Thursday, March 9, 2017

Sci-Fi Round-Up: March 8, 2017

"Star Wars: Rogue One" by Laz Marquez


"Aquaman" Jason Momoa On Life Under The Sea
The Creators Of "The Expanse" Talk About Building A Sci-Fi World
Interview With Alex Wells, Author Of Hunger Makes The Wolf
Patrick Stewart On That Logan Scene, The Poop Emoji


Donnie Darko To Mark 15th Anniversary With A Limited Cinema Release
Get A Sneak Peek of John Carpenter's Tales Of Science Fiction
Ghost In The Shell: Scarlett Johansson As Major
Is A.I. The New Other? Aliens And Robots Are Swapping Seats
Man Vs. Machine Sci-Fi short Rise Is Getting Expanded Into A Feature
Marc Guggenheim Shares What To X-Pect From His "X-Men Gold"
Mondo Acquires Hand-Crafted Sci-Fi animated Epic Nova Seed
'Nevertheless, She Persisted' Is a Sci-Fi Anthology About A Feminist Meme
New Star Wars: The Last Jedi Footage - 6 Things We Just Learned
Only Sci-Fi can Drown Manhattan And Make You Want To Live There
Otago Scientists Control Atom
Patrick Stewart Has Announced A Second Reason He Would Return
"Powerless" Is Getting Another Batman Connection
Ridley Scott Is Planning 6 More Alien movies
Simon Kinberg Confirms That "Deadpool 2" Leads Into X-Force
Star Warscelebration Will Skip 2018, Return In 2019
Storing Data In A Single Atom Proved Possible By IBM Researchers
The Renault Trezor Is The Retro-Future Concept Car Of My Childhood
The Ya Book Prize 2017 Shortlist Has Several Titles Of Genre Interest


The Expanse Has Become The Workaday Space Opera Of Our Dreams
Review: "The Outer Space" Is The Place, For An Unsettled Couple
Skull Island Brings Back Imaginative Filmmaking To Sci-Fi


5 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching "The Expanse"
10 Things To Expect From Star Wars celebration Orlando
10+ Years Later: Sunshine Is Still Waiting For The Light
15 Weird Facts About Classic Sci-Fi movies
Best Science-Fiction and Fantasy Books To Read In March
The Case for Genre Fiction: A Guide to Literary Science Fiction and Fantasy
Check Out The First "Jurassic World 2" Photo
Could Robots Go Beyond Taking Our Jobs To Running Our World?
Everything We Know About Star Trek: Discovery So Far
Fireside Fiction Company Is Science Fiction's Best-Kept Secret
First Look At Marvel's Limited Rogue One Comic Book Series
Good (Shorter) List Of New Scifi Releases For March
Google Boasts It Has The Best Ai, Analytics At Cloud Next Conference
How Worried Should We Be About Artificial Intelligence?
"Logan" Is Really About Caring For An Elderly Relative
NYT Bestselling Author A Mercer Writes Free, Super-Short Fiction
On International Women's Day, Read These Women
The pioneering men of Victorian science were attacked for being unmanly
Ranked: Every Planet Of The Apes Film
Sf Critic Paul Kincaid On The Relationship Between Utopia And Dystopia
Sxsw Film: What To Watch
Sci Fi fidelity Podcast: Finales, Legion, The 100, Humans
Science Fiction Would Be Unrecognizable Without Women
Science and Tech In Syfy's "The Expanse"
Star Wars: The Last Jedi Dubbed The Perfect Chapter By Disney
Star Wars VIII First Look Of Luke Skywalker And Rey
Students Traverse Sci-Fi Classic
Technology Would Kills Us All says Stephen Hawkins
The Predator Behind-The-Scenes Image
Think Twice About Escaping Earth To An Exoplanet
This Easter Egg From "The Flash" Reveals Something Interesting
Through The Eyes Of VR
Two Schools Of Climate Fiction
Why "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" Still Matters 20 Years Later
Why Nintendo Needs To Save The Metroid Franchise
Will Eisner And The Evolution Of The Graphic Novel
Will science Fiction become The New Reality?



Anthem Sci Fi Short Film
Disney Leaks Hugely Important First Clip From Star Wars: The Last Jedi
Geostorm Trailer: Gerard Butler Fights Apocalyptic Weather
Sync Sci Fi Short Film
Short Sci Fi Movie Terraform
Life Extended Clip: As Expected, First Contact Goes Great

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