Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sculpture: Doctor Who Symbols

These etched PCB Time Lord symbols were made by George Hadley, who was inspired by the Gallifreyan artwork used on the artifacts and relics on Doctor Who. (Most recently seen on the mysterious baby cradle in the episode  "A Good Man Goes to War") Hadley writes:
The main good time-traveling race in the show is called the Time Lords that live on the planet Gallifrey. The Gallifreyan artwork used on the artifacts and relics of the Time Lord race is some of my favorite, so I set out to recreate some of the artwork, using PCB etching as a medium.

Based off of by deviantart user tibots. This one involved lots of fine details, so it's not perfect, but it still turned out very well :-)


  1. what do the symbols mean? I can only recognize the seal of rassilon

  2. I would like to purchase these or pay you for a set.


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