Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Link Round-Up: September 24, 2014

How to Train Your Dragon 2 Fan Art
Prints available for purchase from RedBubble. US$6.60

News: From Toybox at io9, this man officially has the biggest Doctor Who toy collection of all time. No, really. Guinness World Records said so.

Birth of a new world: the Tolkien poem that marks the genesis of Middle-earth.  On this day in September 1914, as war broke out, Tolkien created the mythical land that led him to The Lord of the Rings. Here’s the story of the poem that changed his life.

Custom-made sounds of world's first 3D-printed band.

For Cinephiles, Netflix Is Less and Less an Option

This Insane Internet Theory Suggests All Pixar Fans Live In The Same Universe

It's The Perfect Time To Play Dungeons & Dragons, according to Kotaku

The Lord of the Rings' history with video games is as long and storied as one would expect.

The Storied Evolution of the Star Wars Logo: When it comes to movie logos (or franchises for that matter) there are few as iconic as the now classic Star Wars trilogy… but how well do we really know the design behind that logo?

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