Monday, March 27, 2017

Link Round-Up: March 27, 2017

"Daredevil" by Rudy Ao

Beyond the Brick released amazing footage of a 125,000 piece motorized LEGO version of the Red Keep from Game of Thrones that was built by Claus-Marc Hahn of BricksCreations. Hahn used four EV3 large servo motors to power his amazing creation.

Clint of Lazy Game Reviews experiences pure joy as he unboxes and sets up a brand new, factory sealed IBM PC 5170 AT that was built in 1988.  Come for the tech porn, stay for the reaction.

The Hague's buildings in Mondrian's iconic colors Many buildings in The Hague are using Mondrian's blue-yellow-red-white color scheme to celebrate the art movement's 100th anniversary. I hope they keep it up; it looks great.

How might the Avengers react to seeing the Jusitice League trailer?? Exactly what it says in the title. A short fan video/mashup.

Tattooist Mike Boyd is a talented artist who specializes in Cubist tattoos that use bold lines and bright colors in a manner highly reminiscent of Pablo Picasso‘s definitive style. When not traveling around the world, Boyd can be found working at The Circle in London. Boyd spoke about his artistic style in an interview with Illusion.

What happens if you break an artwork? Cautionary tales have been covered in countless articles and immortalized in videos of surveillance footage, though it’s not often told what happens next — or what to do if this happens to you. So what happens when you break a work of art? What would (or should) you do?

The world's coolest passports

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