Thursday, September 18, 2014

Short Film: VARMiNT

"VARMiNT" is a dark, comedic, and disturbing coming of age film.  It's thought-provoking allegory offers a powerful message about hate in a beautifully shot package.

Be warned, not only is "VARMiNT" Not Safe for Work, it runs a bit long at twenty minutes.
"The death of child-hood: VARMiNT follows a filthy 12 year-old feral boy, whose only link to his past are a pair of underpants and tattered baby blanket. Sleeping in trees, he fights to survive by scavenging nearby farms at night. When he becomes obsessed with the mechanical wonders of a local farmer’s tractor, survival could prove fatal.

The violent conclusion challenges lessons in adulthood, social conventions, and man’s thoughtless disposals of life."

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