Thursday, March 9, 2017

Woodwork: Woodlands: Hyrule Wood Map

Woodlands: Hyrule (Link to the Past) Wood Map by Neutral Ground
Available for purchase from Neutral Ground. US$150

"Seeking more than just an idyllic Hyrulean view? Whether you’re in the market for a Magic Cape or a Bug-Catching Net, you’ll find yourself on the fast track to the kingdom’s hidden wonders with your exclusive Neutral Ground treasure map.

Unlike traditional Hyrulean maps, the pioneering Neutral Ground edition shows you all areas of the world before you travel to them. Traipsing into thieves’ dens and falling into hidden wells is a problem of the past with your trusty wooden map in hand.

This remarkable map is more accurate than a Hylian Fortune Teller’s crystal ball, pointing intrepid adventurers towards secret tunnels and laying bare the mysteries of mist-shrouded forests.

But that’s not all! Built from durable, lightweight Skull Woods timber, the Neutral Ground map doubles as a raft for travelers interested in taking the watery route through Hyrule. Find your fortune faster with this Neutral Ground map!

This Woodlands map is a collaboration with Minneapolis native Alex Griendling. Mage of graphic design and co-founder of Lunar Saloon.

Your legendary Hyrule treasure map is etched on timber harvested from the Skull Woods by master Hylian lumberjacks. It measures 18-1/2" wide by 14" tall. You will need to exchange rupees for USD to purchase your map in our online shop.

Includes a keyhole slot on the rear for hanging."

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