Monday, March 27, 2017

Sci-Fi Round-Up: March 27, 2017

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Calvin the Martian, and the True Meaning of LIFE according to Kevin Fong 
Daniel Espinosa, director of Life, talks with Flickering Myth
Faerie in America: An Interview with Alex Bledsoe, Author of "Gather Her Round"
Life Director Daniel Espinosa On Finding The Reality In The Sci-Fi
Sci-fi author John Scalzi on the future of publishing: ‘I aspire to be a cockroach’


A Free New Sci-Fi Anthology Collects Stories From Up-And-Coming Authors
A New Sci-Fi anthology Collects Stories From Up-And-Coming Authors
Charles Soule Is Bringing 'Daredevil' Back To His Lawyer Roots
Disney Is Planning Enough Star Wars Movies To Last Into The 2030s
Elon Musk's Billion-Dollar Crusade To Stop The Ai Apocalypse
Hollywood Science Fiction Museum Seeks Fans Help Restoring Star Trek Bridge
Iron Fist: Jessica Henwick Struggled With Decision To Join The Show
'Life' Writers Hope To Expand The Sci-Fi horror Film Into A Franchise
Logan Claws Past $200 Million Domestically
Lucasfilm On Cgi Carrie Fisher, Peter Cushing In 'Rogue One'
The Predator Adds Edward James Olmos To The Cast
Venom Film Listed As Horrorsci-Fi, Could Shoot In Fall
Westworld Creators Confirm Maeve Season 1 Fan Theory
Westworld Season 2 Has Its Plot Changed Because Reddit Already ...


Is This The Comic That Birthed Modern Sci-Fi?
Legion Shadow King Explained: Who Is the Comics Villain?
The Live-Action Birth of Ghost in the Shell
Lucasfilm Lost Sleep Over Uncanny Resurrections Of Rogue One
Most westerners distrust robots – but what if they free us for a better life?
Neil Gaiman: THIS is why sci-fi fantasy films are snubbed by the Oscars
Only You Can Stop The Expanse From Becoming The Next Canceled Sci-Fi Classic
Original Ghost in the Shell Director Has No Problem with Live-Action Remake
Rogue One Featurette Explores Saw Gerrera's Origin
The Empire Strikes First In The Star Wars Rebels Season Finale
The Iron Giant (1999) Is A Powerful Animated Masterpiece
This iconic French comic is the unsung inspiration for your favorite sci-fi blockbusters
Westworld season 2 has its plot changed because Reddit already guessed a twist
Westworld Season 2: Jonathan Nolan On Writing
Whether you like it or not, robots are already part of our world
Why are we so afraid of robots?
Why Humans Love Robots Like People?
Why Mass Effect Is the Sci-Fi Opera Television Needs
Why Ryan Reynolds Could Win An Oscar
Why Time Travel Is TV's Biggest Trend Right Now
William Shatner Can'T Stop Trolling Star Wars fans



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