Friday, September 19, 2014

Gallery: Cyberpunk Cities

Cyberpunk Cities
"Cyberpunk" by San Francisco, California-based Vladimir Petkovic

I don't think anything evokes such a sense of wonder in me as the dark, damp streets of a futuristic city.  Blade Runner has been one of my favorite films since I was kid, and after catching the movie on cable a few nights ago, I decided to comb through the major gallery sites for the best cyberpunk cityscapes the web has to offer.

"4 Seconds to Green" by New Zealand-based Amit Dutta (M0nkeyBread)

"Sci Fi City - CGMA" by New Zealand-based Amit Dutta (M0nkeyBread)

"Midnight Drive" by Vancouver, Canada-based Frank F. Hong

"Giants in the Dust" by Tamas Medve

Tamas has also created a short backstory for the ‘Metallum City‘ – “The sudden increase in sea level caused the cities of the future to be dependent on millions of dams and networks of canals. The people were living like rats in the darkness and filth locked away in their tiny cavities in high rises of containers. The streets were reigned by violence and chaos. Once again, mankind is facing a new and exhausting challenge."

"Cyber City" by Netherlands-based Bo Zonneveld

"Japan Rain" by Montreal-based Stephane Belin

"Dencity" by Malaysia-based Cgooi

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