Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Sci-Fi Round-Up: March 15, 2017

"Laboratory" by Seoul, Korea-based ChangSung Bae


The Expanse Co-Creator: If You Have Something to Say, ‘Invite Them in With Genre’
Interview With Jess Kidd, Author of Himself
Kim Stanley Robinson Talks Climate Change, Revolution
Thor: Ragnarok Star Talks Valkyrie And Marvel Studios Diversity
Rogue One Director Explains Why The Original Ending Didn't Work


Frank Oz Defends The Prequel Trilogy's CGI Yoda And Visual Effects
Frank Oz Sparks Speculation Yoda Is In The Last Jedi
How 'Star Wars' Led JJ Abrams To His Broadway Debut
I-Con Returns To Suffolk Community College With Sci-Fi, High-Tech
New 'Kong' Comic Book Miniseries
Rogue One Director Tried To Hide A Secret From George Lucas
Star Wars: Meet The Actress Who Played A Young Princess Leia
Star Wars: Rogue One Director Shares Film Secret
Tickets On Sale Now For Doctor Who: Season 10 Premiere
'Trinity' Will Be The First Interactive VR Sci-Fitv Show
Warner Bros. In The Early Stages Of Developing A Matrix Reboot
Why The Original Rogue One Ending Didn't Work
Wizard World Runs The Gamut Of Geekdom Larger Than Life


5 True Things That Sci-Fi Movies Taught Us About Space
12 Alien Abduction Movies, Ranked From Most To Least Terrifying
20 Books Like The Handmaid's Tale
Alien: Covenant Needs To Be More Than An Alien Retread
Better Than Star Wars?
Can Star Wars: The Last Jedi Rehabilitate Yoda?
Exploring The Expanse: one quiet moment explains an entire movement
How Gears Of War 4 Was Like Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Marvel's Explanation For Jane Foster's Absence In Thor: Ragnarok
Nerdy Clubs Gather In Celebration Of Nerd Culture
Newly Woke King Kong Has A Convenient Political Conscience
Opinion Industry 5.0: When Man Meets Machine Through Ai
Reboot The System: The Matrix Is Ready For A Redux
The Rogue One Darth Vader Ending Was A Last-Minute Addition.
Science fiction would be unrecognizable without women
The Final Beach Scenes In 'Rogue One' Were Originally Much Longer
The Future Of Food: 5 Ominous Trends In Acience Fiction cuisine
The X-Men movies' Alternate History Lessons
The very real science behind The Expanse
What Other Anime Should Hollywood Adapt? (I vote Witch Hunter Robin.)
Why Rogue One Deleted Scenes Aren't On The Blu-Ray
Will Science Fiction Become the New Reality?
Yoda May Appear In Star Wars: The Last Jedi
Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Documentary Reveals Link Almost Battled Aliens



Life Red Band Trailer: The Monster Is Growing
New 'Doctor Who' Trailer Offers A Sneak Peek At Peter Capaldi's Final Season
New Webseries Up For Funding. Looks Like Buffy Meets Jessica Jones
Unltd Debuts Virtual Reality Sci-Fi Tv Series 'Trinity" Trailer At Sxsw

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