to complete the project in seven months, from start to finish. Lodriga and her creative team started with a plastic base, which is actually a hollow Iron Man mannequin used for toy store displays. With the head, torso, arms, and legs basically there to begin with, all they needed to do was build the War Machine parts on top of them.

8 Delightfully Geeky Wedding Proposals.

78 Photography Rules For Complete Idiots. Latvian photographer Ivars Gravlejs put them all in one place because he’s seen every one of these rules broken too many times.

The bizarre musical instruments behind classic scifi movie sounds. Includes the Waterphone, Theremin and Blaster Beam

Box Art is a Tumblr of nostalgic video game box art.

The Future is a Beach: 5 Artificial Floating Island Cities

I’m Such A Nerd (with Katrina Bowden). Yeah, every boy nerd wants to find a nerdy girl until she reminds him exactly why nerds are hard to deal with.

Your Glory Days Are Over, Mr. Cthulhu. "Mr Cthulhu tries to interest himself in his sons dance, but mr Cthulhus has lived a sheltered life, the intricacies of modern ballet passes him right by."

Posters: Transformers 3

Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon posters by Jesse Philips for Mondo

"Three thousand copies of the original will be handed out exclusively to attendees of special Tuesday June 28 screenings at Arclight Hollywood in Los Angeles, CA and a variant edition will be sold on @MondoNews Wednesday June 29."

Quick Pic: In case of Sparkly Vampires

Break off in case of sparkly vampires
Via: Reddit

Friday, June 24, 2011

Sweets: Beaker and Test Tube Cookies

Short Film: This Side Up

"This Side Up" by Liron Topaz

A naive music-lover's patience is tested on his quest to download music online, as his perspective on technology completely changes.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Short Film: An Inception Reception

INCEPTION / RECEPTION from Loyd Calomay Films

You must watch this video to the 1:30 second mark at least. Just trust us.

And in case you wonder, while making your way through the video, yes this was somebody’s real wedding video, yes they did arrive at their reception by helicopter. We have no way of knowing whether they bought the airline.

Link Round-Up: June 23, 2011

10 Beautifully Intricate Locks

Cloud Enterprise via Reddit

Ghostbuster Ghost Trap, Papercraft Style

Gygax Memorial Moves Forward

Lightfield cameras capture the entire photonic information of a scene with essentially infinite depth of field, meaning that pictures can be focused after the photo is taken, and low-light conditions do not require a flash. Lightfield images are also “3D” without the need for stereo lenses. Lightfield (aka “plenoptic”) technology was developed in the 90's: the first working prototype required dozens of separate cameras and a supercomputer. Professional plenoptic cameras have been available for the past year; the Lytro startup intends to release a consumer-ready shirt-pocket lightfield camera later this year. A simple explanation of the technology; an abstract and original dissertation [PDF].

The Typewriter Art of Keira Rathbone. (Video)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mash-Up: Doctor Who / Peanuts

"Inspired by this, I decided to do a Charles Schulz treatment of the 11th Doctor and his companions."

Things can get complicated when it comes to Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey-stuff.  The universe is full of what ifs, impossibilities, and paradoxes. So, what if Charles Shulz had been called upon to write a season of Doctor Who? Instead of a TV series, we might have gotten a comic strip or a cartoon that looked a bit like this. Thanks to artist Larry Wentzel, we can now imagine what they might have looked like.

In the Media: Banksy of Bulgaria

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Superman and friends... 
painted on Soviet war statue by the Banksy of Bulgaria

Moving with the times: An unknown suspect painted the bronze Soviet flag into the colors of the American flag and painted Soviet soldiers into Ronald McDonald, Santa Claus, Batman, Robin, Joker and other characters of U.S. comic books. Below the graffiti artist has sprayed "Moving with the times" in Bulgarian black paint. Reuters is calling the vandal "the Banksy of Bulgaria."

Posters: The Hobbit

"Smaug" by Shane Jones

Monday, June 20, 2011

Short Film: Steel Life

Steel Life is an experimental student short film based on aesthetics of visual effects. It was produced at university Paris 8 for my master thesis graduation in Arts et Technologie de l’image. My goal was to achieve an onirical and aesthetic treatment of visual effects through CG art.

