Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Link Round-Up: November 3, 2015

IG-88Created by Eric Winters

EW's list of butt-kicking women in movies/TV. It includes who you're probably thinking of.

J.R.R. Tolkien said "Film my books? Its easier to film the Odyssey"

The PBS documentary about cosplay aired in 2013 can be viewed online.

Sketchnotes, Graphic Recordings, Visual Notes, you may have seen them at the last conference or big corporate meeting you attended: beautifully hand drawn notes that summarize big ideas using simple visuals. This Web 3.0 generation has adopted the term "sketchnotes" which was coined by interface designer, illustrator, and author Mike Rohde. The field is actually called Graphic Recording which is "capturing everyone’s most salient points and making them stick", as described by experts at ImageThink. Practitioners call themselves all sorts of things, Sketchnote Artists, Visual Note Takers, Graphic Recorders, Scribes, Visual Notes Artists, Live Sketch Artists, Group Graphics Practitioners and more. (Via)

Wallpaper* has unveiled its power list of the top 200 names and influences in design.

William Shatner Isn’t a Huge Fan of the New Star Wars Trailer

You can browse the largest assembled astronomical image of all time, 46 billion pixels, in a Google Maps-like interface covering the Milky Way. There are a lot of stars.

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