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Link Round-Up: Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones by Amrit Birdi

Produced at a Netflix event in Paris. Colours by Dee Cunniffe.


Carrie-Anne Moss on her role in Jessica Jones: "Everything influences us"

David Tennant on Marvel's Jessica Jones, feeling sympathy for Kilgrave

David Tennant on Marvel's Jessica Jones and the pains of playing a psychopath

David Tennant Would Love Purple Man to be in an Avengers Movie

Jeph Loeb Sees Jessica Jones as "Extremely Relatable" and "Very Aspirational"

Krysten Ritter Calls Jessica Jones "The Role I've Waited My Whole Career For"

Krysten Ritter changed her stripes to star as new Jessica Jones superhero

Krysten Ritter on Jessica Jones: ‘This Is an Amazing Female Character Study’

Krysten Ritter says Jessica Jones is 'a real f---ing misfit'

Marvel’s Jessica Jones Producers Talk Tone, David Tennant

Melissa Rosenberg on Losing Carol Danvers, Exploring Rape Responsibly

Showrunner Melissa Rosenberg On How Rape, Post-Traumatic Disorder, Female Sexuality Impact The Show

Showrunner Melissa Rosenberg Talks About Her Tough Heroine


Globe and Mail | HuffPo | IGN | io9 | NYTimes | NZHerald | Vulture | Washington Post

James Whitbrook on Alias, the comic from which the forthcoming Netflix series Jessica Jones is derived. I liked those comics, although I don't necessarily agree with Whitbrook's take in the title and throughout the article.

Jessica Jones Is a Stylish, Striking Neo-Noir Drama for Adults

Jessica Jone is A superhero show for adults

Jessica Jones Is Marvel's Most Daring Endeavor Yet

Jessica Jones Is the Best On-Screen Drama Marvel Has Ever Made

Jessica Jones is the complex (super) heroine we’ve been waiting for

Jessica Jones Struggles In Life — But Triumphs On Screen

Marvel's astounding Jessica Jones rewrites the definition of superhuman

Marvel’s Jessica Jones Is More Than Just Oral Sex & Gritty Violence — It’s Revolutionary Superhero Storytelling

Marvel's Jessica Jones Is a Thrilling Ride You Won't Want to Get Off

The Sublime Darkness of Jessica Jones

Uncompromising Jessica Jones is the latest Marvel gem


Captain Marvel Was Originally Going To Appear On Jessica Jones

Comixology is offering a bunch of Jessica Jones comics at 50 percent off

Jessica Jones' Netflix series to feature Marvel's First lesbian characters.

Jessica Jones' second season may be delayed by The Defenders

Marvel releases free Jessica Jones comic featuring Netflix's Daredevil

Rosario Dawson Will Reprise Her Daredevil Role In Jessica Jones & Luke Cage


5 facts you need to know before binge watching Jessica Jones this weekend

5 Things To Expect From Jessica Jones

5 Things You Need to Know About Rachael Taylor

6 Changes Netflix Made To Marvel's Alias Series

6 Things That Bugged Me About Marvel’s Jessica Jones

6 Ways Jessica Jones Changed the Marvel Universe

8 Times Jessica Jones Pulled Directly From Its Comic Counterpart

The 10 Biggest Easter Eggs Hiding In Jessica Jones

10 Reasons Why Marvel’s Films Simply Can’t Compete

10 Sweet Marvel References In Jessica Jones

10 Things You Need to Know Before Season 1

12 Things We Loved About Jessica Jones (And 4 We Didn't)

13 Most Messed Up Things Kilgrave Does With His Powers

20 Marvel "Firsts" in Jessica Jones

A.K.A. Jessica Jones Changes Title; Why Did Netflix Drop The First Three Letters?

Are Jessica Jones & Luke Cage Together In Marvel Comics? Just Like Many A Relationship Status, It's Complicated

At Least Your Mom Isn't Patsy Walker's Mom: If you're having family problems on Thanksgiving, be glad your mom isn't as messed up as Hellcat's, who inspired Trish Walker's mom on "Jessica Jones." 

All the Connections to the Marvel Universe You May Have Missed in Jessica Jones

The Creator of Jessica Jones Helped To Make Harley Quinn Really, Really Creepy

Daredevil And Jessica Jones: How Much Crossover To Expect

Everything You Need to Know About Jessica Jones, Marvel's Most Badass Detective

Female Comic Book Characters Who Deserve The Spotlight Next

Has Jessica Jones Already Set Up Its Season 2 Villain?

