Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sci-Fi Round-Up: September 24, 2014

"White Castle" by Moscow, Russia-based Yuri Shwedoff
Prints available for purchase from Society6. US$17.68

Interview: ABC interviews Damon Lindelof, creator of LOST.

Interview: Reddit hosted an AMA for David Mitchell, author of The Bone Clocks.

Interview: The Village Voice interviews Terry Gilliam, director of The Zero Theorem.

Interview: Wired interviews Terry Gilliam, author of The Zero Theorem.

Interview: Word and Film interviews James Dashner, author of The Maze Runner.

8 September 11th Allegories that Science Fiction Just Got Wrong

10 Big Differences Between The Maze Runner Book And Movie

12 Movies to Watch After You See The Maze Runner

20 Great Dystopian Movies: The Shadow of Perfection

Alfred Bester’s The Stars My Destination is early Cyberpunk at its best

Analyzing Endurance: Someone has taken the time to write an impressively thorough shot-by-shot, all-science-and-no-fiction analysis of the spacecraft from Inerstellar.

The Best Feminist Sci-fi Moments In History, from Dana Scully to Mary Shelley

Cli-Fi: Literary Genre Rises To Prominence In The Shadow Of Climate Change

The Cut remembers The Most Feminist Moments in Sci-fi History

Discovering Cuban Sci-fi: Ilan Stavans does some literary exploring in Cuba

The Female Man and gender-swapped Starbuck; The Left Hand of Darkness and Sarah Connor’s arms: The most feminist moments in sci-fi history.

Forget the Tricorder: Why gadgets aren’t the coolest part of science fiction.

Has Doctor Who become unsuitable for children? asks the Mirror Online.

Here’s What You Need to Know About The Maze Runner Before You See It

It’s OK to admit that H.P. Lovecraft was racist: Fans have to find a more mature way to cope with the ugly sides of the authors they love.

NASA has a page for space technology terms you can use in science fiction.

OMNI picks the Top 10 Phillip K. Dick Book to Film Adaptations.

Only Science Fiction Can Save Us! What sci-fi gets wrong about income inequality.

The Physics of the Death Star: How to destroy an Alderaan-sized planet.

Sci-fi once predicted the future, but has it become stale?

Sci-fi writers, scientists imagine the future: A new project pairs science fiction authors with scientists to envision worlds that are both inspiring and achievable.

Science Fiction lets you to Slip Into Something More Comfortable.

Science Fiction Writers Take a Rosier View: “Imagine living in a weird science-fiction story where everything you dreamed up actually came true. Well, for some, that is not too far from reality.”

A Star Trek writer revisits his 20-year old vision of a tech-ruined San Francisco

The transcript of Joss Whedon’s Impossible Screenwriting Seminar: “Joss Whedon the man who brought you Buzz has emergency root canal then gives you wisdom.” A must for screenwriters.

Vulture remembers The 7 Greatest Wrong Lost Theories Ever

Why Is Our Sci-Fi So Glum About A.I.? More importantly, is out being glum doing anything to stave off our inevitable death at the hands of A.I.?

Young adult fiction is loved because it speaks to us all – unlike adult stories: Young adult fiction’s sci-fi metaphors are the best guide we have to the bleak and broken realities of adult life

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