Link Round-Up: June 20, 2011

Space Invaders Traffic Light
Part of the La generale art exhibit in Paris running from June 7th to July 2nd.
Inspired by street artist Space-invaders

DIY Weapons of the Libyan Rebels: a photo series

Man builds a functional airship you can fit in your garage

The Muppets in Thor is NOT another fake trailer for the upcoming movie. It's a 24-page mostly-24-hour comic by the guy who does Max Overacts. Note: contains discrete male nudity, pig-on-Norse-God violence, obscure references (Junior Woodchucks!), sentimental time travel and IMO very good use of a lot of familiar characters, including Rowlf (MY favorite Muppet) putting it all in perspective.

Stuck. On their way home from photographing Formula Drift Palm Beach, Joe Ayala & Larry Chen found themselves stranded over night in Dallas Fort Worth as their flights home were canceled

Friday, June 17, 2011

Link Round-Up: June 17, 2011

10 Dazzling Photographs of the Night Sky

Inner Space by Owen Silverwood are models of Shuttle launches in a bottle

Make your own Haunted Mansion stretching portrait book marks. Apparently, they only take 20 minutes to make.

Plush statistical distribution pillows (sleep on them to learn by osmosis)

Short Film: The Raven

The Raven
Directed by Ricardo de Montreuil

In a futuristic, or least alternate LA, the city has descended into a police state, overseen by an increasing array of sci-fi weaponry. One man, Chris Black, codenamed The Raven, is targeted by the police, but chooses to run. The reason he is being hunted reveals itself throughout the chase via special effects, and the whole sequence is conceived and executed well, with a a little parkour thrown in for good measure.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sculpture: Malaysian Dragon Skeleton

After completing a few chicken meals and even a turkey, Ryan of Mad Art Lab took all the bones, bleached them in peroxide and then constructed a completely kick ass dragon sculpture.

Short Film: The Un-Gone

Beam me up! Transporters are a reality in this sparse, realistic sci-fi short. The age of seemingly instantaneous global travel enables one couple to make a new start. But a malfunction reveals a dark truth that exposes both the fragility of the system and of life itself.

Video: Mind Your Step

Mind your Step is a street illusion in Stockholm at Sergels torg created by Erik . You can see it between 7-12 June 2011. Follow its creation from sketch to final illusion on Johansson's blog and

Sweets: Millennium Falcon Cake

Redditor Punqington had this amazing Millennium Falcon cake made for his wedding. The cake was created by The Butter End Cakery in Santa Monica, CA. Via: Reddit

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Link Round-Up: June 15, 2011

Check out this amazing comic-inspired mural by illustrator Gyurka Balázs. He notes that it took him five months to complete. You can see all of the progress pictures in his DeviantArt gallery!

Bank on It: 13 More Sleek & Secure Bank Designs

Ben Wilson Makes Art Out of Chewing Gum on London Sidewalks

Meet the Gömböc, one of the strangest shapes in the world. The Gomboc is The World's First Self-Righting Object. Read more at +Plus Magazine.

The paper sculptures of Calvin Nicholls: "Calvin has been creating his paper sculptures since 1986 from his studio north of Toronto Ontario, Canada. Working with sheets of paper and a scalpel, he cuts the component pieces to fit the final drawing and assembles the low relief artwork under studio lighting."

Photo gallery of a real, working hoverbike, as in The Empire Strikes Back

Zooming In and Out of New York

Video: iPod Magic

"Virtual magician" Marco Tempest uses some sleight of hand and some perfectly synchronized iPod Touches to perform a pretty entertaining presentation on deception.
Here is the preview of my ipod magic. Have fun watching and let me know what you think. More information about my magic can be found at

I made the application that I use to sync the iPods available for free at the App store:

So if you feel inspired just download and start creating... Here are the instructions on how to use it:

Short Film: Stasis

A soldier has to piece together the memories of his past when an injury leaves him with amnesia.

