Friday, March 31, 2017

Fan Art Round-Up: Ghost in the Shell Pt 2

A gallery of fan art featuring Major Matoko Kusanagi of Ghost in the Shell.

The big day's here!  I've been waiting for a worthy live action Ghost in the Shell movie since I was a teenager.  I was legitimately pissed when I realized a Scarlet Widow feature was never going to happen, but this is sooo much better.  My fingers are crossed that this is the first in a long lived franchise!  I mean come on.  If Resident Evil gets six installments, Ghost in the Shell has to at least merit a trilogy.

Here's some fan art to celebrate.   As always, if you know of an exceptional piece of fan art I've missed or you spot a piece I've miscredited, please drop me a note below!

"Fanart done for InkInk Collectible's  ​Ghost in the Shell  ​Tribute Show in Singapore, on display from 24.03.2017 onwards."

"Ghost in the shell online kusanagi motoko" by South Korea-based Jisu Lee (Tataar)

"The Major" by Quebec, Canada-based Sakimichan

"Motoko Kusanagi" by Chile-based Carlos Valenzuela (Valzonline)

It started only as a quick warm up exercise, but then turns into a more detailed piece. My rendition to one of the most badass anime characters ever: Major Motoko Kusanagi from 'Ghost In The Shell'... nuff said

I think I'm improving a little in terms of planning compositions. (Actually bothered to create a thumbnail on paper this time round.) It's not as polished as I would like, but posting it first and moving on to other stuffs. I need more practice : D

"Motoko Kusanagi" by China-based DanteWontDie

"motokoKUSANAGI" by Singapore-based Sean (raikoart)

"Major" by Canada-based Drake Tsui (Quirkilicious)

I wanted to try a little perspective today for an afternoon sketch. Ghost in the Shell's Major Kusanagi was on hand to help out. Thought I'd also give cell shading a bash while I was at it.

"Ghost in the Shell" by Poland-based Avionetca

"Motoko Kusanagi ~2~" by Australia-based Mathew Faulkner (Mathew-Pein)

Major Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell!!! Created in CS5. I wanted a rainy scene so i tried out this new rain brush i got from this website and I'm really happy with the effects (Link below). I hope you guys enjoy it as well, slowly getting better at CS5. One of my all time favourite badass female characters in Anime, love her!!! Awesome anime!!!

"After the Battle" by Japan-based Kit (kit-kit-kit)

"Gits tribute" by Paris, France-based Jonathan (Wen-JR)

"Days to Come" by Ireland-based Isabella v.M (Helixel)

Another quick GITS-fanart. :) I really like the cover-motive with the head and wanted to make it look more like Scarlett Johansson.

Fanart of Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell, One of the most influential characters for me. I put a Tachikoma tattoo on her back :) I drew the lineart on paper, scanned it, and then started to apply color in photoshop.

Ghost in the shell fanart did for TheOne Academy Fictionary exhibition. =), very excited the new movie trailer had just released.

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