Here Is Everything Jessica Jones Drinks in "Jessica Jones." Forbes Calculated How Much Jessica Jones Spends On Booze, and it turns out to be $664.77 in season one, not counting the night of free drinking she enjoys at Cage's bar.  And let's face facts, season one takes place across only about twenty-one days, meaning our girl has a roughly thirty dollar a day drinking habit.

How comic-book heroes took over TV: As Jessica Jones lands on Netflix, Helen O'Hara explains why superheroes seem to have found their home on the small screen

How Daredevil And Jessica Jones Are Set Up For Potential Crossover

How Did Marvel’s Jessica Jones Get Her Powers?

How Jessica Jones Absorbed the Anxieties of Gamergate

How Netflix's Jessica Jones Captures The Comic It's Based On

How Shade VFX Brought "Daredevil" And "Jessica Jones" To Life In A Tough Business

"In Jessica Jones, superheroes in an abusive relationship brilliantly portray the domestic violence I knew" writes Brydie Lee Kennedy.

Is IGH Breeding Superheroes On Jessica Jones? The Corporation Could Be Trying To Make Their Own Super Humans

Is Jessica Jones A Mistep? asks

Is Killgrave scarier than The Joker?

Jessica Jones: Complete Marvel Universe Easter Eggs and Comic References

Jessica Jones Has Hot Sex and Nuanced Sexuality (Especially for a Marvel Show)

Jessica Jones is more about addiction and relapse than it is about superheroes

Jessica Jones' Lesbian Divorce Storyline Is Fabulous, Frustrating

Jessica Jones Makes Me Question The Point Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Jessica Jones Never Takes Off Her Leather Jacket. Good Thing It’s the Perfect Superhero Uniform for Her writes Claire Landsbaum.

Jessica Jones Primer: What You Need to Know

Jessica Jones, Superhero Sex and Love Beyond Black & White

Jessica Jones Tackles Rape And Domestic Violence — Not Your Typical Series

Jessica Jones' Terrifying Villain Has A Brood Of Evil Comic-Book Children

Jessica Jones Trailer Breakdown: 21 Marvel-ous Details You Might Have Missed

Jessica Jones Was An Awesome Origin Story For One Of Marvel's Oldest Heroes, and no, we're not talking about Jessica.  We're talking about Patsy.

Jessica Jones Was Originally Supposed To Have Captain Marvel In It

Jessica Jones: What We Know So Far

Jessica Jones: Who Is Will Simpson?

Jessica Jones vs. Alias: How Marvel’s New Netflix Series Compares to the Comic Book Series That Inspired It, Slash Film takes an in-depth look.

Luke Cage, explained: In 40 years, Luke Cage has grown into one of the most fully fleshed out heroes in the Marvel universe.

Marvel's Jessica Jones, explained

Marvel's Jessica Jones on Netflix: Everything you need to know

Netflix’s Jessica Jones a game changer

Netflix’s Jessica Jones is one of the most complex treatments of agency in the wake of victimhood that the small screen has seen yet seen.

On Jessica Jones, rape doesn’t need to be seen to be devastating

Read These Comics Before Watching Jessica Jones

Slate hopes watching Jessica Jones will shame pro-lifers in their article "Anyone Who Opposes Abortion for Rape Survivors Should Watch This Jessica Jones Scene."

Smile! How a villain's phrase in Jessica Jones exposes modern-day sexism

TV's female superheroes are leaping over glass ceiling

We Don’t Need Supergirl OR Jessica Jones. We Need Both.

What Is Supermax On Jessica Jones? Theories on How It Relates to Comics

What Jessica Jones' Creator Thinks Of The Netflix Show

What’s Standing Between Jessica Jones and Season 2?

When Daredevil And Jessica Jones Will Probably Show Up In Marvel Movies

Who Is Jeri Hogarth? Maybe The Key To All The Netflix Defenders

Who Is Jessica Jones? A Brief Guide to the Star of Marvel’s New Series for Netflix.

Who is Jessica Jones? A Guide to Netflix’s Badass Marvel Superheroine

Who Is Reva Connors on Jessica Jones? Luke Cage's Wife Had Ties to Kilgrave

Who the Jessica Jones Characters Are in the Comics

Why David Tennant Is The Key To Jessica Jones

Why Krysten Ritter Hated the Jessica Jones Pitch

Why Jessica Jones Is Important to Marvel's Plans

Why You Should be Watching Marvel's Jessica Jones

Why You Should Care About Netflix’s New Marvel Series, Jessica Jones

VariantComics offers a quick review of the History Of Jessica Jones!

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