Set some time in the future, a soldier takes a hit from a land mine while on duty in ANWAR and finds himself at a hospital with a bad case of amnesia and only a few faint memories. Slowly he pieces together his past. But just when you think you know where this is all headed, it takes a turn toward the interesting. I won’t give anything away, but even at 23 minutes, it’s worth seeing through to the end.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Short Film: Explorations of Jasper Morello

The Mysterious Explorations of Jasper Morello
Directed by Anthony Lucas

Adventurous tale of a navigator’s journey to save his ailing wife set in a beautiful world of Victorian science-ficiton. It's like a steampunk version of Tim Burton.

Nominated for an Oscar and for a BAFTA award, Jasper Morello is a short feature made in a unique style of silhouette animation developed by director Anthony Lucas and inspired by the work of authors Edgar Alan Poe and Jules Verne. In the frontier city of Carpathia, Jasper Morello discovers that his former adversary Doctor Claude Belgon has returned from the grave. When Claude reveals that he knows the location of the ancient city of Alto Mea where the secrets of life have been discovered, Jasper cannot resist the temptation to bring his own dead wife Amelia back. But they are captured by Armand Forgette, leader of the radical Horizontalist anti-technology movement, who is determined to reanimate his terrorist father Vasco. As lightning energises the arcane machineries of life in the floating castle of Alto Mea, Jasper must choose between having his beloved restored or seeing the government of Gothia destroyed. Set in a world of iron dirigibles and steam powered computers, this gothic horror mystery tells the story of Jasper Morello, a disgraced aerial navigator who flees his Plague-ridden home on a desperate voyage to redeem himself.

Fresh Take: We Were Heroes

Link Round-Up: June 14, 2011

Thai Sculptor Anchalee Saengtai poses with one of her massive Transformers sculptures, which she made from spare automobile and truck parts.
Source: UnderWire

15 Cool Modernized Propaganda Posters

Flying dreamlike around Venice Beach

A guide to taking better self-portraits.

Kindergartner performs Doctor Who monologue for school talent show. The son of YouTuber divacarina wanted to practice Matt Smith's speech from "The Pandorica Opens" for his kindergarten talent show, so she filmed him channeling his inner Time Lord... and then Steven Moffat noticed.

These Minimalist Typography Movie Posters by Patrik Svensson are simple but brilliant.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Video: Serenity inside Unreal Engine 3

Modeling Demo Reel 2011 by Zach Brackin

We've covered fan efforts with Lightwave and Blender models before. Now a fan has made a Serenity model in Unreal Engine 3 (a game engine) using the Unreal Development Kit. Also, check out a still of the model.
Here are some examples of modeling. There's the spaceship Serenity model, which was modeled and textured at high detail and then modeled to be used in video games. At the end there's shots of my Serenity model in the Unreal 3 game engine (UDK) along with a couple rodeo environments I did for a canceled project.

Posters: Batman Rising Fan Art

Talented artists have been making their own posters for The Dark Knight Rises practically since the closing credits rolled on the opening night of The Dark Knight. Since then, though, there have been plenty of developments.  We’ve learned the film's title, who will be filling the lead roles, and which villains Batman will be facing down (Bane and Catwoman). The results have been fantastic.  Some of these posters are so authentic, you'll wish the studio would use them in it's marketing campaign.

Short Film: There's Only One Sun

Written and Directed by Wong Kar-Wai

Gorgeously garish lighting accentuates this sci-fi piece by renowned auteur Wong Kar Wai. Agent 006 is undercover to catch the mysterious, charismatic “Light”, but wrestles with her own feelings in doing so.

Wai, the premier arthouse writer/director of Hong Kong, decided in 2007 to team up with Phillips to do an online film promoting the electronic giant’s Aurea Ambilight Televisions. The result manages to admirably traverse that tricky ground between art and commerce, being a worthy addition to the director’s oeuvre while simultaneously an effective commercial. We as audiences are simply treated to an online film of an impressive artistic and technical caliber.

