Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Video Round-Up: November 25, 2015

What better way to get into Thanksgiving than by revisiting the classic A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving with the charming, charismatic voices of Welcome to Night Vale‘s Cecil and Carlos.

10 Hidden Details in Disney Films You Probably Didn’t Notice - Rob Flis from Screen Rant takes a look at some "easter eggs" and subtle references that were snuck into classic and modern animated Disney and Pixar films.

Adele, Jimmy Fallon, and The Roots Perform ‘Hello’ with Classroom Instruments - In this clip from tonight's episode of The Tonight Show, host Jimmy Fallon, The Roots, and renowned British singer Adele sing her latest hit single "Hello" while playing instruments you'd find in a grade-school classroom.

David Tennant Enthusiastically Explaining Einstein’s Theory of Relativity - The short animation “Einstein 100 – Theory of General Relativity” amusingly celebrates 100 years of Albert Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity. The film, which was animated by Eion Duffy, features actor David Tennant buoyantly explaining, in his beautiful Scottish lilt, how Einstein’s unhappiness with Sir Isaac Newton‘s “Law of Gravitation” led to the great physicist creating a more satisfying explanation of his own.

Fluffy Golden Retriever Puppy vs. Door Stopper - Gracie, the 9-week-old golden retriever puppy, ferociously (adorably) tries to attack a spring door stopper when she hears it "twang" for the first time.

Genius Dad Attaches Leaf Blower to His Son’s Power Wheels Truck - Dad Jarrad Provost came up with the brilliant idea of attaching a leaf blower to his son's Power Wheels truck to help clear the blanket of fall leaves off their yard.

It Only Takes a Second - a PSA parody by DadDudes that warns fathers not to “text and dad” to avoid dangerous outcomes like refrigerator children and stolen pizza.

Jimmy Fallon, Adele Sing "Hello" with Classroom Instruments - Adele joined Jimmy Fallon and The Roots for a classroom instrument version of her hit song “Hello” during her recent appearance on The Tonight Show.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Imagines If the World of ‘The Good Dinosaur’ Actually Existed - Astrophysicist and cosmologist Neil deGrasse Tyson loves to debunk the science that goes into science fiction. Recently he’s questioned the science of movies such as Gravity and The Martian, and sometimes he gets a little too carried away with his realistic approach to the world of movies, ruining the fun for the rest of us.  But in the case of The Good Dinosaur, the scientist doesn’t explain why the Pixar Animation movie isn’t realistic simply because it has talking dinosaurs. Instead, he imagines what the world might actually be like if dinosaurs had survived as they have in this new family adventure

'The Secret Life of Pets’ Official Trailer #2 - The pet stars of the upcoming 2016 animated comedy The Secret Life of Pets reluctantly pose for Christmas photos in the film's second trailer. The film, which features the voices of Louis C.K., Eric Stonestreet, Kevin Hart, and Hannibal Buress, pounces into theaters on July 8th, 2016.

Shopping with Stormtroopers - Star Wars fanatic Elite Geek records what happens when you let two Imperial Stormtroopers loose in a department store.

A Supercut of Even More People Using Improbable Weapons in Movies - Andy Schneider and Jonathan Britnell of Burger Fiction have created a new supercut video featuring even more people using improbable weapons in films. Movie characters are taken out with paper clips, chickens, telephones, and more.

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