Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sweets: Yoda Cake

Yoda Cake by Penzance, Cornwall-based Christine Jensen of Peboryon Cakes

Professional baker Christine Jensen of Peboryon Cakes in Penzance, Cornwall created this gravity-defying confection depicting a life-size Yoda sculpted of cake levitating a second cake using the Force.  Jensen created the geektastic cake for the Cake International Birmingham in England.
“Because we do both wedding and sculptural cakes we wanted to showcase both, and it seemed that the best way to do that was to use a little bit of The Force.”
 According to local paper The Cornishman, Jensen and her baking team spent eight months designing and creating the piece, which I hope means that they spent eight months planning and a few days building.  Otherwise, that's one stale cake.  It's composed of chocolate, fondant icing, fruitcake, marzipan, rice krispies treats, and spongecake.

The time has finally arrived. Here's some timelapse of us setting up our cake and of Yoda wowing the crowds

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