Friday, November 27, 2015

Comic Round-Up: November 27, 2015

Batman Vs. Superman by JP Valderrama

"Batman Vs. Superman" by JP Valderrama

Interview: Carey Piersch is drawing an arc of Lumberjanes

Interview: Frank Miller Admits to Hating Superman

News: Marvel's Doctor Strange begins filming, reveals list of main cast

News: Pay what you want for The X-Files comics on Humble Bundle

Reviews: Waerloga69 on Witchblade #185.

The 30 best comic book writers for November 2015 

Apt. 3-G wrapped up a long run on the comics pages this weekend, as noted by several outlets, including The A.V. Club, which noted the strip’s odd appearance over the last few years.

At Least Your Mom Isn't Patsy Walker's Mom: If you're having family problems on Thanksgiving, be glad your mom isn't as messed up as Hellcat's, who inspired Trish Walker's mom on "Jessica Jones."

Believe it or not, but comic book characters can teach you how to live a better life. “The truth that Ms. Marvel presents is that we should live in such a way that our relationships with others hold the end in view.”

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn just shot down some major sequel rumors on Facebook, sparking a conversation about the relevance of posting unnecessary spoilers.

Here Is Everything Jessica Jones Drinks in "Jessica Jones." Forbes Calculated How Much Jessica Jones Spends On Booze, and it turns out to be $664.77 in season one, not counting the night of free drinking she enjoys at Cage's bar.  And let's face facts, season one takes place across only about twenty-one days, meaning our girl has a roughly thirty dollar a day drinking habit.

The Irreducible Essence of Jewishness: The basic elements of identity that we share, from dark humor to jarred gefilte fish

James Whitbrook makes the case for why Justice League Unlimited is the best superhero TV show. “There was a whole world of superheroes out there in the Justice League, and the show highlighted that vast legion… It made the show feel like it took place in a huge world, instead of being confined to a handful of heroes and rogues.”

We Don’t Need Supergirl OR Jessica Jones. We Need Both.

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