Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Comic Round-Up: November 17, 2015

Harley Quinn by In-Hyuk Lee

"Harley Quinn" by In-Hyuk Lee

Interview: Jennifer Hayden Tells The Story of My Tits

Interview: John Layman on the Home Stretch for Chew

Interview: NPR’s Renee Montagne interviews Stan Lee about his upcoming graphic memoir, Amazing Fantastic Incredible.

News: The British Comics Awards Winners have been announced

News: Frank Miller Intends to Write "Nancy Drew"-Like Carrie Kelley Series

Reviews: Zeb Larson on The Walking Dead #148.

Comic Book Superheroes from the 1930s Are Back – Quick, to the Bat Cave!

Don't Expect Films Or TV Shows To Mirror Some Things From Comic Books

Enki Bilal reacts to the attacks on the city of Paris.

John Romita Jr. Pin-Up Gallery

Lior Zaltzman profiles Joann Sfar's viral cartooning from right after the violence.

Meet Faith, the Plus-Size Superhero We Can All Admire

That Time Thor Talked to Captain America’s Spirit When Captain America Wasn’t Dead

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