Thursday, November 19, 2015

Comic Round-Up: November 19, 2015

Harley Quinn by ai-eye

"Harley" by Japan-based ai-eye

Interview: Abraham Riesman's interview with Frank Miller

Interview: Frank Miller Talks About Superman’s Penis and His Plans for a Children’s Book, which are presumably two separate topics, because a kid's book about Superman's Penis would probably not be a top-seller.

Interview: "I want my entire career in comics to be a metaphor for that moment in the Anaconda video when Nicki Minaj slaps Drake’s hand away from her butt, and walks away laughing." Michelle Dean profiles creator and publisher Spike Trotman, who has always done things her own way, starting with the webcomic Templar, Arizona

Interview: Jeff Lemire on Inhumans and Interconnectivity in Extraordinary X-Men

Interview: Jeremy Whitley talks about his comic, Princeless, breaking into comics, getting an unexpected Eisner nomination, and his work at Action Lab Comics.

Interview: Members of the Lynd Ward Prize committee discuss their deliberations, which included reading a lot of graphic novels, and how they came to agree on this year’s winner, Mariko and Jillian Tamaki’s This One Summer.

Interview: Paul Tumey talks to Louise Amandes and Ron Austin.

Interview: Webcomics creators, including Ryan North, John Allison and Dorothy Gambrell, discuss how their business model has evolved over the past ten years.

News: According to listings, it looks like we'll be getting a full-length solo book from the very talented Joseph Remnant in 2016.

News: Kodansha has licensed the one-volume Fairy Tail Zero, from Hiro Mashima.

News: New teams for Teen Titans, Aquaman and New Suicide Squad announced.  Let the game of musical chairs commence.  I was happy with Aquaman and Suicide Squad, but some fresh blood will be a welcomed change for Teen Titans, which has been one of DC's weaker titles since the New 52.

Reviews: Greg Burgas on Baba Yaga's Assistant.  Johanna Draper Carlson on Last Of The Sandwalkers. Rob Clough on Comics Cookbook. Rob McMonigal on Basewood. Shawn Starr on Romance Story. James Whitbrook on the 73rd chapter of Batman '66.

12 Facts You May Not Have Known About Gambit

Carol Hills looks at responses to the Paris attacks by Arab and Muslim cartoonists.

The Complete History of Transgender Characters in American Comic Books

The Green Arrow-George Papp-1942

How Man Of Steel traumatised me so much I created Huck by Mark Millar

Jessica Davis takes a closer look at the Seattle comics scene and why the city is a great place for creators and fans alike.

Not A Comic-Book Movie: The Dark Knight Trilogy

Out of the Gutter: The Case for Comic Book Adaptations

Paste begins a top-ten-of-all-time series.

Terrible things Jack Kirby and Stan Lee's Cyclops character has done.

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