Monday, November 23, 2015

Video Round-Up: November 23, 2015

The crew of the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, an aircraft carrier in the United States Navy, have created a great spoof of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailers that merges great special effects and naval activities in "Sea Wars: The IKE Awakens."

10 Things Canadians Don’t Know About Americans - Canadian writer and comedian Gavin McInnes shares ten (mostly accurate) unique American behaviors that he's observed while living in the U.S. for the past fifteen years.

Adele Enters an Adele Impersonation Contest in Disguise - In this clip from the recent BBC special, Adele at the BBC, host Graham Norton convinces the renowned British singer to go undercover as "Jenny" and enter an Adele impersonation contest.

Boy Gets the Hiccups While Singing Australian National Anthem - At a recent Australian baseball game, 7-year-old Ethan didn't let an ill-timed bout of hiccups interrupt his adorable rendition of the Australian national anthem.

Coca-Cola’s Polar Bear Mascot Hilariously Messing with Museum Visitors - YouTube user EXI filmed this short video of the Coca-Cola Polar Bear mascot teasing visitors of the World of Coca-Cola museum, in Atlanta, Georgia, while posing for photos with them.

French Bulldog Sings Duet with His Human in the Car - While riding in the car, Junior, the French bulldog, who's famous for being multilingual, sings a duet of Josef Salvat's version of "Diamonds" with his human, Walter Ledermüller.

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Bieber’s Elaborate Secret Handshake - Jimmy Fallon and Justin Bieber greet each other with their complicated secret handshake when they run into each other backstage at The Tonight Show.

Parrot Loves to Dance to Ballet Music - Jerry, the parrot, shows off his impressive ballet dancing skills to the ballet classic "Dance of the Little Swans" from Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake.

Saturday Night Live: Star Wars Auditions - Director J.J. Abrams shares some never-before-seen screen tests from his upcoming Star Wars sequel, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Saturday Night Live: A Thanksgiving Miracle - There's only one thing that can keep this family from fighting at Thanksgiving dinner...

The Slow Mo Guys: Fire Tornado in Slow Motion - For their latest slow motion video, The Slow Mo Guys, Gavin Free and Dan Gruchy, use twelve box fans to create an awesome looking swirling vortex of flames, and use two Phantom Flex high-speed cameras to film it at 2500fps and 1000fps.

The Ultimate Sports News Bloopers Compilation - YouTube user NewsBeFunny rounded up the funniest new and classic sports-related bloopers that have happened during live news broadcasts.

Why Buster Keaton Was the Master of Physical Comedy - The latest video essay by Tony Zhou of Every Frame a Painting takes a look at the genius and influence of iconic physical comedian and filmmaker, Buster Keaton.

Woman Knits Tiny Sweaters for Her Rescued Chickens -  For the past six months, a woman named Nicola Congdon and her mother Ann, who are from Falmouth, Cornwall, England, have been knitting tiny wool sweaters, aka woolly jumpers, for the chickens they've rescued from factory farms.

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