Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Comic Round-Up: September 30, 2014

Interview: Axel Alonso on Prepping for a Female "Thor" and "AXIS" Impact

Interview: Ben Affleck discusses how Much Did "Dark Knight Returns" influenced the upcoming Batman v Superman movie?

Interview: In the latest RiYL podcast, Brian Heater interviews Art Spiegelman. "Despite the rumors, I am not the Jew in charge of all comics media"

Interview: "What If Our Modern World Was The Afterlife And Reincarnation Was Eternal Life?" Fred Van Lente In The Bleeding Cool Interview On Resurrectionists

10 Ways DC Adaptations Have Changed DC Comics

Comics History 101: IGN looks back at the history of The Flash

How Marvel’s The Avengers inspired Ben Affleck for Batman v Superman

It turns out the much-awaited Black Widow Movie Almost Hit The Big Screen Before Iron Man, but it seems that Sexism Killed It.

Librarian Jessica Lee talks running a graphic novel book club in her middle school.

Mignola Celebrates Two Decades of "Hellboy" at Dark Horse

The most promising new market for manga right now? India, where the comics market is exploding. Kevin Hamric of Viz Media says manga is already well known there and fans can’t get enough.

Time Out Hong Kong talks to two experts about why yaoi manga is currently so popular among women in Hong Kong. In addition to the usual reason, there’s also a rising sense of rebellion. Hong Kong is a fairly conservative place right now.  In fact, twenty women were recently arrested for writing yaoi and uploading it to the internet.

Why Superhero Muscles Aren't The Equal Of Sexy Curves

Would Marvel Actually Split Avengers 3 Into Two Films? It seems likely.

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