Thursday, September 18, 2014

Link Round-Up: September 18, 2014

Jedi In The Future
Created by Crystal Fontan || Tumblr

News: Man Defaces Banksy Murals, Must Pay $13K To Avoid Jail Time

9 Stunning Images of the Aurora Borealis Over the U.S.

Don MacPherson writes about the original art market and the irrevocable changes that have come with the ease and ubiquity of digital art and digital art alterations.

Jason Kottke on blogging: "I mean, I still post stuff here, on Twitter, on Instagram, and so on, but very little of it is actually personal and almost none of it is opinionated in any noteworthy way. Unlike Persson or Fish, I didn't quit. I just got boring. Which I guess isn't so good for business, but neither is quitting."

Kids Review Famous Paintings, Prove The Best Art Critics Are 5 Years Old

Sotheby’s Hopes Flashy Videos Will Woo Young Collectors

This fun app turns the NYC subway system into an art gallery

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