Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sweets: Doctor Who Proposal Cake

"This week I made a cake for a really cool dude who wanted to propose to his girlfriend with it. He put the ring on her fondant figure and everything- It was so sweet. The Tardis is banana cake with dark chocolate crunch bits and ganache layers. The figures are of the couple themselves; He requested to be dressed as 10 but with 4’s scarf. Her clad in Donna Noble wedding gear. I wanted to go a bit cartoony with this Tardis, go in a different style than normal. Pssst it’s the 22nd Tardis I’ve made so far. Yesss."

"I’ve always wanted to do some sort of painted background, so I painted a nebula filled with stars behind the lovely couple. I used edible food colors, using a technique of dry brushing, water push and airbrush. Sooo fun. 

Probably one of my favorite cakes/delivery experience ever. The best part? The Doctor is finally Ginger."

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