Friday, March 3, 2017

Link Round-Up: March 3, 2017

"Pan’s Labyrinth" by Bangkok, Thailand-based Ise Ananphada

10 things you should NEVER ask a designer

Artist Makes Miniature Model of his Room in Mind Blowing Detail

The Classic Typewriter Page by Prof. Richard Polt is an joyously exhaustive guide to typewriters, covering their history, parts and how to restore them. Prof. Polt's blog is also worth checking out, and his short introductions to various typewriters. Because Polt is a philosophy professor, he also has a short essay on the phenomenology of early typewriters. But typewriters are for using, and few things demonstrate that better than the page Writers and their Typewriters, which has a very long list of writers and the machines they used, with many pictures of said authors with their typewriters, including Dorothy Parker, Stephen King, Italo Calvino, Sylvia Plath, Françoise Sagan, Bob Dylan, Agatha Christie and Stanisław Lem.

FamousBrick is a small shop in Lindau, Germany that recreates famous tech idols as LEGO minifigures. Their growing collection of tech minifigs, which features greats like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, is available to purchase from the FamousBrick website.  Meanwhile, Women of NASA, an upcoming Official LEGO Set will feature five female pioneers of outer space.

Now You Can Experience Award-Winning Interactive Doc "Bear71" In Virtual Reality

Snowboarder Susutakayama captured photos and footage a group of his friends dressed in awesome cosplay snowsuits, which are each based on a different Gundam robots, hitting the slopes as they snowboarded and skied. Tanukashin1 shared a photo taken by his brother that features Susutakayama and a friend riding a ski lift while dressed in their Gundam suits.

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