Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Comic Round-Up: November 4, 2015

Deadpool by Benjamin Davis

"Deadpool" by Benjamin Davis

Interview: Flickering Myth talks with Run, the creator, writer and artist of Mutafukaz

Interview: Grant Morrison Tells us About KLAUS--His Take on Santa Claus

Interview: Joshua Hale Fialkov takes us inside of Legendary's new Pacific Rim

Interview: Michael Dougherty, director of Trick ‘r Treat, talks about Days of the Dead, the grahic novel he’s creating with a team of artists and writers that includes Fiona Staples and Mark Andreyko.

Interview:  Polish artist Katarzyna Witerscheim uses Instagram as the platform for her webcomic @1995regi, which follows the adventures of a girl named Regina, who not only posts pictures of her life on Instagram but chats with the audience. “You can write to her, you can talk to her, you can say to her about what she should do,” Witerscheim says. “I don’t have one solid script. The plot can change because of the people who write to her.”

Interview: Twin brothers Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá talk about their newest project, Two Brothers, based on a Brazilian novel about twin brothers.

Reviews: Ed Huyck on She Kills Monsters. Villordsutch on Dan Dare at Flickering Myth. Alex Widen on Absolution.

CBR praises The Art and Humor of "Rocket Raccoon"

ComicBeat asks Where do Digital Comics go from here?

How a Crazy Comic Like Interceptor Could Be the Next Big Comic Book Movie

IGN tries to pick just 15 of the Top Comic Book Character Resurrections

Is Gotham’s Riddler Going To Get His Iconic Green Suit?

Joe Jusko Creates Classic Feeling James Bond Cover

John Przybys explains Comic books are for everyone these days

Why Robert Sikoryak Illustrated the Entire iTunes Terms and Conditions.

Why Supergirl Kept The Name And The Skirt

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