Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Sci-Fi Round-Up: November 4, 2015

Earth’s Engine Exposed by priteeboy


My Bookish Ways interviews Emma Newman, author of Planetfall.

The Qwillery interviews Tony Peak, author of Inherit the Stars.

Slate interviews Nic Kelman, author of How to Pass as Human.

Sydney Morning Herald interviews Margaret Atwood, author of The Heart Goes Last.


5 Generation Ship Novels That Take You on a Journey.

6 things the new Star Trek TV series needs to do.

Barnes & Noble offers Our Hopes and Dreams for TV’s Next Trek.

David Brin examines the difference between Science Fiction vs Reality.

Help CNET write a sci-fi novel: November is National Novel Writing month, when aspiring scribes commit to drafting a new novel. CNET’s Eric Mack plans to write his first sci-fi book, and he wants the world to join in the process.

How custom props changed the way sabers were filmed for The Force Awakens.

Margaret Atwood On How Tech Influences Creativity.

No (bright) future for me: Solarpunk is not the new Cyberpunk

Oh, Slippery Slipstream: Who Is the Weirdest Genre of Them All?

Ray Bradbury’s The October Country Turns Sixty on the Math of The Martian: How It Adds Up.

Star Trek: can the franchise live long and prosper in the era of ‘Netflix and chill’?

Star Trek: what do we want from the new TV series?

Stormtrooper corgi is the fluffiest, most adorable dog in space.

Ursula K. Le Guin talks about genres, gender, and broadening fiction.

Why CBS’s New Star Trek Show Is a Glimpse Into TV’s Future.

Why we’re excited His Dark Materials is coming to TV.

What Would an Alien Megastructure Look Like? Sci-Fi Authors Weigh In.

Why Mr Robot Is the Best Show About the Future This Side of Black Mirror.

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