Monday, September 29, 2014

Short Film: ENVOY

on Vimeo.

"E N V O Y" directed by David Weinstein

"Envoy" is a short film directed by Los Angeles filmmaker David Weinstein and Visual Effects Supervisor Adam Coggin about a boy who discovers a large robot hiding out in a local cornfield.  The encounter leads to an innocent game of catch, but the situation begins to go downhill when the robot is attacked.

A child encountering an alien is an overly familiar story trope, and the military's role in the tale is over played.  However, the short film is an excellent demonstration of how much can be accomplished on a shoe-string budget.  It features both excellent cinematography and visual effects and still manages to transcend its narrative shortcomings to deliver both suspense and emotional impact in spades.  The whole thing has an Iron Giant vibe.

Weinstein and his production team created the nine minute film as a proof of concept, in hopes that it might lead to a feature-length film. Given his beautiful execution, we have to believe someone's going to notice his hard work.
"Science fiction, action adventure, short film to be used as a proof of concept for a larger full-length feature film story. A young boy discovers a deadly alien creature and winds up entangled in a top secret government operation."

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