Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Video Round-Up: November 18, 2015

"The Good of the One" is a musical tribute to Leonard Nimoy and his character Spock by Melodysheep. The video uses various Star Trek clips where Spock and other characters discuss the notion of the needs of the many outweighing the needs of the few.

The Amazing Acro-Cats Perform (Kinda) on "The Late Show" -  Samantha Martin's troupe of amazing rescued and orphaned cats, The Acro-Cats, got a little camera shy during their appearance onMonday's episode of The Late Show.  Here's a short film about the history and purpose of The Acro-Cats.

Cat Balances Q-Tip on Her Nose - This well-trained ginger tabby cat from Japan demonstrates her unbelievable cotton swab balancing trick.

Corgi Teaches Corgi Puppy to Sit - Zeus, the corgi, meets a miniature version of himself for the first time, and appears to show his new puppy friend how to sit.  Here's a longer video of Zeus and his new friends.

Crazy Inventor Builds Underground Apocalyptic Bunker - In his latest video, British inventor Colin Furze gives you a tour of the pimped out apocalyptic bunker he built underneath his backyard.

Exhausted Dad Sings 'Shut Up and Sleep’ Parody of Walk the Moon’s "Shut Up and Dance" -  Musician and dad Reed Verdesoto pleads with his kids to "shut up and go to sleep" in this hilarious song parody of Walk the Moon's 2014 indie rock hit, "Shut Up and Dance."

Guy Redubs the Entire "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" Trailer - Using just his voice, Austin Hale redubbed the dialogue, sound effects, and music in the recently released full-length trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

An Honest Movie Trailer for the Original "Star Wars" MovieScreen Junkies gives their "Honest Trailer" treatment to Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, the classic 1977 film that kicked off George Lucas' 38-year (and counting) epic franchise.

If Video Game Bosses Were Actually Smart -  In their latest animated parody, Dorkly humorously imagines how things would go if the main bosses in classic video games, like Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, and Sonic the Hedgehog, had a little more common sense.

Northern Lights - This past September and October, photographer Markus Killi captured absolutely breathtaking footage of the astonishing colors of the befamed Northern Lights as seen from the mountains of Ylläs, Lapland, Finland.

"Possessed" Swimming Pool Runs Away From Kids - While playing with his young humans, this happy black labrador dog takes off running when he accidentally gets stuck under a big inflatable pool.

Raccoon Sprays Cat with Sprinkler -  After getting kicked off a deck by a cat, this wild raccoon hilariously appears to get revenge by spraying water at the cat with a nearby sprinkler.

The Sacramento King’s 2015 Baby Race - During their Toronto Raptors matchup, the Sacramento Kings basketball team hosted their third annual "Baby Race." Ten cute babies lined up on center court during a time-out break and attempted to crawl from one parent to the other in the fastest time possible.

Star Wars - All 1977 Kenner Toy Commercials - Youtuber Eric Stran has created a compilation video of classic Star Wars toy commercials from 1977. They placed the Kenner toy commercials in the same order as the scenes from the original film, Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope.

Stunt Biker Makes Great Escape From Police - Austrian professional street trials rider Fabio Wibmer made this awesome and clever POV "escape" video for GoPro and PinkBike's 2015 Best Line Contest.

A Supercut of "Star Wars" Characters Getting Their Limbs Sliced Off - Los Angeles-based filmmaker Pablo Fernández Eyre has created “Star Wars – Amputations,” a fantastic supercut video of Star Wars characters getting their limbs sliced and shot off by lightsabers, blasters, and more.

"A Very Murray Christmas" Official Trailer - Here's a longer sneak peek at Bill Murray's upcoming Netfix Original Christmas special, A Very Murray Christmas. The musical comedy film, which features an ensemble cast including George Clooney, Amy Poehler, Miley Cyrus, Chris Rock, and many more, will stream exclusively on Netflix on December 4th, 2016.

Why Most Internships Are Actually Illegal - Comedian Adam Conover, from College Humor and the truTV show, Adam Ruins Everything, explains why most internships are just a way for companies to exploit young people, often illegally, for free labor.

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