Thursday, March 9, 2017

Link Round-Up: March 8, 2017

Architect Turns Old Cement Factory Into His Home, wastes a perfectly good villain lair.

The art of Second Life photography. (And how to Get started.)

Deep Elon Musk is a twitter bot and an AI trained on Elon's transcripts.

Flash fiction for International Womens Day: Inspired by the phrase "Nevertheless, she persisted", Tor books is presenting some short stories by women authors throughout the day today.

Mohammad Sayed was abandoned by his family in Afghanistan after his house was bombed and he was left paralysed. Now he has become a US citizen, and designed a comic book superhero - Wheelchair Man - based on his own life storySayed's idea of not giving up hope and started to shift when he learned about Mahatma Gandhi. That was his introduction to using non-violence as a weapon, and the whole concept blew his mind. “Before learning about Gandhi, my role models were warlords,” Sayed says.

The response to Logan has been overwhelmingly positive, and fans have been smothering him with love and praise. Hugh has responded with the following “thank you” video that’s loaded with awesome fan art. 

Sue The T-Rex Is Running A D&D Game On Twitter & It Is Freaking Amazing. Come for the brigands. Stay for the dinosaur facts.  Here's the thread where the actual play is ongoing.  Yes, this is the Sue of Harry Dresden fame, and no, this is not the official account run by the museum.

Wet Cement Perfectly Tells the Tale of a Faceplant: The victim appears to have been a child on a scooter.

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