Friday, March 31, 2017

Fan Art Round-Up: Ghost in the Shell Pt 3

A gallery of fan art featuring Major Matoko Kusanagi of Ghost in the Shell.

I am SO pumped for this movie!  If it lives up to the promise of its trailer, it's going to be epic.  I'm a huge fan of the manga and anime, and I'm a huge fan of ScarJo.  I think this role is going to be a perfect fit.

When they announced the release of Snowpiercer, I spent a solid month ranting to anyone who would listen that if they could adapt Le Transperceneige, then they could adapt Ghost in the Shell.  How Snowpiercer got made first, I'll never know, but Ghost in the Shell's finally here, so I'm happy.  

Here's some fan art to celebrate.   As always, if you know of an exceptional piece of fan art I've missed or you spot a piece I've miscredited, please drop me a note below!

"Warming Up" by Indonesia-based Alfin Lazuardi (TheAFN)

"Based on Newtype USA Magazine Cover June 2004."

"Motoko Kusanagi" by Teresina, Brazil-based Stanley Barros

"Ghost in the Shell" by Madrid, Spain-based Fernando (Phrenan)

Traditional drawing + digital color. Based on the 95´anime movie, and a bit in the upcoming film, It´s my own version of Kusanagi Mayor. And a little wink at  the Terminator poster movie.

An Art Nouveau style Major poster I did as a late birthday present for my boyfriend. Mainly inspired by the Stand Alone Complex series with a few references from the movie and the original manga thrown in… : ) The bar code reads "Motoko Kusanagi" if you scan it... Available for sale as prints, posters and cards on my Redbubble shop along with lots of other works.

"Ghost in the shell" by Pakistan-based Saad Irfan (Saadirfan)

"Ghost In The Shell Opened Image01" by South Korea-based Jisu Lee (tataar)

Always was a big fan of Masamune Shirow, so it's surprising I never did this yet (or even Appleseed). And, oh yeah! I colored/rendered Matoko completely in Sketchbook Pro. I'm quite proud of that. :XD: The rest of the effects/gradients/Tachikoma were done in Photoshop.

Finally I get to finish and upload this piece! Boy did this come with so many interruptions you would not believe! However since I love Ghost in the Shell so much I wouldn't let anything stop me from finishing it! I'm looking forward to the live action movie mostly because I love Scarlett Johansson and want to see how she portrays my favorite version of Motoko! Also this piece comes with the second episode of Paintrospective which I will be uploading in a few days so look forward to it c:

"Ghost" by Ecuador-based Alex Coello (Guayasamin)

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