Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Sci-Fi Round-Up: March 21, 2017


Daniel Espinosa Interview: Life, Creatures, Sci-Fi, Giger
Davide Grandi, Italian Science Fiction author Of The Last Soldiers
Deadpool 2 Screenwriters On Domino, Cable And New Director
Eating Authors talks with Yoon Ha Lee
Interview With Joseph Helmreich, Author of The Return
Kim Stanley Robinson, author of New York 2140 explains world building
Life Director Daniel Espinosa On The Outer Space Thriller
Meet the man whose job it is to remember the ENTIRE Star Wars canon


Alicia Vikander May Star In Monster-Hunting Thriller 'Freakshift'
Amazon Ceo Jeff Bezos Pilots 13Ft Robot At Mars 2017
Bad Robot's 'Overlord' May Be A WWII Cloverfield Sequel
Baen Books Has Announces Winner Of The 2017 Memorial Short Story Award
It's Official. Cooling to Absolute Zero Is Mathematically Impossible
Could Michael B. Jordan Be Playing A Young Morpheus
Cyberpunk 2077 Is More Ambitious Than Planned
Here's How 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' Could Have Ended
Idris Elba Shares New Poster For 'The Dark Tower'
Luc Besson's 'Valerian' Won't Screen In Cannes
Mars Might Have Had A Kickass Big Moon Instead Of Two Tiny Crappy Ones
Mass Effect: Andromeda Is More About Choice Than Story
Michael Pena Sci-Fi Thriller 'Extinction' Sets Release Date 
Michael Pitt's Kuze Gets A Ghost In The Shell Character Poster
No More Films For Schwarzenegger's 'Terminator' Franchise
Obi-Wan Kenobi Is Back. Here's What It Means For Star Wars
Ridley Scott Teases Noomi Rapace's Return In 'Alien: Covenant'
Robb Stark Brings Jesus To Aliens In New Amazon Series 'Oasis'
Rogue One Co-Writer Reveals The Alternative Ending
Rogue One's Original Ending Revealed
Rogue One Wins Best Film At Empire Awards
Rogue One: A Star Wars story Originally Had A Much More Hopeful ...
Ryan Reynolds And Jake Gyllenhaal Fear Alien Attack
Star Wars: Ewan Mcgregor Still Interested In Playing Obi-Wan
The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Revival Shows Off Felicia Day
The Best Of New Sci-Fi And Fantasy, From An Intergalactic Love Story
The Luke Skywalker Photo Lucasfilm Didn't Want You To See
The Matrix Follow-Up Rumored To Be Morpheus Prequel
The Terminator Has Been Terminated. Sixth Movie Cancelled.
Three Different Rogue One Endings: Everything We Know
William Shatner Starring In Rom-Com Senior Moment
Winners Of The This Is Horror Awards 2016 Were Announced


I Am Number Four Finale A Page Turner
Life Review At Sxsw 2017: An 'Alien' Presence On Another ...
Mass Effect: Andromeda Offers Plenty Of Gameplay Depth
The new sci-fi thriller Life is a cult classic in the making
Scalzi Boldly Goes Where No Trekkie Has Gone Before, With Redshirts


15 Actors Who Could Play The Lead In The Matrix Revival
The allure of dystopian alternative histories, according to The Economist
Andromeda's Funny Faces Don't Ruin A Great Sci-Fi adventure
Artificial Intelligence should benefit society, not create threats
By 2029 No Computer Will Have Passed The Turing Test
Can Star Wars: The Last Jedi rehabilitate Yoda?
Coolest Science Fiction Weapons, Ranked, according to Inverse
Daniel Keyes' Emotional Science Fiction classic
Five Films To Watch If You Liked Arrival
Green Lantern Corps movie: Everything We Know
Hostile Takeover: How The 'Alien' Movies Tap Into Our Primal Fears
How Dangerous Would Westworld-Level Artificial Intelligences Really Be?
How storytellers explore the ethics of colonising other planets
How The 'Rogue One' Alternate Ending Could Have Affected Star Wars
Humans Is Exploring All The Good Robo-Stuff Westworld ignored
Is The Sci-Fi movie Life Actually A Secret Venom Prequel?
Mark Hamill Shares Hilarious Luke Skywalker Photo
Meeting The Beautiful Billie Piper At The Magical Mcm Comic Con ...
Mr. Robot: The Best Portrayal Of Hackers Ever (Season 1)
Robots, aliens, corporate drones – who will be the citizens of the future?
Rogue One Writer Reveals Film's Happier Alternate Ending
Rogue One Writer Reveals Optimistic Alternate Ending
Star Wars news: Axed Rogue One 'Alternate Ending' Revealed
Star Wars: The Last Jedi – the five most outlandish fan theories
What Westworld Got Right About the Future of AI
When Does Life Take Place? The Sci-Fi Movie Is Actually Pretty Close To Home
Why near-future science fiction like Westworld and Black Mirror is so terrifying: They allow for discussions of the implications of believable changes
Why Star Wars: The Force Awakens Is Basically A Miracle
Why Thandie Newton Feels the Nude Scenes in Westworld Were Empowering
Why We Need A Luke Skywalker Animated Series
Will 'Humans' Return For Season 3?
Will Our Future Wars Be Fought by Massive Military Robots?



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