Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Featured Site: Fisheye Placebo

Fisheye Placebo is an beautiful web series I recommend to anyone who enjoys cyberpunk fiction, or sci-fi themed manga in general.   The plot is as dark and edgy as any young adult dystopian franchise, and the characters come to life with an endearing rye humor that quickly draws readers into their struggles.

Fisheye Placebo follows the story of  Vance, who just wants to make the most out of his college experience living in a nation under a totalitarian regime.  The last thing he expected was to be dragged into a crazy conspiracy to overthrow the government by his roommate.  College was meant to be exciting, but between bad dates, failed classes, and successful cyber attacks, Vance slowly begins to question his own morality.

The comic is a slow to unfold, as Wenqing draws each scene herself, but so far, each new scene has been worth the wait! 

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