Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Electronic Art: Duality

This 3D mapping project transforms a historic Atlantic City building from its present day appearance into a colourful mosaic, a crumbling monument, and a multi-coloured geometric story, all in less than 8 minutes!

"Duality is as colourful as Boardwalk Hall’s history. Over the course of 8 ½ minutes, twice every hour after nightfall, the expansive façade of the hall leaps to life as dynamic 3D animated projections infuse its foundations with movement. Stones pulsate, arches crumble into stardust, and the structure that once was evaporates in a spectacular amalgamation of light and sound, only to re-emerge at the behest of two competing yet complementary – and ultimately collaborative – entities representing the duality inherent in the Hall’s ongoing story. An original soundtrack and a vast array of multi-coloured geometric forms and shifting illusory imagery all assist in the telling of a five-act tale of rebirth and renewal that indulges the imagination. It’s celebratory, joyful, artful and above all entertaining – a fitting tribute to the lively legacy of Boardwalk Hall."

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