Friday, March 31, 2017

Link Round-Up: March 31, 2017

Allen Pan is on a mission to answer magic and fiction with science and technology. Known as the creator Sufficiently Advanced, Pan has made a name for himself crafting amazing inventions like a Thor’s hammer that can only be picked up by someone worthy and a Jedi lightsaber that can actually burn through objects. Last Saturday, Pan released a video of his newest creation: a Legend of Zelda Ocarina that actually has control of its surroundings.

Faces of Open Source is a portrait project, documenting those who have built the open source community to where it is.

How we made the typeface Comic Sans

If drawing your own Penrose Tilings or Mondrian-style images sounds like fun, or recreating A. K. Dewdney's simulated Wa-Tor World ecology, or solving Word Wheel puzzles; or if you'd just generally like a pool of projects, examples, and exercises to practice Python, then here you go: Learning Scientific Programming with Python.  The website is a supplement to a printed textbook, but most of the content there seems to stand well on its own (though it is not a for-absolute-beginners introduction to programming in general or Python in particular).

Presenting Zippityboombot!, an articulated, print-in-place, zero-assembly robot figure that looks a lot like The Iron Giant. With 13 working joints, fresh off your build plate: 8 hinge, 2 ball & socket, and 3 axles. All you do is remove it from the plate and clean off the brim.  There's a demonstration of the final product as well as a build video now on YouTube.

Rock Candy Harry Potter Figures are now available for preorder.

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