Link Round-Up: June 13, 2011

I like to think that Van Gogh would have been a Tolkien fan

The 25 Geekiest Google Doodles

Augmented reality has come to advertising. Holograms are being used on the catwalk. And, reminiscent of Star Trek’s holodeck, Japanese scientists are working on making projected light touchable

Brian Wood is a comic book writer, best known for his subversive DMZ, which explores the city of New York in the aftermath of a second American civil war. He is now offering a 132-page artbook entitled "Public Domain 2" in its entirety as a free download on his site. 

Decorating with Robots

A Doctor World: A beautiful mashup of Doctor Who and A Softer World.

"Erik`s first... oh, wait." is a cute illustration of baby Magneto that looks like something out of Pixar's Incredibles.

Why you should always sleep with a Teddy bear

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Merchandise: Thing-O-Matics

MakerBot Industries is now offering fully assembled custom MakerBot Thing-O-Matics, available in the MakerBot Store. Price: $2,500

The Custom Fully Assembled MakerBot Thing-O-Matic 3D Printer is the premium Makerbot, and the latest in cutting edge personal manufacturing technology. Includes the new StepStruder™ MK6 Plus Complete, and Generation 4 Interface Controller!

Sculpture: Doctor Who Symbols

These etched PCB Time Lord symbols were made by George Hadley, who was inspired by the Gallifreyan artwork used on the artifacts and relics on Doctor Who. (Most recently seen on the mysterious baby cradle in the episode  "A Good Man Goes to War") Hadley writes:
The main good time-traveling race in the show is called the Time Lords that live on the planet Gallifrey. The Gallifreyan artwork used on the artifacts and relics of the Time Lord race is some of my favorite, so I set out to recreate some of the artwork, using PCB etching as a medium.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Video: Interactive Play Sculpture

Created by Karl-Johan Ekeroth as his graduation project at the University of Gothenburg, Invoxicated is an interactive sound effects sculpture that lets children experience the pure joy of playing with sound effects in the public space.

Short Film: Thursday

Directed by Matthias Hoegg of the Royal College of Art
In the future, technology may change, but the patterns and routines of daily life stay constant—until we disrupt them. It starts as just another Thursday in a not-so-distant future where we meet a regular working man who begins the day with the typical routines of daily life: morning alarm, coffee, work. The point is made clear that, though this future may have new technology, day to day life doesn’t stray far from today. And though we humans can set routines for ourselves, nature can always disrupt it as it does when a bird pulls a cable that cuts power to city workers. One worker, a woman, arranges to meet the man for an evening date. The two enjoy an elevator ride miles up to an orbiting observatory where they observe the city’s beautiful display of traffic patterns.

There’s a great interview with Matthias on Motionographer where he discusses more of his process.

Video: Kinect Graffiti

Jean-Christophe Naour used openGL, SimpleOpenNI, openNI and primeSense libraries to built a graffiti-making tool that uses the Kinect as a drawing medium.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Short Film: Interpretation

Directed by Lin Oeding
Written by Matt Olmstead & Lin Oeding

A harmless discussion turns into serious action in this fable from Hollywood stunt man, Lin Oeding. Winner of 24 Film Festivals.  Buy the DVD at

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Link Round-Up: June 8, 2011

This week's raygun from 52 rayguns in 52 weeks, a collection of raygun concepts for 'The Company' in 2258. Check out the contributors page to see the 52 designers and illustrators lending their skills to the initiative. Get project updates via Twitter.

Studio Ghibli characters captured in Lego form

What if Spider-Man served in Vietnam? A short comic by intricate artist James Stokoe, best known for his drippy fantasy comic Orc Stain.

Posters: Dino D-Day Propaganda

To promote the launch of Dino D-Day, an FPS where you fight Nazis and their resurrected dinosaurs, Steam created a line of WWII-style propaganda posters that are pure win. Click the posters to download each one at its full resolution.

Papercraft: Paper Heroes


Short Film: Spider

Directed by Nash Edgerton
Written by Nash Edgerton and David Michôd

It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.

