Monday, September 22, 2014

Comic Round-Up: September 22, 2014

Event: Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is proud to release its first-ever Banned Books Week Handbook! Boasting a cover by Jeff Smith, whose Bone series is one of America’s most frequently challenged books, the CBLDF Banned Books Week Handbook is a free resource that gives you the scoop about what comics are banned!  This year’s Banned Books Week, which runs September 21 – 27, will have a national focus on comics and graphic novels.  High-res poster downloads and more resources at the blog!

Event: National Comic Book Day Is September 25th!

Interview: Greg Rucka Reflects On His Batman Work:  Born In A World Of Tragedy, Paid For In Blood, and Batman Is A Fact Of Life.

5 Comics You Need to Read Before Watching Gotham, according to Wired.

The 5 Favorite Graphic Novel Adaptations of "The Scribbler" creator Dan Schaffer!

10 More Characters We'd Like to See in Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Two

10 Ways To Make Marvel Cinematic Universe Characters More Awesome

After building fan buzz for months with her striking costume, Spider-Gwen debuted last week in the comic Edge of Spider-Verse #2, which you can preview at CBR.  In this alternate universe, Gwen Stacy was the hero gifted with superpowers from that fateful spider-bite. Spider-Gwen has drawn critical praise, while her debut comic has already sold to a second printing. Meanwhile, Edge of Spider-Verse is a miniseries prelude to Spider-Verse, Marvel's forthcoming Spider-Family Crossover comicbook-selling-event that vows to feature (almost) "every Spider-Man ever!"

The Best Non-Marvel and Non-DC Comics That Deserve a Movie

Download 15,000+ Free Golden Age Comics from the Digital Comic Museum

Guardians Of The Galaxy Didn’t Use A Ton Of Cool Stuff complains Giant Freakin Robot.

Neil Gaiman, George R.R. Martin and "Weird Al" Yankovic Read Banned Comics

Where did Storm go? Representing Race and Gender in Superhero films

Who Exactly is Winning, MARVEL or DC?

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