Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Link Round-Up: November 17, 2015

"Star Wars: Shattered Empire" by Mike Mayhew
Unlettered cover art for the variant edition of "Star Wars: Shattered Empire" #1

The 25 best onscreen female superheroes: Several Whedonverse and Marvel Cinematic Universe heroines made this list. #1 needs no introduction.

Buffy's impact on today's superhero shows. CBR looks at how Buffy influences the current comic book shows.

Cosplay for Everyone Thanks to the 3D Printing Services of Forg3d Props

How Buffy, Cabin In The Woods, and Firefly are all in the same universe.

Now you can meet up for Dungeons & Dragons in virtual reality

Raise a glass to this creative apparel line featuring sci-fi and fantasy liquor labels

These Water-Filled Condom Raindrops are Art to Raise Water Awareness

Why Buffy can't win a Vulture bracket (and why that's a compliment): Vulture examines why the beloved and excellent BtVS continually gets knocked out of its bracket competitions.

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