Event: Camp Firewood

Created for the Camp Firewood, an event celebrating the 10th anniversary of Wet Hot American Summer at Gallery 1988, which opens June 10th with a reception to be held from 7 - 10pm

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Link Round-Up: June 7, 2011

GuanYU 1.5 (Origami) by Leo.Lai

Awesome Set of Superhero Pictograms

Pop Culture Cash: Deface U.S. currency

Sam "No Nickname" Saxton: Ambigrams and Upside-down Heads

Typographic Lounge Furniture from Tabisso

Posters: Pan Am Space Flights

Vintage ads for HAL 9000 and Pan Am space flights by Justin Van Genderen
Buy prints at Etsy and Imagekind
A vintage mock ad for the HAL 9000 computer. Even though HAL was not meant to be a play on IBM I couldn't resist the one letter shift coincidence.

Short Film: Panic Attack

Ataque de Pánico! (Panic Attack!)

Vengeful robots pummel downtown Montevideo in this low budget ($300) sci-fi film that packs more entertainment into four minutes than Transformers managed to pack into two hours.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Link Round-Up: June 3, 2011

Han Solo for Hire by Mark Rehkopf

Posters: Movie Hands

"Give Me A Hand" by Derek Eads

Short Film: Connected

Written and directed by Jens Raunkjær Christensen & Jonas Drotner Mouritsen

Set in the distant future, Connected is a story about survival and greed with a post apocalyptic wasteland as its backdrop. Survivors of an unknown disaster shuffle through a desolate landscape, as it quickly becomes clear that not everybody has the strength to survive.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lego Creations: SandCrawler

This is the "ugly" side of the sandcrawler. The original filming model was only finished on the right side. So I had some room for my own creativity
Marshal Banana spent the past 9 months building this truly faithful recreation of the Sandcrawler in Lego. This massive minifig-scale model retains a high-level of details despite its size. The builder goes beyond to add remote-controlled steering and other functions such as a motorized crane and conveyor belt. A fully detailed interior completes this perfect build.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Short Film: Bartholomew’s Song

Bartholomew’s Song
Written and Directed by Destin Cretton & Lowell Frank

In a strict society, stepping out of line holds great consequence for pre-programmed Bartholomew 467. It features a little nod to Shawshank and one of the hands-down best surprises in the history of short films.

Fresh Take: Harry and Dumbledore

Check out pictures of Delort's creative process.
Harry could smell salt and hear rushing waves; a light chilly breeze ruffled his hair as he looked out at moonlit sea and star-strewn sky.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Video: Office Warfare

Someone has been touching Jimmy Wong's Nerf collection, and he's not happy. Now he's out for blood... eeer... nerf blood. Watch the mayhem that ensues!

Short Film: Loom

Loom from Polynoid
Created by Jan Bitzer, Ilija Brunck and Csaba Letay

Loom tells the story of a successful catch. It took a year to create this five and a half minutes of computer graphics, but the results are amazing.
A moth being caught in a spiders web. Struggling for an escape, the moths panic movements only result in less chance of survival. What follows is the type of causality everyone's expecting. The spider appears, claims its prey and feeds on it. The way nature works. But it's the point of view that creates an intense relationship between the hunter and its victim. There is much more to explore, much more to feel if one takes the time to really experience the content of a split second.

Via: Opium

Video: Tron: Legacy Mural

Tron Legacy : Aerosol Mural from End of the line on Vimeo

Time-lapse video of the talented graffiti artist Jim Vision creating a 65-foot Tron: Legacy mural in London. The video was shot over 4 days using two Canon 5D MK 2 cameras and a 3D rig.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Link Round-Up: June 1, 2011

Short Film: Rigamortis: Zombie Love

Rigamortis: A Zombie Love Story

After humanity quells an undead uprising, the last two remaining zombies pair up in search of sanctuary. Instead, they find love.

It’s refreshing to see a production take the prospect of a zombie musical seriously. It's production value is higher than you might expect. A cut above the last Bruce Campbell film I saw, in fact, but it's still hilariously over-the-top.

Fan Art: Éowyn and the Nazgûl

"Eowyn and the Nazgul" by Nick Deligaris

Five of my favorite submissions from the "Éowyn and the Nazgûl" Challenge Line-up over at The Art Order.  There are some amazing pieces here.

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